Gastroenterology Billing Services

Gastroenterology Billing Services

Avail efficient gastroenterology billing services at cost-effective rates starting at just $1280/month to maintain uninterrupted cash flow and streamlined billing process

Having a gastroenterology practice involves so much more than just providing the best patient care and treatment. You also need to be up-to-date about the coding, changes in coding, billing, and other processes. Gastroenterology billing services are intensive, and working with a billing specialist who holds expertise in gastroenterology billing can help you achieve financial success. Flatworld Solutions offers comprehensive gastroenterology billing services and customized solutions to healthcare organizations that strive to focus solely on providing high-quality healthcare as we take care of the gastroenterology billing process.

Flatworld Solutions has been pioneering in providing unmatched healthcare services, including gastroenterology billing services for about 20 years. With more than a decade of experience in offering gastroenterology billing services to countless healthcare organizations, we have gained profound insight into the billing process, which makes us the favorite gastroenterology billing service providing company among our clients.

Gastroenterology Billing Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions provides a range of gastroenterology medical billing services that can be extremely useful for healthcare or gastroenterology services providing companies/ organizations. The task of medical billing for gastroenterology requires expertise and specialized knowledge of coding, billing, and reimbursement process, which is why outsourcing is the best solution. Here are some of the common gastroenterology billing services that you can opt for -

  1. Patient Demographic Entry for Gastroenterology Billing

    Patient Demographic Entry for Gastroenterology Billing

    Patient demographic entry is an important operation to have all the useful details about the patient in one place. This information helps in the processing of insurance claims, helping in speeding up the billing process. We offer accurate patient demographic entry services as a part of our gastroenterology billing services.

  2. Gastroenterology Insurance Eligibility Verification

    Gastroenterology Insurance Eligibility Verification

    Insurance eligibility verification is one of our core gastroenterology billing services. This eligibility verification helps in ensuring whether or not the bill will be accepted. Our billing experts carry out the verification process in steps to ensure the verification is done without any errors.

  3. Gastroenterology Medical Coding

    Gastroenterology Medical Coding

    Our team of billing and coding experts is fully equipped with the knowledge of ICD and CPT coding system to help you with coding according to the insurance claim guidelines using apt and current terminologies. Our experts ensure error-free and accurate coding.

  4. Gastroenterology Billing and Account Reconciliation

    Gastroenterology Billing and Account Reconciliation

    We provide billing and account reconciliation services that help in having maximum collections. Our HIPAA compliant billing methods help us ensure that the charges are entered as per the rules and are audited before the claim transmission happens.

  5. Gastroenterology AR Follow-up Services

    Gastroenterology AR Follow-up Services

    Our team of billing experts also provide exceptional AR follow-up services so that healthcare organizations don't have to constantly follow-up with the accounts receivables and keep track of it. Opting for our accounts receivables follow-up service will help you focus on your core operations as we do the challenging task of following-up.

  6. Gastroenterology Denial Management

    Gastroenterology Denial Management

    Being an experienced gastroenterology billing company, we are experts at finding out the reason behind claim denial, making due corrections and changes such that the claim can be resubmitted to be accepted. Our denial analysis and management help organizations in getting timely reimbursements.

Our Gastroenterology Billing Process

At Flatworld Solutions, we follow a systematic billing process to provide you top-notch gastroenterology billing services that are free of inconsistencies and increase the chances of your claim being accepted significantly. We believe that our clients should know each of the steps that we follow so that they know how we go about the billing process. Here are the steps that we follow.


01. Claims Transmission

The first step starts when our clients send us all the patient information and other useful documents, including medical history, medical claims, charge-sheets, copy of the insurance card, and insurance verification data via courier or scanned documents. These documents are uploaded onto a secure FTP channel after being scanned that reach our billing experts.


02. Checking Medical Claims

Our billing experts then check the claims and other documents that are received to see if any of the important documents are missing. Upon finding an error in information or a missing document, we notify our client and ask them to re-send the document.


03. Coding

Our coding experts then take care of the coding process based on the latest CPT and ICD coding system as per the requirements of the insurance company to assign codes to the patient's diagnoses and procedures. After coding, we check the documents for error so that there is no inconsistency is coding.


04. Creating Charges

After checking the documents and completing the coding process, our billing experts create medical claims as per the rules and regulations that are specific to the location. This is usually completed within 24 hours.


05. Auditing Medical Claims

When then pass the claims through the process of auditing which helps us ensure that the claims are error-free. The claims pass through various levels of quality check for the correctness of the codes and the completeness and accurateness of the information. This brings down the chances of rejection of the claim due to inconsistency in info to almost zero.


06. Medical Claim Transmission and Submission

After being audited, the claims are filed and are then sent to the transmission department along with the supporting documents for the claim. After the final check, the printed claims along with the supporting documents are sent to the insurance companies and the government departments for the settlement.


07. Follow-up and Settlement

After sending the claim and documents to the insurance company, we then keep following-up to know the status of the settlement and keep updating our clients about the same. With this facility, healthcare organizations no longer need to take their time out of their core operations and follow-up constantly.

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Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Gastroenterology Billing Services?

Flatworld Solutions has been the leading gastroenterology billing service providing company for over a decade for a plethora of reasons. In addition to providing top-quality gastroenterology medical billing service and support, we offer several other benefits at a very reasonable price, which makes us the best choice for clients who plan to outsource gastroenterology billing services. Here are the benefits of our services.

  • Customized Pricing

    Flatworld Solution is a popular medical billing service providing company for its uncompromised services at the most reasonable pricing in the industry. We also offer customized pricing solutions so that our clients pay only for the services that they opt for.

  • Data Security

    We use secure FTP servers and provide restricted employee access to the client's folders and files. Being an ISO certified company, you can be completely assured that the documents and information you share with us is secure and confidential.

  • High Compliance Standards

    Flatworld Solutions is a HIPAA compliant company and is ISO: 9001: 2015 certified. Our team of experts is well trained, following the Medicaid and Medicare regulations. We follow the standard CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10 coding system to offer unerring coding services.

  • Quality Assurance

    We assure the best quality of services with the help of our auditing processes and compliance with high-quality standards and regulations. We keep reviewing our systems, technologies, and infrastructure to offer uncompromised gastroenterology billing services to our clients.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We assign a dedicated project manager to all our clients so that they have a single point of contact, this helps us in eliminating any confusion or ambiguity when updating our clients about the status of the claim and settlement and helping them with their queries.

  • 24/7 Assistance

    We have a team of customer care executives who are available round-the-clock to assist people who have any queries or questions concerning our gastroenterology billing services. Our customer care team works for different time zones. You can reach us anytime irrespective of your location and expect our team to get back in a short while to help you.

  • Scalability

    Keeping in mind the increasing needs of the clients, we are fully equipped with manpower and technology to upscale the project at any point in time based on the client's requirements.

Customer Success Stories

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FWS Provided Medical Billing to a Maryland Medical Billing Company

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a Maryland based medical billing company with a bottleneck in payment due to large backlogs. We remedied their challenge in quick TAT.

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Provided Patient Demographics and Charge Entry to A top US Medical Billing Company

Provided patient Demographics and Charge Entry to A top US Medical Billing Company

Flatworld Solutions serviced a US medical billing client by providing patient demography and charge entry. We serviced 150 files that led to jump in productivity by 30% and the error rate was under 2%.

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We are highly satisfied with the service that Flatworld Solutions offer. They have a superb team with just the right attitude to exceed any client's expectations.

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Outsource Gastroenterology Billing Needs To Flatworld Solutions

The task of coding and billing can be painstaking and complex. If you are busy taking care of the core operations of your healthcare organization, gastroenterology billing might seem like an added burden. If you want to keep providing excellent services to your patients and clients while not compromising with gastroenterology medical billing services, you should outsource gastroenterology billing services to a competent company.

Flatworld Solutions is the leading gastroenterology billing service provider that can help you lessen the burden while maintaining your cash flow. We have been successfully providing gastroenterology medical billing services to hundreds of healthcare organizations which naturally makes us the first choice among practitioners for the various healthcare BPO services.

Contact us now for exceptional gastroenterology billing services at the most reasonable price.

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