Outsource Dental Revenue Cycle Management Services

Dental Revenue Cycle Management Services

If your bottomline is declining, the culprit could be dated methods of managing payment, recovering dues, and resolving delinquencies. So let us let turnaround your RCM starting at 4 per read

All dental practices face a common issue when they don't have a dental revenue cycle management team to collect unpaid dues and ensure streamlined RCM. In most cases, dentists are stretched between administrative tasks and patient care causing the gap in performance to widen. In the end, revenue is inconsistent and there are always unpaid dues to follow up. A big chore for a small practice or clinic to manage on its own. This is where it becomes a necessity to outsource dental revenue cycle management services to Flatworld Solutions.

We justify your decision to choose a dental revenue cycle management service providing company like us by offering to capture payment for your practice, send payment reminders to defaulters, maintain account trails, and more to restore balance in your RCM.

Dental Revenue Cycle Management Services We Offer

At FWS, we have experience working with dental care practices and hospitals where there is always a bulk RCM delinquency to follow up and fix. Our services are scalable and dependable because it's handled by experienced RCM experts. As we take over the administrative roles, you'll be freed up to focus on patient care and other priorities. Here are the major services included in FWS' dental revenue cycle management services -

  1. Accounts Payable Processing

    Accounts Payable Processing

    At FWS, we offer the full suite of accounts payable solutions including invoice processing, coding itemized invoices, matching descriptions with cost, and so on. This service is carried out in your RCM at the end of each day to ensure the accounts are in order.

  2. Dental Practice Credentialing

    Dental Practice Credentialing

    Getting your practice credentials from an insurer is a tedious task and we'll do it on your behalf by filing paperwork and completing the enrolment with the insurer's network. Since credentialing isn't a one-time process, we'll remind you when re-credentialing is needed.

  3. Accounts Receivable Cleansing

    Accounts Receivable Cleansing

    If maintenance of your AR is long overdue, it's likely to give duplicate data and even redundant ones with constant creation, modification, and erasing of data. When new data is added with shared traits, it can occasionally lead to clerical errors. Therefore, we identify such data by cleansing your AR inside-out.

  4. AR Follow Up

    AR Follow Up

    If you've been neglecting dues, it can be difficult to follow up when your cash inflow is down to a trickle. So, our team will investigate the accounts stream to identify the delinquent accounts and errors causing payment to be stuck in a labyrinthine process. Once all receivables are identified we will find ways to accelerate payment back to your revenue stream.

  5. Payment Posting, Adjustments, Denial Management

    Payment Posting, Adjustments, Denial Management

    Maybe the payment is cleared for the withdrawal, but if you have posted receivables to your practice accounts, the payment capture is still incomplete. Therefore, we will capture the payment and ensure it is posed to the relevant account and a trail is generated to confirm payment received status. If you have a pile of denials that are still unsorted we will rectify the clerical errors or shortage of documents to ensure acceptance of claims.

  6. Fee Schedule Maintenance

    Fee Schedule Maintenance

    The easiest way to avoid denials from causing overhead cost and time to your practice is to stay abreast of the fee schedules prescribed by the payers so billing errors can be eliminated at source leaving no scope for denials.

  7. Eligibility & Benefits Checking

    Eligibility & Benefits Checking

    One of many things to do to assuage the burden of revisiting denial case files is to eliminate obvious errors at the source. So we do this by checking patient eligibility to ensure they have the authorization and clearance to get care from the practitioner. We will check if the patient is covered by the insurance for select Medicare treatment. This helps you avoid providing the care and then going after the insurer or the patient to cover the gap amount.

Dental Revenue Cycle Management Process We Follow

Experts at Flatworld Solutions excel at dental revenue cycle management strategies that comply with mandatory regulations. Additionally, we follow a stringent process that helps practices to secure their dues to have a healthy RCM. Here is the process flow we follow -


01. Discussing and Gathering Requirement

Understanding what the client needs is the first step in RCM. Our team will coordinate with the client to determine their RCM challenges


02. Preliminary Assessment

Our project heads will run a preliminary assessment to check the status and health of the client's RCM


03. Document Synthesis and Optimization

All documents necessary to file claims are downloaded in bulk and stored on the Cloud beforehand


04. Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

We will source the EoB from the insurer with the complete disclosure of what is covered and what isn't


05. Denial Management

Being a top dental revenue cycle management company, we will tackle existing denials by fixing the delinquencies and submitting fresh claims electronically in the prescribed format


06. Reporting and Feedback

After completion of RCM, we will create a clear document trail that you can follow-up for perusal

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Dental Revenue Cycle Management Services to Flatworld Solutions?

When you prefer to outsource dental revenue cycle management services to Flatworld Solutions, professional services are guaranteed by us. FWS has become the best dental revenue cycle management service provider in the world for the following reasons -

  • ISO Certified Dental Revenue Cycle Management Service Provider

    For 20 years Flatworld has been the last name in dental revenue cycle management services. Our methods are HIPAA compliant and honest.

  • High Data Security

    We do nothing that puts your patient's data at risk of exposure to unauthorized members. We are ISMS complaint and keep all the data is secure storage point till the solution is rendered.

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    The dental revenue cycle management services we offer are reasonably priced and comes with an option to customize if you don't prefer the whole suite.

  • High Scalability

    When you outsource dental revenue cycle management services to FWS, you also have an option to scale the service depending on the demand at your end. More resources can be added on the moment's notice to clear the bottleneck.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    The clients who outsource dental revenue cycle management services to FWS are deeply satisfied with our team's agility in remediating the flaws and streamlining the RCM.

  • Highly Qualified and Accurate Services

    We have continuously excelled in dental revenue cycle management because of quality. We take measures to ensure that the quality is never compromised.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We don't take our clients' concerns lightly. We always devote ourselves and if needed, go out of the way to help them through challenges. Our multilingual team can support clients from all time zones.

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Outsource Dental Revenue Cycle Management Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Revenue cycle management involves a flurry of tasks that must function like clockwork. If ignored, it can lead to a massive bottleneck, preventing payment from reaching the practice's accounts. Also, the rise of patient cases, compliance issues, and merges create new challenges for healthcare systems. So, the best option to tackle all these issues is to outsource dental revenue cycle management services to the best partner, Flatworld Solutions. With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare revenue cycle niche, we fix all challenges in revenue cycle management by understanding the client's needs and offering top-notch solutions. We provide customized dental revenue cycle management services and assure 100% satisfaction in having a hassle-free revenue stream.

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