Advantages of Healthcare BPO Outsourcing

Boom of Healthcare BPO Outsourcing In India

Advantages of Healthcare BPO OutsourcingIndia has moved from being just a cheap outsourcing destination to one that provides high quality service outsourcing partnerships to companies around the world who are not looking just for cost cutting through outsourcing. Healthcare BPO outsourcing to India is one such sector, which has gained a lot of seekers in the recent past and even now.

Healthcare outsourcing started out in the lower-end spectrum with medical data entry and medical transcription. But, now healthcare providers are outsourcing other key functions such as medical billing / coding, claims adjudication, healthcare software and medical animation among others to Indian outsourcing companies as well.

Outsourcing Healthcare BPO - Rewards

Though primary driver of outsourcing is significant cost reduction, it is important to note that there is a lot more what healthcare outsourcing brings to the table.

Let's take a closer look at the key benefits of healthcare outsourcing:

  1. Increased Profitability: Aforesaid, one of the most lucrative advantages of healthcare outsourcing is that it helps companies save approximately 30% and 60% of the costs that would be otherwise spent on local resources. Access to low cost manpower and infrastructure through outsourcing, is one of the main reasons that bring in huge savings and help healthcare institutions/hospitals/clinics increase their profit margins.
  2. Access to Skilled Workforce: Biggest advantage of outsourcing apart from cost is the availability of large skilled workforce, which is ready to take on projects of any size and complexity. This has worked most to India's advantage as compared to other outsourcing destinations, as we have a surplus pool of professionally trained workforce. Skilled medical personnel in India ensure that client's requirements are best taken care without any administrative hassles.
  3. Focus on Patient Care: Outsourcing allows medical practitioners to eliminate the tedious yet necessary job of managing administrative tasks. It brings medical practitioner's focus back on providing quality patient care, because their outsourcing partner assists with all non-core administrative functions.
  4. Reduction in Staff Acquisition and Training Costs: Cost of acquiring excess staff and training them goes down to a great extent because outsourcing partner handles a team of professionals on your behalf. Moreover, you don't need to worry about employee acquisition, training and retention as all these are handled by the outsourcing services provider.
  5. Improved Patient Experience: Healthcare outsourcing lets you concentrate on patient care while leaving non-core tasks to the outsourcing vendor. This ensures positive experience for your patients and results in goodwill for your organization.
  6. Reduce Administrative Overheads: Administrative overheads are inevitable and suck up a lot of money, if not handled with care. Direct benefit of outsourcing is financial surge, as it drastically reduces excess administrative costs. The saved money can then be reinvested into core functions such as proper patient care.
  7. Expand Practice Offerings: Outsourcing drives one to be competitive and gives an international outlook to your business operations. Many companies that have taken the outsourcing route have used this as a tool to expand healthcare BPO offerings to multiple locations locally and internationally.

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