EMR Services

EMR Services

Manage patient records, automate clinical workflows, and improve healthcare collaboration with our EMR services

Is disorganized workflow hindering your healthcare facility's productivity and netting a revenue loss? Are you on the lookout for collaborating with an experienced EMR service provider who can implement, create, deploy, support, and maintain EMR solutions of all kinds?

Leverage our EMR services to manage patient records, prioritize tasks, and create physician dashboards. This unifies multiple processes and consolidates moving parts of your healthcare practice. Our medical EMR support helps you improve clinical care and create more personalized experiences for your patients. Streamline operations, improve care quality, and create healthier communities with our EMR solutions.

EMR Solutions We Offer

Often physicians and healthcare centers juggle between delivering patient care and maintaining patient records. We deliver visibility without barriers for applications and platforms across public, private, on-premises, and multi-cloud healthcare environments. Our EHR services include -

  1. EMR Consultation and Workflow Management

    EMR Consultation and Workflow Management

    Stay competitive in the growing healthcare market using EMR to meet the requirements of personnel and patient management. It provides an intuitive and feature-rich interface for sub-specialties and helps you collect, collate, store, and retrieve patient data anytime and from anywhere.

  2. Personnel Education and Training

    Personnel Education and Training

    Whether you want to train your healthcare staff to use newly implemented EHR or educate them on specific aspects, we have got you covered with our electronic medical record services. Our solutions help you upload, save, and edit the training materials.

  3. EMR Data Entry Services

    EMR Data Entry Services

    Accurately capture crucial healthcare data and arrange patient data, diagnoses reports, treatment plans, and other information in online-editable formats with our EMR data entry solutions. This minimizes errors and improves process efficiency.

  4. EMR Integration Services

    EMR Integration Services

    Make the most of your EMR systems by integrating them with our applications and platforms. This facilitates better collaboration, and exchange of crucial information, thereby empowering physicians to deliver superior care.

  5. EMR System Implementation

    EMR System Implementation

    Our team helps you with the designing of the governance strategy to optimize your records, staff details, user group information, and set regulatory requirements vis-à-vis the EMR solution in order. Moreover, we assist you with the implementation, deployment, customization, and migration of data from your old system to the new EMR solutions.

  6. EMR System Support, Upgrade, and Maintenance

    EMR System Support, Upgrade and Maintenance

    Get round-the-clock support to cut software downtime by optimizing your organization's IT usability with our electronic medical record services. We also provide maintenance and support. Collaborate with us to generate custom reports, customize the interface, and manage healthcare assets.

  7. EMR Data Migration Services

    EMR Data Migration Services

    We provide a wide range of value-added services, such as EMR data migration services to clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare practices worldwide. This helps healthcare organizations move to a new EMR system or an archive without losing valuable historical information.

  8. EMR Software Development

    EMR Software Development

    Get fully integrated EMR medical software that addresses your exact requirements and helps you streamline process flows and reduce inefficiencies. We integrate multiple modules in EMR software, including medication and patient records, workflow management, prescription writing, patient visit tracking, and appointment scheduling.

  9. Virtual EMR Services

    Virtual EMR Services

    Leverage our online EMR services to manage processes virtually without causing disruption. Our remote agents perform data documentation and updates and refresh old values to keep the system up-to-date for easy retrieval of health records. This allows you to focus on patient care than worry about lapses.

  10. Specialty EMR Services

    Specialty EMR Services

    We provide custom-built EMR solutions for your EMR needs relating to medicine, radiology, surgery, gynecology, hematology, and more. We have established EMRs for various types of healthcare facilities to help them optimize patient records, update data, track lab results, and do much more.

    Some of our specialty EMR solutions include -

Our EMR Service Process

Our solutions are developed by professional consultants, developers, EMR experts, and more. This frees up your IT/non-IT resources and enhances return on investment. To provide the best EMR solution in the industry, we follow a time-tested process that involves -


01. Requirement Gathering

Initially, our consultants will evaluate your company's requirements for electronic medical records services.


02. EMR Tool Design

Based on your requirement and feedback, we will then will design the EMR tool.


03. EMR System Development

As soon as the design is complete and acknowledged, our developers will begin their work on the EMR, which will include the implementation, development or migration of the system.


04. EMR Quality Analysis

After the completion of the development phase, the QA professionals will test the tool based on several indicators, mainly performance and adaptability.


05. Reporting and Feedback Analysis

Once approved by quality control experts, we will wait for your feedback and will send the documented reports.

EMR Tools/Software We Leverage

Our team works with a variety of EMR healthcare software and helps you with design, implementation, customization, deployment, migration, maintenance, and more. Some of the tools and software we leverage to provide exceptional online EMR support are -

DrChrono Harmony NextGen Healthcare PatientClick NovoClinicCayman ChiroTouch mdconnection AdvancedMD athenahealth Kareo Clinical RevolutionEHR Centricity Mercury Medical

Why Should You Choose Us as Your EMR Service Provider?

We are a reputed EMR company offering customized online EMR solutions using EMR healthcare software. By choosing us to outsource EMR services, you can avail the following benefits -

  • ISO Certified EMR Service

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with ample resources and a robust network of tools and technologies to provide you with comprehensive medical EMR solutions.

  • Data/Project Security

    FWS complies with all ISMS standards and is HIPAA compliant and ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified. This demonstrates our capacity to implement IT security measures and handle security threats.

  • High-quality EMR Services

    As an ISO-certified EMR company, our healthcare support operation is handled by a team of professional experts who comply with all the quality standards needed to deliver value.

  • Faster Turnaround

    Our experienced team of consultants, medical EMR professionals, and subject matter experts devise customized solutions. Outsourcing electronic medical records services to us saves 40%-50% of your time.

  • Qualified Team

    Our qualified professionals deliver high-octane EMR systems. We provide a steadfast consultant who will be your primary touchpoint for any issue or inquiry.

  • Competitive Pricing

    EMR services outsourcing assures flexible and scalable EMR solutions to suit your budget. We custom quote the project based on the resources, tools, and duration of your project.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Medical Transcription Services

Get accurate, flexible, and secure solutions to transcribe your healthcare documents with our medical transcription services.

Medical Billing Services

Leverage the latest billing tools to ensure error-free billing with our quick, accurate, and proficient medical billing solutions.

Medical Coding Services

Improve compliance, enhance coding accuracy, and minimize claims denials with our medical coding solutions.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Minimize administrative burden, ensure data security, and improve cash flow with our revenue cycle management for healthcare.

Client Success Stories

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We Provided Insurance Verification Services for Telemedicine Contraceptive Providers

Know how FWS delivered eligibility verification solutions to a major US-based telemedicine provider. Our team provided the insurance eligibility services by thoroughly reviewing each member's portfolio before the drug distributing.

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FWS Helped Leading Medical Client Move to New EHR Software

Flatworld's EMR Transcription Solutions Assisted a Prominent Customer with Implementing the New EHR tool

Read the case study to know how the EMR experts at FWS provided reliable EHR transcription solutions that helped the customer with the EHR implementation.

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Outsource EMR Services to Improve Efficiency and Patient Care


Hello team, I want to convey my appreciation for all the hard work and dedication that you put in the project. Each one of you has brought unique things to the team, which made us stronger.

Director of Operations Revenue Management,
Medical Practice Management Solutions Provider, IL
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As a leading medical EMR company, we have 20 years of experience in providing electronic medical records services to global clients. Our consultants work with doctors, EMR experts, diagnostic centers, hospital chains, and more to streamline clinical workflows and leverage real-time data. We help you -

  • Minimize errors in patient health records
  • Organize workflow to boost productivity and improve revenue
  • Increase collaboration to improve diagnoses and patient care

Embrace EMR services outsourcing to build scalable and customizable medical records that evolve with your practice.

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