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Nothing is constant in this world. Whether you are a business organization or an individual, you need to constantly adapt to the changing environment in order to survive. The digital age has forced business organizations to switch from paper-based entities to the ones that are automated. It's hard to accept that in an age of automation, maximum pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare units still prefer maintaining paper records. Though healthcare vertical isn't uninfluenced by this change, but still the healthcare industry has to come a long way before getting its system orientation in place.

For a fault free, automated system of managing medical records, document management services are required. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide a number of healthcare document management systems like radiology document management, pharmacy document management, and much more.

Document Management Services We Offer

Triaging / Sorting

Document triaging is the process of collecting informational documents, reading and understanding them, recording the important information, and sharing the same. In other words, it implies taking decisions based on the documents. Thus in document management, triaging involves collecting large volume of data, analyzing it, and identifying the relevant information that needs to be sorted and stored. This sorting is done on the basis of certain principles or rules.

At Flatworld Solutions, we aim at developing well-researched triaging strategies thus ensuring that no important information is left out. This is very important from the healthcare industry's point of view.


At Flatworld Solutions, our systems are programmed to be able to form associations or categorizations automatically within medical document management systems. Once this is done, metadata extraction takes place, which is data about data. This is then shared across various applications, thus influencing the workflow.

We ensure that the workflows developed are flexible and smooth, and do not cause any unnecessary delays or hindrances in everyday working.

We Thoroughly Understand Business Processing

Our in-depth business processing knowledge and the support of highly professional team has helped us in providing flexible solutions across different industry verticals. We constantly strive to reduce the time and human resource investment in processing huge volumes of data to bring down the costs. Our document processing solutions can help you manage both structured and unstructured documents that cover typewritten, handwritten, bar-coded, and check-marked information.

Our Team of Experts

Our team of experts, comprises clinical experts and other professionals, who hold expertise in their respective fields, that goes beyond just capturing data and archiving it. Using intelligent interpretation and handy automations, they work with you to customize systems as required, and implement them without letting it impact your current operations. By intelligently validating and routing business information at the right time to the right persons, and in the right format, our team ensures high security of the data being processed. Our experts are also available round-the-clock to provide support and solutions.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Pharmacy Document Management

At Flatworld Solutions, we believe that high accuracy, productivity gains, real-time visibility across the life cycle, and accelerated cost savings show a direct impact on the customer relationships. Therefore, we consider it as our aim to offer systems that help in streamlining various operations in an organization. We believe that in the healthcare industry, the main focus should be on the patients and not on paper work, which is time consuming and more prone to errors. Therefore, we provide systems that are user-friendly and easy-to-implement.

Our solutions offer seamless integration of business rules and validations; and are scalable to meet varied business volumes. We believe in both quality and innovation and with employees from diverse fields, our aim is to constantly evolve with respect to the solutions we offer to our clients. Additionally, we

  • Have complete knowledge of various Document management processes and PIS conversion systems
  • Offer well-orchestrated administration and support services that keep our prices low even while adding new facilities (this is achieved by reducing the required extra man hours)
  • Provide guidance for tracking metrics, timelines, and setting up an ideal workflow
  • Decrease last minute emergency dispensing of scripts through proactive acquisition

Quality Pharmacy Document Management or Pharmacy Administration and Support Service from Flatworld Solutions is offered by our specialized staff at competitive rates. Contact our pharmacy experts to discuss your requirements, we will be glad to assist you.

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