Healthcare Call Center Services FAQs

FAQs on Healthcare Call Center Services

  1. What is a healthcare call center?

    A healthcare call center offers customized and cost-effective solutions for patient care requirements. There are both inbound and outbound healthcare call center outsourcing available that specializes in physician referrals, insurance verification, hospice verification, and healthcare answering services, among others. At Flatworld Solutions, our call center professionals have the expertise to support medical services and contribute to the delight of your patients. This, in turn, helps your healthcare practice earn a name for itself for being a patient-centric medical facility.

  2. Do hospitals have call centers?

    Yes, hospitals do have call centers to add a humane touch while dealing with patients of healthcare services that have outsourced customer relations to healthcare call center outsourcing companies. Such companies, like Flatworld Solutions, are equipped with advanced technology and expert call center executives. This enables healthcare companies to build on a holistic patient relationship rather than automating such services. We collaborate with healthcare clients to offer personalized solutions while tackling challenges and conflicts, gaining the trust of patients. Flatworld Solutions offers diversified services for healthcare organizations through the integrated lean process initiative (LPI).

  3. What are the benefits of outsourcing healthcare services?

    There is a wide range of benefits of outsourced healthcare call center services. Let's take a brief look at them here -

    • Insurance Verification
      Healthcare call center outsourcing companies evaluate patients’ portfolios, pre-authorization, and eligibility verification of insurance. This helps in mitigating the financial risks of patients and healthcare organizations.
    • Physician Referrals
      Healthcare call centers, like Flatworld Solutions, maintain an extensive database of doctors and other medical practitioners. Thus, they can map patients to specialized doctors and medical practitioners.
    • Management of Healthcare Claims
      Our claims management system is automated to eliminate the risk of denial of claims or to contend with less pay as a result of inaccurate claim documentation.
    • Appointment Setting
      Through this service, you will receive a steady stream of patient appointments. This allows doctors to focus on their medical practice rather than on securing appointments.
    • Billing Cycle Services
      You can improve cash flow by selecting our revenue recovery services. Flatworld Solutions can track the money that is pending from screening tests, consultation, and other healthcare services. Reminders are sent accordingly to patients so that the pending dues can be retrieved.
    • 24/7 Medical Answering Services Online
      This enables you to be available to your patients round the clock for answering healthcare queries and resolving conflicts.
  4. What kind of services can a hospital outsource?

    Below are some of the tasks that a hospital can outsource to healthcare call center outsourcing companies like Flatworld Solutions -

    • Insurance verification
    • Physician referral services
    • Management of healthcare claims
    • Doctors' appointment setting services
    • 24/7 healthcare answering services
  5. Are there any downsides to outsourcing healthcare services?

    There are a few disadvantages of healthcare call center outsourcing. Your patients will be out of your control when you outsource a major portion of your healthcare tasks to a healthcare call center. This will, in turn, reduce your ability to control the quality of the outsourced tasks. Further, important information may be lost in translation while dealing with outsourced healthcare service providers. Despite these disadvantages, the pros far outweigh the cons of collaborating with healthcare call center outsourcing companies. Flatworld Solutions, with more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare call center sector, is equipped with the necessary expertise to mitigate these disadvantages.

Hope these answers were able to clear most of your doubts. If any of your questions are still unanswered or not satisfactorily answered, feel free to get in touch with us.

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