Outsource Medical Record Retrieval Services

Medical Record Retrieval Services

Avail fast, secure, reliable, and accurate medical record review and retrieval services at affordable rates starting at $1280 per FTE/month

There may be several reasons for seeking medical information and the most common ones are medical record maintenance, corporate or litigation purposes, or for insurance companies. All these require a systematic and structured approach to retrieving medical records and information.

Flatworld has the right expertise and digital capabilities in organizing, reviewing, and retrieving large volumes of medical records and medical charts for diverse needs, and all our practices and processes are HIPAA-compliant, ensuring complete standardization and reliability. Our team of industry specialists offers in-depth and accurate documentation of medical records along with detailed reviews for varied purposes and clients - be it for medical, non-medical, or legal documentation. Our streamlined and completely transparent work processes make us one of the globally leading medical records retrieval companies. Our complaint and high-quality medical retrieval services start at just $1280 per FTE/month.

Our Medical Record Retrieval Service Portfolio

Flatworld has proudly catered to the collection, review, and retrieval of medical records from thousands of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities for audit, insurance, litigation, and everything in between. Outsource medical record retrieval services to us and get professional and effective solutions that are fast and secure. Our range of Medical Record Retrieval Services include -

  1. Medical Records Retrieval for Medical and Healthcare Purposes

    Medical Records Retrieval for Medical and Healthcare Purposes

    All hospitals and healthcare facilities need to have a proper medical record system and require robust medical record retrieval services for diverse reasons. Our team extends end-to-end retrieval and reviewing services as per the client's needs: The major ones include -

    • Emergency department records - Maintaining, retrieving required information from the emergency ward department, and compiling reports.
    • Diagnostic lab examination reports - Interpreting, transcribing, and retrieving the patients' lab reports for proper diagnosis of their condition.
    • Physician progress notes - Creating a proper timeline and log about patients' condition from admission to discharge.
    • Reviewing and recording physician's orders - Analyzing the physician's orders for treatment and checking how they were carried out and by whom.
    • Therapy and operative notes - Our team collects and assesses doctor's notes on surgeries and therapies suggested/conducted.
    • Complete medication record - Assimilating all the required information on the type of medication, its dosage, route of administration, and other essential details prescribed by the physician.
  2. Medical Record Retrieval for Law Firms and Litigation Purposes

    Medical Record Retrieval for Law Firms and Litigation Purposes

    We offer unmatched services when it comes to law firm-specific medical record retrieval solutions. Apart from customized support, we have also created our digital portal to record, search, order, and track medical information with extraordinary ease and swiftness. Here are the key solutions we offer -

    • OCR technology-led medical record search - We offer highly advanced search and editing tools and capabilities for efficient digital medical record retrieval.
    • Organizing voluminous medical records - We organize, categorize, and even summarize volume records for paralegals and attorneys so that they can get whatever they need, and wherever they need it.
    • Safe storage and backup of records - We enable HIPAA-compliant storage and backup of medical records on secured servers.
  3. Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Policy and Claims Processing

    Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Policy and Claims Processing

    Timely and accurate medical records documentation and retrieval are critical for settling claims, determining insurance coverage, and other related processes. Outsourcing medical record retrieval services not just saves your agents' valuable time but also enables faster processing of information, saving them tons of money. Our OCR capabilities along with a digital portal that quickly searches, indexes, and tracks required information are our most distinctive features. Apart from these, our core competencies in medical record retrieval for insurance companies involve -

    • Comprehensive request tracking - We enable quick and voluminous request tracking for information retrieval.
    • Accurate patients' history checks - Our digitized platform, along with deep team expertise, ensures that we offer accurate and detailed historical records of patients, facilitating precise insurance policymaking.
    • Verified and quality-checked information - We verify patient claims, H&P, and other necessary records to enable quick and appropriate decision-making for claim payouts.

Our Medical Records Retrieval Process

We leverage a disciplined approach towards medical records retrieval to ensure faster turnarounds and accurate services for all our clients -


01. Establish

Identifying the client's needs and establishing the scope of work and expectations of the client is the first step of the process


02. Gather

We obtain all necessary files and records from the clients before executing the retrieval process


03. Deploy

We analyze all the suitable retrieval methods and deploy suitable ones to accurately record, index, retrieve, and store the required information


04. Store

We create safe storage and backup vaults for your data for quick and secured access by authorized personnel


05. Reporting

Our team creates detailed reports of medical records and submits them in the format of the client's choice

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Why Hire Us as Your Medical Record Retrieval Service Provider?

  • Affordable service rates

    We ensure that our packages fit your budgets as well as your needs. To achieve this, we offer flexible and customizable packages.

  • Safety and security of data

    While we maintain proper backup of all records, we ensure that your data is safely stored with us and can be accessed by authorized personnel only. We levy robust safety systems at all points and use secure servers to keep your data safe.

  • High quality, transparent services

    Accuracy and transparency are two prerequisites for good-quality medical record retrieval solutions, and we offer them both with complete integrity and honesty.

  • Certified and compliant solutions

    We are an ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant company ensuring a standardized code of conduct and adherence to industry best practices.

  • Speedy retrieval processes

    We assure a drastic reduction in turnaround times using best-in-class digital technologies and manual expertise to offer fast services that are secure too.

  • 24/7 responsive customer support

    We extend 24/7 record retrieval and support services through global teams working round the clock for uninterrupted services, everywhere at any time.

  • Scalable solutions

    In the case of bulk work, we quickly scale our operations without hampering our work quality or changing delivery timelines.

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Outsource Medical Record Retrieval Services to Flatworld Solutions

Our best-in-class digital portal, along with an experienced team, makes medical records retrieval processes faster, secure, and precise. Partnering with us for all your diverse needs regarding medical records collection helps save a lot of money and time with desired results.

With dedicated solutions for the smooth retrieval process from start to finish, Flatworld is an ideal outsourcing company for all your medical records review, collection, and retrieval needs. Contact our experts today and get a quote.

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