Health Information Management

Health Information Management

If you run a hospital, pharmaceutical company, clinic, chemist store, diagnostic lab, health insurance business, specialty health units, or any other healthcare business, an effective health information management system is crucial to your business and operational goals.

At Flatworld Solutions, our health information management (HIM) combines clinical skills, electronic health records, data analysis, data availability, and management skills, in an easy-to-deploy package for global healthcare partners.

Health Information Management Services By Flatworld Solutions

We offer professional health information management online services to drive your healthcare information systems at maximum effectiveness and profitability. Our services include:

  • Designing and Managing Information Systems

    One of the key roles of healthcare information management is to manage health records in a way that makes it easier for dissemination, thereby enabling quality healthcare service and patient care.

    Healthcare businesses require different sets of information for different purposes and this makes designing and managing information systems different for them. Our health information managers understand your business and service objectives and then design HIS and procedures which ensure effectiveness of your whole system

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

    Each patient may have a different combination of medical and health conditions and this leads to issues in data comparison. That's why standardization of clinical data through codes like ICD-10 is mandatory.

    Read our detailed article which highlights 8 key benefits of ICD-10 implementation.

    This data is then used as a point of reference for all healthcare aspects like claims processing, accurate reporting of diagnosis, establishing clinical procedures, and so on. The significance of this information mandates the need for improving clinical documentation on a continuous basis. One of the objectives of our healthcare information managers is to see that the quality of your CDI is always remains free from errors and are up-to-date

  • Healthcare IT Practices

    Our health information managers study and design the best IT practices which ensure that the system in place is put to full use. They see to it that IT installations and usage practices are standardized, software is updated regularly and maintained bug free, data security and patient data privacy are maintained, health information management happens online, workflows are optimized, and quality checks are done on time

  • Improving Overall Healthcare Services

    Our healthcare information managers work in-line with the mission of AHIMA to ensure that objectives of all healthcare businesses involved are achieved. This additionally includes informatics (developing health intelligence), leadership (creating HIM leaders), information governance (developing expertise in information governance), innovation (innovation through evidence based research), and public good (optimizing service excellence and information dissemination)

Why Choose Flatworld for Health Information Management?

At Flatworld Solutions, not only do we maintain, collate and manage health records effectively, but ensure timely and accurate dispatch of the information to our clients as and when required. By choosing Flatworld, you stand to gain from the following -

  • We have over a decade of experience in all aspects of health information management technologies related to data collection, data management, data security and privacy, data analysis and dissemination, and exchange
  • 100% HIPAA compliant processes ensure strict data exchange and accordance to set security protocols
  • Our health information management certification processes ensure only the best and certified managers will work for you
  • Partnership with all leading healthcare IT vendors ensures our services stand apart from our competitors
  • Reduce healthcare cost with our optimized and customized healthcare workflows and methods
  • We build medical software from the ground up to support the deployment of our HIM system including Impact Analysis Software, Claims Processing Software, EMR Software, EDI Integration Software, and Clinical Data Entry
  • We can also implement a custom HIM solution to meet your specific business and service objectives
  • As per requirement, we also provide healthcare analytics services for better operational efficiency, while transforming a large amount of data into meaningful information

Choose FWS as Your HIM Partner Now

We understand the challenges and nuances of medical information management, and this places us among the best in quickly implementing, maintaining and ensuring effective use of HIM for your healthcare business. We have partnered with global academic medical centers, medical research centers, trauma facilities and community hospitals to implement a custom HIM solution for them.

Apart from effective healthcare information management, we also provide Pharmacy Management Services to streamline prescription management, batch ordering drugs based on importance, etc.

Contact us to speak with a healthcare information management representative now and benefit from our experience in Medical Information Management.

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