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We collaborate with various payer websites to verify benefits and coverage details, ensuring clean, pre-verified claims. Our approach minimizes demographic or eligibility-related rejections and denials, improves upfront collections, and boosts your practice's operational efficiency. As a premier insurance verification company, we optimize our services for prompt and accurate determination of patient eligibility, coverage benefits, and payment obligations. This streamlines your medical billing process, enhances patient satisfaction, and allows your staff to concentrate on delivering quality care. For significant improvements in your billing process, contact our experts today.

Client Success Stories


Telemedicine Provider Enhances Efficiency with Our Verification Service

Facing delays in insurance checks and customer communication, a US telemedicine provider turned to Flatworld. Our services expedited their processes, improving delivery times and customer satisfaction.

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Australian Radiologists Modernize Transcription Processes, Achieve Cost Reduction

A group of Australian radiologists needed to process 2000 monthly STAT reports. By implementing our services, they overcame initial hurdles and slashed operational costs by 40%.

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Success Stories

Our Health Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Our services are designed to ensure seamless workflow from the moment a patient steps into your facility. We offer a range of services, leveraging advanced technology to enhance operational efficiency and financial health.

Patient Registration

Patient Registration

With advanced patient management systems, we ensure accurate capture of demographic and insurance information, reducing errors and optimizing claim submissions and payment collections.

Coverage Assessment

Coverage Assessment

Our real-time eligibility verification systems provide instant insights into a patient's insurance coverage, helping to prevent claim rejections and ensure a smoother revenue cycle.

Auditing Quality Check

Auditing Quality Check

Using sophisticated auditing software with advanced algorithms, we conduct regular reviews of the verification process to ensure adherence to the highest standards of compliance.

Payment Collections

Payment Collections

With the strategic use of EHR and EFT systems, we facilitate secure financial transactions and maintain an efficient payment collection process.

How Our Insurance Eligibility Verification Services Work?


Acquisition of patient details


Securing policyholder's insurance details


Liaising with the insurance providers


Confirmation of insurance coverage


Examination of policy specifics


Determination of patient's financial obligations

Our Software Capabilities

Availity Waystar Kareo Experian Health Change Healthcare eClinicalWorks

Why Choose Us for Your Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification Services?

Capitalize on our expertise in insurance eligibility verification to drive marked improvements in your operational efficiency. Discover the manifold benefits that our services render -

Sectors We Work With


Healthcare Providers


Pharmaceutical Companies


Medical Equipment Suppliers


Dental Practices


Mental Health Practices


Physical Therapy Centers


Chiropractic Offices


Home Healthcare Services


Ambulance Services


Health Insurance Companies

Additional Services We Can Benefit From

We convert physician-dictated voice reports into text enhancing documentation accuracy while allowing healthcare practitioners to prioritize patient care.

Our efficient management of the insurance claim lifecycle boosts financial performance, reduces inaccuracies, and ensures a swift compensation process.

We manage the insurer's payment responsibility after applying for member's insurance benefits, ensuring precise processing and minimizing claim denials.

We oversee patient and insurance company debts to facilitate efficient collections, enhance cash inflow, and reduce the financial burden.

Outsource Insurance Eligibility Verification Services to FWS

Understanding the importance of eligibility verification in healthcare insurance is crucial for operational efficiency and financial stability. When you outsource this vital function to us, you tap into our extensive industry knowledge, deep domain expertise, and advanced technology. We offer a robust, fool-proof verification process, capable of handling varying volumes of verification files, to ensure accuracy and timeliness, reducing denials and write-offs. More than just cost savings, our services help obtain pre-authorizations and estimate reimbursements, optimizing your cash flow. If you're looking for a comprehensive solution for your insurance eligibility verification needs, reach out to us.


This process not only validates active insurance but also checks for policy limits, deductibles, co-pay details, and any pre-authorization requirements.

It safeguards against unpaid services, manages patients' financial expectations, and helps healthcare providers maintain effective revenue management.

It involves confirming active coverage and understanding its specifics, including the policy's terms, conditions, limits, co-payment requirements, and deductibles.

It helps maintain transparency in billing, reduces claim rejections, and contributes to a smoother patient experience by avoiding unexpected costs.

Insurance verification aims to identify policy restrictions, deductible requirements, and network status of providers, and ensure all necessary referrals.

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