Outsource Billing Services using Lytec Billing Software

Billing Services Using Lytec Billing Software

Our professionals use Lytec software to streamline your healthcare billing with precision at rates starting at $1280/month

A healthcare provider finds medical billing very tough because it demands a high degree of accuracy and compliance to a set of rules. Getting this done in house is a huge problem because the demanding nature of this task requires extraordinary attention and focus. Much of the errors that arise in the process can be handled with the help of a medical billing software which is designed to spot and weed out all the errors that creep into the process.

Lytec is a leading medical billing software used by healthcare providers to streamline the process of medical billing. Lytec medical billing software combines the practice management features with a proven electronic medical record (EMR) to help healthcare providers improve financial performance and quality of care. The popular software is securely encrypted to prevent any attempt to steal financial information.

Why Choose Lytec Software For Billing?

Lytec is a proven practise management solution with a complete end-to-end interface. The software combines billing and scheduling functions as well as comprehensive revenue management capabilities. The software also provides access to both practice management system and a robust EHR solution thereby empowering you with all that you need to optimize your billing and revenue management needs. Some of the reasons why it is very popular are -

  • Billing

    The big advantage of using Lytec is that it is flexible and can be used to manage the billing processes in a smooth way. It comes with a customizable billing screen that assists in electronic claims, patient and insurance billing, and automatic payment posting (ERA). Billers can use the tool to enter charges and payments without hopping from screen-to-screen.

  • Easy Progress Notes

    This software comes with an exclusive note-centric design that gets updated automatically. This enables physicians to complete the chart of a patient from the progress note. During the course of the note creation all important information such as lab results, medications, important symptoms and diagnosis, automatically get updated in the entire chart from the note.

  • Works As Per Your Needs

    The software comes with a flexible documentation tool. The tool is designed to adapt to the providers' style. It consists of different data entry methods including, speech recognition, templates, transcription, dictation, web-based patient data entry and digital pen. You can customize these tools as per your need and create a particular documentation style or continue using your existing style.

  • Quick Insights Into Patient Information

    The software comes with an intuitive dashboard. With the help of the dashboard, you can have a unified view of all critical information. These include messages, daily patient schedule and incoming results all in a single screen. Besides, it comes with a review bin to provide a one-shot view of documents, notes, and lab results. With a consolidated view, it's possible to get all information viewed at one glance and the billing becomes a lot easier.

  • Health Maintenance

    The software provides instant web access to hundreds of health protocols. The protocols can be accessed based on the conditions specific to a patient. This can be of great help to physicians as it improves the quality of prospective diagnosis and treatment.

  • Advanced Features

    The software can be customized to generate reports based on pay-performance reporting, quality of care, and standard queries. The reports can also be imported/ exported in CCD or CCR formats. Other advanced features of the software include A/R tracker refresh button, customized chart view, customize patient scheduling, move credits workflow to remove manual tasks and risk and medicare beneficiary identifier.

Comprehensive Lytec Medical Billing Services We Offer

Our hands-on experience in using this software will help you streamline your medical billing requirements and make it more efficient. Some of our services using this software include -

  1. Claims Submission

    Assist you to submit error-free claims to carriers on time

  2. Querry Management

    Answer carrier queries quickly to ensure an on-time inflow of cash

  3. Appealing claims

    Settle incomplete payments by getting in touch with carriers and carrying out appeals

  4. Advanced Analytics Support

    Leverage advanced analytics to assist you to discover opportunities. We also make use of our experience with Lytec Billing Services to -

    • Guide departments on how to resolve billing errors and denials
    • Identify inefficiencies in the process and draw strategies to eliminate them
    • Work hand-in-hand with RCM and other departments to ensure there is a less outstanding balance
    • Assist billers to get along with changing billing regulations and adapting to best practices
    • By leveraging Lytec software we ensure that all codes are correct before processing claims. This results in more smooth processing of claims and faster payments.

Billing Services using Lytec Software - Our Process

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in assisting healthcare providers to optimize their end-to-end billing needs with the help of a range billing software. Our expertise in using the Lytec software has helped many of our clients have a sound and seamless revenue cycle management practice in place. Outsourcing billing Services using Lytec software is easy and our process is as follows -

We will reach you via your preferred means and garner requirement in detail
Our team will grasp your requirement and design a requirement document that includes all existing challenges
Your requirement will be evaluated by our professionals and a free estimate will be given
After your acknowledgement, the project team and resources will be chosen and assigned with the billing task
After finishing the billing task, we will analyze the task completed by billing experts to check if it is completed with accuracy and if compliances are fulfilled
After a successful and thorough assessment, the task will be marked complete and customized reports will be created and furnished

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Billing Services using Lytec Software?

  • Improve Patient Care

    A third-party vendor's understanding of Lytec software billing requirements is more comprehensive. We undertake all the end-to-end billing requirements on your behalf and help you focus on patient care. This shift in focus helps you deliver the right care and improve patient satisfaction levels.

  • Eliminate Billing Errors

    As an expert user of the software, we know how to use it to eliminate all sorts of common and not so common billing errors. This guarantees complete reimbursements for all submissions. We have an outstanding track record of using this software to reduce errors in submissions.

  • Regular Cash Flow

    We are experts in handling the Lytec software and so when you leave your billing needs to us we will ensure there are no such errors that lead to hindrance in cash flow. We will take care of the financial health of your practice with Lytec software while you focus entirely on your business.

  • Profits Through Savings

    We help you save money by obviating the need to hire expert resources to manage the software. Likewise, we make an expert available to you at a very competitive price. Our experts are always at your beck and call and are available round-the-clock for your services.

  • Ensure Satisfied Patents

    When you leave your financial processes to our Lytec experts, you can focus on your patient care and render services of the topmost order. At the end of the day, we will tally the accounts for you and be assured of that will help you focus on dedication.

  • Ensures Billing Compliance

    Our understanding of the software and its nuances will ensure you are always compliant with HIPAA regulations. Being confident of not falling foul with regulatory bodies gives you the additional peace of mind needed to treat patients with undivided attention.

Why Outsource Billing Services Using Lytec Software to Flatworld Solutions?

When you hire a vendor for meeting your billing service needs with Lytec Software, you can bank on someone to make the billing workflow smooth for you. We have years of experience in handling the software and so know how to use it to the full advantage. Along with our expertise in handling this software we have profound knowledge of ICD-10 coding which we make use of while using the Lytec Software. Some of the benefits we deliver include -

  • Cost & Time Savings

    We are a multi-national company operation from 8 global centers. This helps us provide services at lesser costs and quicker times. We also offer varied pricing models to meet the budgetary requirements of all types of clients.

  • Secure Data Management

    Your data will be managed with care and attention to prevent it from ending up in wrong hands. We go to great lengths like using security software and FTE to monitor data hubs.

  • ISO Certified Billing Services Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified billing service provider using Lytec Software with dedicated experts in handling different kinds of billing software. Our experts are certified billers and coders with inside out understanding of how to use the Lytec software to its potential. Our experts leverage the software to review and research patient accounts and ensure correct billing and payment posting, follow insurance guidelines of patient billing, get compliance documentation completed for billing, coordinate with the billing department to rectify any billing errors and re-submit claims after corrections.

  • Seamless Software Integration

    We ensure a seamless movement of patient data. No matter how much patient records and other information your system stores, we ensure it is migrated wholly and safely without hampering your day-to-day business.

  • Comprehensive Software Expertise

    We understand the software inside out as we have used it to handle different requirements of different clients. As a result, we have a great track record of using this software to deliver maximum benefits to our clients.

  • Expert Professionals

    Our professionals have years of experience in medical billing. They have leveraged different software at different points of time to deliver services to clients. Therefore when it comes to submission of bills using billing software, they are second to none. As a company. we have a team of dedicated professionals to handle medical billing with the help of Lytec software.

  • Updates Based on Latest Guidelines

    Lytec works as per latest billing guidelines and as guidelines keep changing itself the software gets updated from time to time. We make use of this automated feature to ensure your submissions meet all the latest HIPAA guidelines.

  • Customized Services

    As experts, we deliver services as per your needs. We offer a range of services with the help of the Lytec software and allow our customers to choose the kind of service they want from us. Even while delivering services, we strive to meet your customized requirements.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We provide reliable support to all clients because we have a strong global footprint in 8+ countries. We serve clients in all time zones in the language of their choice.

  • Scalable Services

    The billing services using Lytec software is a scalable solution that helps us accommodate your impromptu needs during a live project.

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Why Outsource Lytec Billing Services To Flatworld Solutions?


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Our expertise in providing billing support with Lytec Practice Management Software dates back to 20 years. We have automated the processes and integrated scheduling, billing and revenue management capabilities in ways that have assisted our clients to save on time, money and hassle. Our commitment to quality work using the best healthcare software has made our clients come back to us time and again. Today, we are considered one of the pioneer billing service providing company using Lytec Software.

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