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Digitization of medical and health records is adding to tons of analytical data on a daily basis. Though these huge piles of information are primarily meant for providing key patient information, it has various other benefits which have largely remained ignored. The healthcare industry is facing many challenges globally, and leveraging healthcare data analytics can not only help the industry see an increase in operational efficiency, but also optimize drug pricing country wise, amongst other benefits.

Flatworld Solutions' healthcare data analytics services can instantly transform piles of data into meaningful and actionable information resulting in increased service excellence, operational efficiency, and business profits for healthcare professionals. With a combination of expert statistical analysis, information management technologies, and an experience of 20 years in the healthcare field, we can help you differentiate and standardize your model for better returns.

Healthcare Analytics Services from Flatworld Solutions

  • Healthcare Predictive Analytics

    Information if available in advance is definitely helpful and more so in the healthcare industry. With the proliferation of healthcare information systems, digital medical records, healthcare software, and other such innovative processes, advanced medical data analytics is a possibility.

    Predictive healthcare analytics services from Flatworld ensure that you get actionable information which will positively impact the applied areas of operation. For instance, you can predict the spikes in demand and prepare yourself accordingly with the right material and medications.

  • Business Intelligence

    Our healthcare data analytics services drive business intelligence by providing accurate information which aids in quick and effective decision making. Our BI Analytics also helps with identifying new business opportunities, increasing service excellence, and helps you to maximize capacity utilization.

    With the help of Flatworld's efficient analytics, you can analyze the performance of each healthcare professional, various facilities, each specialty, business units, and so on under your care. You can also identify your key performance indicators and know where your healthcare organization stands on each parameter.

  • Modeling and Optimization

    With our help you can gain access to operational models which can help you understand the impact of revised models for better process execution. This can also help you optimize clinical workflows and claims processes, while aiding speedy execution. With our help, you can establish a proactive strategy which will enhance operational performance and efficiency.

  • Real-time Analytics

    Our real-time healthcare analytics gives you information on the move and more importantly gives you updated information which will aid in quick and evidence-based medical care for the patients. This can then further help in faster disposal of medical services at any time as per your requirement

How We Leverage Service Excellence and Profitability through Analytics

Our services offer healthcare professionals with expert solutions across clinical, compliance, quality, and operational areas. We differentiate our services by ensuring the following -

  • Preventive Medical Care

    Our health analytics services can give evidence-based information and accurate patient medical conditions which is crucial to prevent medical emergencies. This information can help a lot of users and also enable them to cut medical costs through preventive care

  • Faster and Better Patient Care

    With the ready availability of our data-driven insights and less reliance on intuition-based decisions, providing medical care to the patients has become faster and effective. This can not only save human lives but also decrease medical costs and emergencies

  • Medicines at the Right Time

    With proper information on the availability and disposable rate of drugs through analytics, medicines can be made available to the patients at the right time. This is specifically crucial for pharmaceutical and supply chain healthcare businesses

  • Operational Excellence

    Our in-depth analytics can clearly mark out areas where attention is needed; it also reduces frictions between departments by streamlining the flow of information. This can lead to operational excellence and seamless clinical processes

  • Assisting in Faster Research

    Research is a crucial aspect for medical innovation and to increase global health standards. With the help of our proprietary Healthcare Analytics Software, we provide you with proper and workable healthcare related information for faster, more efficient research

  • Developing Smart Applications

    It's only with proper information that the core, frequent, and quick needs of the healthcare industry can be understood. At Flatworld, we specialize in the development of software and mobile apps which help to make quick on-the-spot decisions for the Healthcare professional

Outsource Healthcare Analytics to Flatworld Solutions

At FWS, When we setup and perform healthcare analytics for your healthcare business we ensure that we leverage the best tools and technologies in the analytics world.

Our experience and healthcare experts ensure that you can get result-oriented analytics services which will in turn cement your place as a highly informed service provider in the healthcare domain.

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