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Medication Therapy Management Services

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Popularly known as MTM, medication therapy management services are a group of services that healthcare providers offer for optimal therapeutic outcomes for patients. These programs or services are all the more effective for patients who need complex medication therapies with multiple prescribers for multiple chronic conditions. Such therapies also help reduce high prescription costs for such patients. Both health practitioners and pharmacists can provide medication therapy management. With extensive research in the area of outcomes of medication therapy services, it has been concluded that medication therapy services maximize the outcomes of treatments and therapies. And when you have multiple core responsibilities to focus on, the best alternative is to work with a professional medication therapy management services providing company.

Flatworld Solutions offers value-driven medication therapy management services that can ease the operations of pharmaceutical businesses and pharmacists alike. With over 20 years of experience in the field of healthcare BPO and pharmacy business management services, we offer the most insightful medication therapy management services that not only help your business but also ensure infallible and impeccable outcomes for the patients who put their trust in you.

Medication Therapy Management Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions is a reliable medication therapy management services providing company that offers comprehensive solutions to pharmacists. What necessitates these services is the fact that one of the most common public health-related issues in the United States is medication mismanagement and other related issues. When you seek medication therapy management services for your patients, it helps ensure that the patient has access to the right medication and the medication provides the best outcomes. Following are the services that are a part of our medication therapy management services -

  1. Medication Therapy Reviews

    Medication Therapy Reviews

    This is one of the core elements of the Medication Therapy Management Core Elements Service Model Version 2.01. Our pharmacy business service specialists assist our clients in systematically collecting patient-related information to research and identify the best-suited medication therapies for them based on their medication-related problems. We not only collect and assess information but also come up with a workable, effective plan to resolve the medication-related problems for our client's patients.

  2. Pharmacotherapy Consults

    Pharmacotherapy Consults

    We can also assist our clients with pharmacotherapy consults, which are referrals from a healthcare provider or another pharmacist that our clients receive. Pharmacotherapy consults generally are very specific to more complicated cases where the patients suffer from complicated medical conditions. A pharmacotherapy consult aims to maximize the therapeutic outcomes for the patients through safe, cost-effective, and appropriate medication use. We have a team of pharmacists who have adequate experience and specialization in the subject area for providing complex medication therapy services.

  3. Disease Management Support

    Disease Management Support

    Disease management support involves both drug and non-drug therapy including lifestyle changes to prevent, treat, or manage a disease. When providing disease management support services, the pharmacist would come up with an efficient treatment plan and interventions wherein the patient has to be proactive and take responsibility for their care as well.

  4. Pharmacogenomics Applications

    Pharmacogenomics Applications

    The patient's genetic information can provide important insights that can help optimize treatment and therapy plans as per how the patient responds to the medication therapy. Pharmacists make use of the patient's genetic information for the same using the genetic markers as the basis for comparing different patient-specific treatments. This helps in addressing if there are any adverse reactions so that risks can be minimized while maximizing the positive outcomes. Our professionals are capable and qualified to help our clients with pharmacogenomics applications.

  5. Medication Safety Surveillance

    Medication Safety Surveillance

    While medication therapy services can be very effective in treating and managing medication-related conditions in patients, there is a need for regulations that help keep a check on safety to prevent medication errors or any related mishaps. Our specialists can assist you in the medication safety surveillance programs to significantly reduce the likelihood of risks or adverse events.

  6. Immunization


    We also assist pharmacists in administering immunizations for medication therapy management under collaborative practice agreements with physicians. In case of any illness that can be prevented using vaccines, the patient is educated about the illness, vaccination, and is offered useful immunization services. We can help by providing useful information and the benefits of the immunization to the patients of our clients whenever required while keeping our clients in the loop and reporting it to them. This helps lessen the burden while ensuring the patient receives the ideal therapy as per their health problems.

  7. Other Clinical Services

    Other Clinical Services

    We are also equipped with a large and efficient team of professionals who are adept at offering a range of other clinical services that are in demand in the current times. Some of them include services for veterinary pharmacies, employee screening and health services, and nutrition, among many others. We can also assist our clients with anticoagulation management concerning medication therapy management services.

Medication Therapy Management Process We Follow

Medication therapy management is an essential service that helps optimize health outcomes for patients. This is why it is crucial to regulate medication therapy management to improve the collaboration between various health experts and pharmacists. 5 core elements form the medication therapy model to help pharmacists do their best for the patients. While some of the elements can be slightly modified based on the unique requirements of the patients, these elements are by large kept in mind when providing medication therapy management services -


01. Medication Therapy Review

We conduct a preliminary assessment of patient records to understand their existing conditions of they are undergoing treatment for the same


02. Personal Medication Record

We will get in touch with individual patients and under the oath of confidentiality we assess personal medication details by posing questions and matching data with the EMR


03. Medication-Related Action Plan

We devise an action plan specific to the patient based on their ability to continue the course of treatment


04. Intervention

If needed we will provide intervention to assist patients and suggest them to follow up with the treatment plan


05. Follow-Up

We will follow-up with the care prescribed by the physicians and ensure that the patient is complying with the advice

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Medication Therapy Management Services?

Flatworld Solutions is an experienced medication therapy management service provider that works with a team of experts who are passionate about what they do. When you partner with us, we do everything to help your patients tackle their health and medication-related issues while easing the operations for you. Following are some of the benefits of outsourcing medication therapy management services to us -

  • Cost-effective Services

    One of the noted benefits of our services is thoughtful pricing plans so that our services are accessible to many clients, whether they have small or large-scale requirements. We offer the most competitive pricing solutions in the industry so that you can leverage medication therapy management services without breaking the bank.

  • Data Security

    When you partner with us, we give you 100% assurance that all the data and information about your organization and patients that you share with us stays safe and secure with us. We take strict data security measures to prevent third-party access or data security breach.

  • ISO Certified Medication Therapy Management Service Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified form that has greatly improved the service outcome for practices and patients with our range of healthcare services.

  • Professional Pharmacists

    We have a team of in-house pharmacists with rich experience in a range of healthcare functions. They're certified in their respective roles to deliver a great experience.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you decide to work with us, we assign a dedicated project manager to you so that you can have a single point for all your queries and feedback. This helps eliminate communication-related confusion. The project manager will also keep you in the loop at all times and inform you about the progress of the project from time to time.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    Our team of handpicked experts makes sure that they meet every project deadline without compromising the quality of the services. We take deadlines seriously, promise quick turnaround times, and do everything to keep our promise.

  • 24/7 Support

    If you have any queries or if you need information related to our services, you can reach out to us via a call, email, or the chat box on our website. We have multiple delivery centers; so, we will get back to you in a short period irrespective of your time zone or location.

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Flatworld Solutions is a professional medication therapy management company that understands the importance of optimizing medication therapy for patients such that the health outcomes can be improved. Keeping this in mind, we work with talented and passionate experts so that you get to have the best pharmacy business services. We also provide a range of other pharmacy management services in addition to medication therapy management in pharmacy practice. If you wish to streamline the medication therapy operations so that you have more time left to focus on your core responsibilities, you should outsource your requirements to us and give your business the care it needs.

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