Outsource Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Extend our state-of-the-art process and software to offer quality care to your patients, whenever and wherever, with our remote patient monitoring services.

The adoption of digital health and telehealth has taken a quantum leap forward since the Covid-19 pandemic. And, as the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, remote patient monitoring pledges to deliver advantages to both care providers and patients. Most top-performing healthcare providers leverage the capabilities of RPM to track and monitor their patient's vitals and crucial health metrics around the clock to extend faster support and care.

Strengthen your care facilities and optimize community patient support with our comprehensive remote monitoring solutions. Our time-tested process, equipment, and infrastructure will help you tailor personalized monitoring plans for your patients to ensure delivering effective virtual care across multiple settings. This includes a comprehensive set of data connections and tools to help you provide efficient preventive support to your patients while minimizing emergency room visits and reducing healthcare delivery costs.

Being a leading remote patient monitoring company, our team of qualified specialists is well-equipped with the latest in-vogue technologies to cater to all your patient monitoring needs and facilitate better patient services.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions We Offer

The need for specific remote patient monitoring solutions can vary from one healthcare provider to another. Leverage the features of automated remote patient monitoring with our hassle-free services and never look back! We use innovative RPM technology to provide our clients with customized services, which include -

  1. Device-based Patient Monitoring

    Device-based Patient Monitoring

    These remote patient monitoring devices equip healthcare providers to track, report, and analyze their patient's acute or chronic medical conditions, regardless of place and time.

  2. Cloud RPM Servers

    Cloud RPM Servers

    Employ our RPM services for healthcare to store all your patient's health records and other critical data in the cloud. This allows you to compare this data with the information from the electronic health record (EHR) and lifestyle logs to identify changes in patient health.

  3. RPM Analytics and Reporting

    RPM Analytics and Reporting

    Our analytics and reporting solutions for RPM help compare your patients' vitals against the reference parameters and send alerts to physicians in a case where abnormal vitals are detected. This helps you prioritize consultation or care delivery to your patients.

  4. Digital Communication for Proactive Support

    Digital Communication for Proactive Support

    Incorporate our digital patient communication in healthcare to bridge the gap and offer immediate care to eliminate the complicated and lengthy hospital visits and re-admission procedures.

  5. Admin Panels

    Admin Panels

    Employ our RPM services for healthcare to leverage our intelligent admin panels that are designed to manage user role settings for patients and medical staff, process virtual appointment requests, and update the schedules of the medical staff.

  6. Cardiology Remote Patient Monitoring

    Cardiology Remote Patient Monitoring

    Incorporate our RPM for cardiology to lower patient risk and mortality while producing consistent revenue.

  7. Pulmonology Remote Patient Monitoring

    Pulmonology Remote Patient Monitoring

    Get access to our easy-to-use remote patient monitoring devices in a comprehensive platform to ensure the accurate remote diagnosis of patients with respiratory conditions, including obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma.

  8. Endocrinology Remote Patient Monitoring

    Endocrinology Remote Patient Monitoring

    Employ our remote patient monitoring services to empower your healthcare providers with the ability to adjust their patients' medications.

Our Remote Patient Monitoring Workflow

The below-mentioned step-by-step guide will help you understand the seamless procedure that we follow to carry out remote patient monitoring services


01. Determine your goals

To establish a robust remote patient monitoring workflow for your healthcare, our qualified specialists will help determine your target patient population and understand the goals.


02. Incorporate RPM into your virtual care and EHR

Once the goals are identified, our team will integrate the best-in-class remote patient monitoring software, develop your device provisioning plan, and build a robust communication strategy for your healthcare facility.


03. Set up your health IT solutions and support

Our team will aid in developing seamless and efficient RPM services for your healthcare system to ensure the vital information flows directly into your clinical workflow for virtual care, management, and EHR.


04. Access the patient's health status

Hence, once we integrate our RPM software into your healthcare facility, your healthcare professionals will be able to ensure quick access to their patient's health conditions and make proactive adjustments to offer quality care.

Why Choose Us as Your Preferred Remote Patient Monitoring Company?

Our advanced and automated remote patient monitoring solutions enable you to continuously track, analyze, and improve your patient's health. Outsource remote patient monitoring services to us and get -

  • Data Security

    As an experienced remote patient monitoring solution provider, we use multi-factor user authentication, encrypt RPM-collected data, and adhere to HIPAA regulations to ensure the optimum security of your confidential patient health information.

  • Expertise

    Our team of highly qualified and experienced remote monitoring experts takes pride in delivering best-in-class services, catering to every unique patient monitoring need.

  • World-class infrastructure

    We have multiple global delivery centers to ensure that your healthcare facility incorporates immaculate remote patient monitoring software to deliver quick and efficient services.

  • Pricing

    We offer flexible remote patient monitoring pricing solutions to ensure that you get customized services per your patient monitoring requirements.

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Why Outsource Remote Patient Monitoring Services to Us?


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With over 20 years years of experience in the healthcare industry, we understand your concern about extending high-quality care and support to your patients. However, with our remote patient monitoring services, your access to offering quality care will expand significantly. From identifying your patient's eligibility to creating superbills, our comprehensive approach to patient care will enable you to transition to the telehealth remote patient monitoring system seamlessly. So, if you are looking for remote patient monitoring services in the USA or anywhere in the world, our services can help you immensely. We can also help you tailor customized care plans for each patient's needs.

Our data-driven remote health monitoring services will enable you to -

  • Improve patient care
  • Combat the challenges of staff shortages and enhances productivity
  • Improves patient-clinician relationship
  • Encourages data-driven decision making
  • Reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations
  • Strengthen the patient support system
  • Reduce your healthcare delivery costs

Explore our patient-centric, value-based remote monitoring solutions by connecting with us now for an obligation-free quote.

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