Outsource Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Decrease healthcare delivery costs and increase access to care with our remote patient monitoring services starting at $1280 per FTE/month

Struggling to move your healthcare out of a conventional setting and provide your patients with better care? Clinicians and healthcare providers are rapidly embracing remote patient monitoring (RPM) to deliver effective care and gain significant financial benefits. Strengthen your patients’ support system and optimize community patient care with our comprehensive remote monitoring solutions. Our services help you tailor personalized monitoring plans for your patients and deliver effective virtual care across multiple settings.

We provide you with a complete set of data connections and tools for monitoring your patients continuously. This enables you to provide efficient preventive care, minimize emergency room visits, and reduce healthcare delivery costs. Being a leading remote patient monitoring company, we are equipped to cater to all your patient monitoring needs. Our team of skilled and experienced virtual patient monitoring specialists leverages the latest and most advanced remote patient monitoring software to facilitate better interaction between you and your patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions We Offer

The need for specific remote patient monitoring systems varies from one healthcare provider to another. We use innovative remote patient monitoring technology to provide you with customized services, which include -

  1. Device-based patient monitoring

    Device-based patient monitoring

    Smart connected devices and sensors collect patient vitals, such as blood pressure, body temperature, perspiration, and more. These are then transferred to cloud RPM servers using pre-defined connectivity protocols.

  2. Cloud RPM servers

    Cloud RPM servers

    Cloud servers for RPM store and process the patient data, which will then be compared with the information from the electronic health record (EHR) and lifestyle logs to identify changes in patient health.

  3. RPM analytics and reporting

    RPM analytics and reporting

    Analytics and reporting analyze patient vitals against the reference parameters and send alerts to physicians when abnormal vitals are detected. This helps you prioritize consultation or care delivery.

  4. Monitoring RPM devices

    Monitoring RPM devices

    Continuous monitoring of RPM devices ensures early identification of device failures and sends alerts to the medical staff and patients.

  5. Digital communication for proactive support

    Digital communication for proactive support

    Virtual consultation options help patients with chronic conditions to discuss symptoms and adjust their care plans, after eligibility verification. On the other hand, instant messaging systems facilitate non-urgent consultations on medical device operations or new symptoms.

  6. Admin panels

    Admin panels

    Intelligent admin panels are designed to manage user role settings for patients and medical staff, process virtual appointment requests, and update the schedules of the medical staff.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why is Flatworld Solutions the Preferred Remote Patient Monitoring Company?

Our advanced remote patient monitoring support enables you to continuously track, analyze, and secure patient health. Outsource remote patient monitoring services to us and get -

  • Flexible pricing options

    Our flexible pricing packages and reasonable rates ensure that you have the option to get customized services, as per your patient monitoring requirements.

  • Complete patient data security

    We use multi-factor user authentication, encrypt RPM-collected data, and adhere to HITECH and HIPAA regulations to ensure the complete security of confidential patient health information.

  • Experienced team

    Our team of highly qualified and experienced remote monitoring experts is passionate about delivering the best services and catering to the most unique patient monitoring needs.

  • World-class infrastructure

    We have multiple global delivery centers and immaculate remote monitoring systems in place to deliver quick and efficient services.

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Outsource Remote Patient Monitoring Services


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We are a leading healthcare services provider with 19 years of industry experience in offering healthcare revenue cycle management, medical billing and coding, and more. Our data-driven remote monitoring support enables you to -

  • Improve patient care
  • Reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations
  • Strengthen patient support system
  • Reduce your healthcare delivery costs

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