Outsource Chiropractic Transcription Services

Chiropractic Transcription Services

If your practice is affected by a surge in transcription backlog, outsourcing chiropractic transcriptions enable fast & accurate documentation of encounter to create medical history at rates starting at $4.5 per read

Chiropractic treatment focuses on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system and restoration of health concerning the proper functioning of the two. Flatworld Solutions have over 20 years of experience in providing chiropractic transcription service for inpatient and outpatient basis treatment. Over the years we have assisted both small chiropractic practices and chiropractic departments of large hospitals streamline the process of recording chiropractic treatment in the most reliable and cost-effective ways and in full compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Our services are driven by experts with experience in transcribing in-patient reports for chiropractic departments of various hospitals. They have extensive exposure to transcribing chiropractic history and physical reports, chiropractic consultations, chiropractic emergency room reports, chiropractic imaging, and discharge summaries. Some of our specialized chiropractic transcription services include realignment, spinal mobilization, cervical spine manipulation, therapeutic exercise and stretches, Chiropractic, and soft tissue manual therapy. Besides, they specialize in integrating the transcribed documents with client EHR.

Chiropractic Transcription Services We Offer

We provide transcription services to both chiropractic manipulative treatment and chiropractic maintenance care. As an expert chiropractic transcription service provider we provide transcription for pre-service chiropractic treatment; intra-service chiropractic treatment; and post-service chiropractic treatment. The primary areas we cover include patient information documentation, imaging and treatment documentation, and treatment plan and consultation reporting. Our wide experience in chiropractic transcription covers the following -

  1. Transcription Services for Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT)

    Transcription Services for Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment

    With this transcription service, we document the use of a hand or instrument to correct a structural dysfunction in muscles and joints. We record the associated neurologic or mechanical dysfunction that leads to the treatment. Our experience in transcribing CMT treatment extends to both the spinal and the extra spinal region.

  2. Transcription Services for Chiropractic Maintenance Care

    Transcription Services for Chiropractic Maintenance Care

    We also have wide experience in transcribing maintenance program activities to maintain the patient's current condition and prevent degeneration of condition. We document the treatment plans in detail along with the goals. We also document ongoing treatment about a stabilized state or after the condition has touched a clinical plateau.

  3. Transcription for DME Recommendation

    Transcription for DME Recommendation

    As for HIPAA requirements, DME is eligible for coverage when the condition meets certain requirements. Our transcription services make sure each of these requirements is covered and transcribed. Some of these include usage at home, necessary for the patient; prescribed by a licensed physician; does not include a convenience or comfort item, etc. As part of our transcription service, we also check that the suggested equipment is approved by the regulatory body FDA.

  4. Transcription for Customized DME Recommendation

    Transcription for Customized DME Recommendation

    We have wide experience in transcribing treatments that specifically recommend the prosthetic or orthotic device for specific patient needs. We transcribe the reason for the customized item and specific documentation, such as physician's records.

  5. Transcription Services for Chiropractic Diagnostic Imaging Services

    Transcription Services for Chiropractic Diagnostic Imaging Services

    We transcribe reports of chiropractic diagnostic imaging to record diagnostic information regarding the patient in terms of diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy planning. With our services, we map the documented interpretation of the image to reach a diagnostic. We have wide experience in transcribing the need for radiographic examination conclusion, identifying bone and joint morphology, etc.

  6. EHR Integration of Chiropractic Transcribed Docs

    EHR Integration of Chiropractic Transcribed Docs

    As part of our extended transcription service, we import and integrate chiropractic transcription records with the EMR Software system to help small and large practices have a unified and complete digital medical records system. Our integration services are designed to improve patient care, billing processes, insurance claims, feedback to chiropractors, and so on.

Our Chiropractic Transcription Process

As a renowned chiropractic transcription company, we follow a well-defined process consisting of the following steps -


01. Recording information

Chiropractors record patient information details in a digital device. We encourage the use of the superior digital device to ensure the best voice quality compared to an analog recorder. Some of our clients even bank voice recording software installed on their PCs


02. Voice File Transmission

After recording the files chiropractors, upload them to our FTP server. Our servers offer the utmost security and encryption. Once the files are uploaded we download the voice files, have a first-round quality check, and assign a unique id to each file


03. Transcribing the voice files into text

After the prelim testing of files for clarity we pass on the files to a dedicated team of chiropractic transcriptionists. This is when the regular process of converting the files into word processing documents takes place. File transcribing takes all important aspects like grammar, spacing, and terminology into account


04. Reviewing and Editing the transcribed files

This is the most critical stage of the process. The completed files are passed on to our team of editors with at least 5 years of experience in chiropractic transcription. The transcribed files are meticulously checked to identify errors and omissions and correct them. Complete attention is paid to maintain the format and other standards as required by the client


05. Submitting Edited Files

In the submission process, we send the completed documents are sent to the client as per the contract. We have experience in submitting files as an email attachment or upload them to the hospital server. We have a good track record of submitting the transcribed files in the shortest possible time


06. File Correction

In the likely event of a chiropractor identifying a discrepancy and sending a file back, we attend to it on an urgent basis and revert within a few hours of receiving the file

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Chiropractic Outsourcing Services?

As an accomplished transcription company, we offer several benefits to chiropractic needs. Some of these include -

  • Cost-effective Transcription Services

    We offer varying types of transcription services to fit the specific needs and budget limitations of any person, business, student, or researcher. We charge affordably. For Video Transcription our rate starts from USD 50 per video hour 83 cents per min and for Audio Transcription our rates start from USD 42 per audio hour or 70 cents per min. We guarantee fully transparent billings with no hidden charges whatsoever.

  • Guaranteed Foolproof Security and Privacy

    We are a compliant Chiropractic Transcription Services Providing Company and fully comply with all HIPAA and HITECH requirements. Our chiropractic transcription experts keep themselves updated about all institutional regulations related to Protected Health Information (PHI). We have a strong team of security experts and strong protection measures such as firewalls to prevent access to databases.

  • Full Priority to Quality Output

    We deliver transcripts of the highest standards. We carry out repeated checks of the transcribed docs to ensure the document covers every aspect of the treatment including the treatment details performed during the visit along with the rationale behind the treatment. To make the transcript complete we check-in details for the treatment relating to the type, frequency, and duration of care is required for patients. We also check docs for grammar, spelling, content, and formatting issues.

  • Expert Transcriptionists With End-to-End Chiropractic Knowledge

    As a specialty, chiropractic services have their terminology and specific codes. We delegate your services to transcriptionists who have extensive exposure to chiropractic transcription. Our transcriptionists specialize in transcribing both for Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment and Chiropractic Maintenance Care and follow all necessary chiropractic documentation standards to maintain documentation standards and consistency. All the documents we generate contain clinically pertinent objective data.

  • Extensive Array of Chiropractic Dictation Options Available

    We provide our clients with an extensive range of voice to text dictation capture. Our range helps you opt for the one that suits your practice the most. Our range includes include telephone, smartphone, and computer-based digital dictation options. It's because of the wide variety of options that chiropractors can dictate the diagnosis and treatment when away from the office.

  • Customized Chiropractic Transcription Services

    We work the way chiropractors want us to work for them. While most clients prefer the way we work in terms of content editing formatting, and presentation, we also make room for the custom format requests of our clients. This primarily covers formatting or content editing based on company guidelines. We provide multiple delivery options for completed transcripts, including secure e-mail and remote printing.

  • Round-the-Clock Services

    We operate from 8 delivery centers and so can guarantee timelines. Depending upon the time you want your work to be completed, we assign a team of regular transcriptionists and quality check experts. This ensures efficient and on-time delivery of services. However, we agree to timelines based on the overall complexity of the work.

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Outsource Chiropractic Transcription Services to Flatworld Solutions


Thanks, as always, for the AMAZING work! I'm especially impressed at the thyroid ultrasound report with all the TI-RADS scoring, I can't believe you understood all that and typed it so well! You are all incredible. Thanks again.

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We have over 20 years of experience in transcribing, editing, and proofreading medical documents for chiropractors in the US. Over the years we have attained great competency in completing the medical transcription services with a minimum turnaround of 2 hours and a maximum limit of 24 hours. Our proficiency has helped us ensure chiropractors have to spend little time waiting to complete their health records and in the process ensure greater productivity, improved patient care, and more profits for your practice.

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