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Patient Engagement Services

Offer patient-centric services and receive a wealth of benefits for your healthcare practice by choosing our patient engagement services at prices starting at $1280 per FTE per month

With such great strides in terms of technology, it has become crucial for healthcare organizations to identify ways in which they can leverage the latest technology to be able to provide better services and improved health outcomes for patients. While it is something that adds more responsibility to your shoulders as a healthcare service provider, it also gives you new and unique opportunities to gain and retain patient's trust, increase their level of satisfaction, and have an edge over your competitors. And to make the most out of this current trend, you need the best patient engagement services. To begin with, patient engagement is the act of leveraging technology and other resources to give the patient access to information related to medical care, treatment, and recovery processes so that they have a sense of control over their health. If you're ready for fast-paced growth, you should collaborate with a professional patient engagement services providing company.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a leading patient engagement service provider with over a decade of experience in helping healthcare organizations offer patient-centered services by engaging them using technological aids. We make an effort to completely understand the requirements of our clients and build effective patient engagement solutions that help patients have better health outcomes while also lessening the burden on the client's healthcare practice. Experience, expertise, skills, and technological prowess— we have it all, which arms us to offer unbeatable patient engagement services.

Patient Engagement Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions offers complete patient engagement solutions to help healthcare practices integrate the best resources and offer optimized care and engagement alternatives to patients for overall better management and treatment of health problems. We strengthen the communication between the patient and the healthcare provider in various ways. Here are the several patient engagement services that we offer -

  1. Patient Portal Access

    Patient Portal Access

    Patient portal access for online scheduling helps in reducing the staff time that is spent on the same while enhancing patient engagement. Our team comes together to provide a patient portal for you wherein the patients can find all their health reports. The portal also helps the healthcare providers connect with the patients. We can also help you in integrating EMR or any third-party providers so that all the information from different platforms can be integrated. With this, patients can also schedule and check their appointments with you, pay bills online, and do much more via their devices.

  2. Virtual Visits

    Virtual Visits

    In today's day and age when life has become increasingly busier, virtual visits can be a gamechanger for patients as well as healthcare professionals. We can help you increase patient engagement by helping patients book appointments online, have virtual visits, get reminders, and receive prescriptions as well. This saves time for both healthcare providers and patients, reduces no-shows, and improves efficiency in communication through digital platforms.

  3. Personalized Outreach

    Personalized Outreach

    We also help in automating many operations from sending reminders and communicating for follow-ups and interventions when deemed suitable. Automated technology helps in reaching patients, enhancing the effectiveness of treatments, and managing the health of patients. Automation processes help in streamlining many of the operations while reducing the burden on many of the critical tasks.

  4. Patient Education Videos

    Patient Education Videos

    One of the best ways to help patients understand ailments or a condition that they're diagnosed with is through educational videos with appropriate audio and visual cues. Graphical content helps patients understand many technical terms, diagnoses, treatments, and complex procedures, which gives them access to complete information and makes them feel more in control. For healthcare providers, it makes the task of explaining all of this to the patients a lot easier and efficient.

  5. E-Health Risk Assessment

    E-Health Risk Assessment

    E-health assessments equip healthcare professionals to help patients manage their health through risk assessment tools. From questionnaires to well-designed, rated outputs to help patients understand their health functions better. This also helps doctors and other service providers gain an understanding of the wellness of the patient to plan the course of action for the future.

  6. Medical App development

    Medical App development

    One of the most effective ways to engage patients in actively participating to have complete knowledge of their health is through designing medical apps for them. On the other hand, medical apps can also bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers while giving them access to patient information. We excel in developing safe and secure apps for interactive solutions for healthcare service providers.

  7. Wearables Data Integration

    Wearables Data Integration

    Wearables are a great way to monitor and record many physiological functions to identify any abnormalities. We can help integrate data from healthcare devices and wearables so that patients can have access to meaningful analytics.

Our Patient Engagement Process

Being one of the most trusted patient engagement companies in the industry, we do everything to increase the efficiency of our services by streamlining the whole patient engagement process. We follow 5 broad steps that involve unique details as per the requirements of each of our clients. The following are the stages of our patient engagement process when you opt for our services -


01. Requirement Analysis

When you get in touch with us, we communicate with you to understand your healthcare settings, operations, and specific requirements. This helps us come up with the scope of the project, delegate a team of professionals, and decide on the course of action for your project. We explain the SOP to you and seek your approval


02. Planning

After getting your approval, we start planning our strategy. Based on the services that you opt for, we handpick experts who would be best suited for flawlessly executing our plan for the project. Whether it is creating patient education videos, creating a platform, and mediating for virtual appointments and visits, we decide on the right tools and technology that would be deployed


03. Execution

Once the core team and the tools and software to be used are finalized, we start executing our plan


04. Quality Check

After the completion of the project, our team of quality assurance experts runs a thorough quality check to look for possible errors, bugs, glitches, or inconsistencies. We make the required changes and ask for your feedback as well. At this stage, we are open to the changes that you request. After making changes as per your feedback, we again check for errors and ensure the project is flawless


05. Delivery

Once we have your approval on the final project, we deliver it to you

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Patient Engagement Services?

Flatworld Solutions is one of the top patient engagement solution providers, and what makes us amazing at what we do is our result-oriented approach along with attention to every detail throughout the process. If you wonder what perks we bring to the table, here are several reasons as to why you should collaborate with us -

  • Affordable Services

    We offer a range of patient engagement services, and we give our clients complete freedom to opt for the services that they need. We assess the complexity of the project and give you cost estimates as per the requirement. You pay only for the services that you opt for and nothing more.

  • ISO Certification and HIPAA Compliance

    We are an ISO certified company, which means that all our operations, methodologies, the tools that we leverage, and our process meet the benchmark of international quality standards. In addition to that, we are also a HIPAA compliant company and ensure complete data security.

  • Advanced Technology

    We deploy some of the most agile tools to offer digital patient engagement services so that the results are precise and accurate. We also keep upgrading our systems to the latest versions.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We understand that communicating with different professionals all the time can be very cumbersome for our clients. This is why we assign a project manager to each of our projects.

  • Quick TAT

    With our skilled team of experts and all the latest tools that we use, we can increase the efficiency of our services to a great extent, resulting in quick turnaround times.

  • 24/7 Assistance

    We are available around the clock to take your queries and promise to get back to you promptly when you reach us via calls, emails, or our social media pages.

Client Success Story

FWS Checked and Verified Insurance Eligibility of Applicants for a Telemedicine Provider

FWS Checked and Verified Insurance Eligibility of Applicants for a Telemedicine Provider

We checked and verified the insurance eligibility of applicants for a US-based birth control telemedicine provider.

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FWS Managed More Than 3000 Rehabilitation Care Encounters for a Team of US-based Physicians

FWS Managed More Than 3000 Rehabilitation Care Encounters for a Team of US-based Physicians

A team of rehabilitation care physicians wanted us to process over 3000 physician encounters. We provided accurate and timely services that resulted in a 20% decrease in costs.

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If you're a healthcare service provider today and aspire to keep improving, patient engagement services are the way to go. Leveraging technology to enhance patients' overall experience, health outcomes, and give them more control over the management of their conditions not only benefit the patients but also will also bring your healthcare practice financial improvements. Flatworld Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your business goals and help you outdo your competitors.

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