Outsource OB/GYN EMR Services

OB/GYN EMR Services

We handle prenatal analysis, reporting, file sharing, etc. for global clients by providing world-class gynecology and obstetrics EMR services at cost-effective rates starting at $1280/month

Does your team of obstetricians and nurses effectively track patient encounters and follow-up encounters through the OB/GYN EMR tool? Or, are you experiencing a delay because of decrepit data that is hindering your team to make informed and real-time decisions? If yes, then, you must consider outsourcing OB/GYN EMR services to an experienced EMR service provider like Flatworld Solutions.

FWS has excelled in providing robust EMR solutions. With a comprehensive team of EMR experts, healthcare consultants, developers, data management staff, and support team for the past one and a half decade. Our team can curate a robust and accurate EHR solution to help you make correct decisions. Also, with a streamlined decision support system, you will find an increased influx in your revenue stream.

OB/GYN EMR Services We Offer

FWS is a leading OB/GYN EMR services company that provides first-class OB/GYN EHR services to hospitals chains, specialty clinics, and many more. We have catered to the custom needs of multiple diagnostic centers, private clinics, doctors, hospital chains. Our clients have benefitted from the end-to-end electronic medical record management tool provided by us. We have a certified team who can provide the following OB/GYN EMR services -

  1. OB/GYN Dashboard Development

    OB/GYN Dashboard Development

    Gynecologists and Obstetricians leverage the EMR tool daily to make diagnosis-related decisions. They need all kinds of patient information, including, age, prior medical history, prescriptions, medical test results, previous doctor's note, ultrasound scans, and many more. Thus, OB/GYN EMR tools are indispensable for a doctor.

    If you choose us to outsource OB/GYN EMR services, we can develop a custom dashboard that will allow you to access real-time information under a single platform.

  2. OB/GYN EMR Template Design & Customization

    OB/GYN EMR Template Design & Customization

    Clinical staff and gynecologists need to document patient information. So, the templates that they use must suit their practical requirements. If you need to create custom templates, then you must choose us as your OB/GYN EMR service provider.

    Our team can create templates including all types of OB/GYN-related line of work such as pregnancy-related medical tests, sexual diseases, incontinence, pain, internal bleeding, ACOG form, infertility, obstetrics/gynecological examination, endometrial pathology, colonoscopy, etc. Thus, by creating a custom template will help your doctors to record, handle, and share information in an effective way.

  3. Prenatal Record Management

    Prenatal Record Management

    During pregnancy, hospital visits may reach a peak, thus, all-important prenatal records must be effectively captured during each visit. At FWS, we can develop OB/GYN EMR solutions that can capture information in an intuitive manner. The information that can record is fluctuations in the weight, prenatal blood pressure, heart rate of fetus, insulin & glucose proportion, etc.

  4. Medical Image Integration

    Medical Image Integration

    Ultrasound is an integral part of gynecology. When examining their patients, doctors need it to make an informed diagnostic decision. Our OB/GYN EMR experts can assist you in streamlining your image management processes so that your hospital and lab staff can capture images easily, scan, and share them.

    Under our Obstetrics/Gynecology EMR services, FWs can help make that the ultrasound scanned images, X-rays, ECG reports, and other results are available during the patient's visit. Through our OB/GYN EMR services, we can also point out anomalies in the image.

  5. OB/GYN Practice Management

    OB/GYN Practice Management

    FWS' OB/GYN EMR will allow you to streamline your processes while making sure that your diagnostic procedures go as smoothly as possible. Through our services, you can efficiently optimize the following -

    • Employee utilization
    • Obstetrics/gynecology E&M code management
    • Insurance management
    • Equipment management
    • Pharmacy management
    • Site management
    • Compliance management
    • Laboratory management
    • Inventory management
    • Invoice management
    • Claims management
    • Analysis & Reporting and more.
  6. OB/GYN Portal Development

    OB/GYN Portal Development

    As a premier Obstetrics/Gynecology EHR services provider, we can help you develop and deploy a robust patient portal for your obstetrics & gynecology practice. Through the portal, your patients can -

    • Record detailed information about insurance
    • Make online appointments
    • View health status
    • Track the diagnosis progress
    • Access their case information
    • Refer training modules
    • Request for supplemental, etc.

    It will also allow your nursing staff to manage their ultrasound data and test results.

  7. OB/GYN EHR Software Development

    OB/GYN EHR Software Development

    Sometimes gynecologists face complication in finding what they want in a ready-made EHR system. However, our Obstetrics/Gynecology EMR services encompass a time-tested development, integration, migration, and support process that will allow you to avail the industry-wide best OB/GYN EMR tool.

  8. OB/GYM EMR Tool Implementation

    OB/GYM EMR Tool Implementation

    At FWS, our team has developed countless OB/GYN EMR tools for our global customers and exactly understand the scope and usage of the tools. A robust EHR tool can help the obstetricians & gynecologists to make right decisions at the right time, this, paving the path for better healthcare management. It can also save your doctors time, which they can utilize to take care of the next patient.

    Moreover, if you are already using an EMR tool, but want to upgrade it, then, our team can make the necessary upgrades. Also, while the integration and upgradation are done, you would not witness any disruption or lag, the reason being we will do that side by side. If you want your hospital's chains to have an identical system, we can parallelly integrate the OB/GYN EMR tool so that all your staff has access to a similar solution.

OB/GYN EMR Solutions - Process We Follow

We strive to maintain transparency in our approach. It will enable you to better understand the OB/GYN EMR tool development procedure. The process that we follow is -


01. Requirement Gathering

At first, we will assess your requirements and ongoing challenges. Based on the collected information, we will plan the next steps


02. EMR Tool Design

Next, we will execute the designing of the EMR system in a way that will help you manage your patients effectively


03. EMR Development

After the design is complete and approved, our team will begin the development of the EHR tool


04. Testing

After the development work is complete, our quality control specialists will test the EMR tool by leveraging the advanced kits and various performance parameters


05. Reporting and Feedback

At last, we will collate the analytical data and gather your feedback. Our team will generate and send reports based on reporting

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource OB/GYN EMR Services to FWS?

Several gynecological units, diagnostic clinics, independent practitioners, etc., have outsourced their OB/GYN EMR services requirements to FWS. By collaborating with us, you can avail the below list of benefits -

  • ISO Certified EMR Services

    By choosing FWS as your professional partner for OB/GYN EMR services, you can get a 360-degree solution for all your healthcare-related support service. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that offers complete healthcare BPO solutions.

  • Data Security

    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified organization, we have the necessary resource and infrastructure capability to discover, manage, and address any sort of information vulnerabilities. With a robust framework compliance friendly systems and certified resources, your data is safe with us.

  • Cost Savings

    As a client, you can cut your EMR implementation cost to a tune of 30-40%. We can help you achieve this goal through our unique service delivery model, technical expertise, and custom service models.

  • High-quality OB/GYN EMR Services

    We have beaten all our competitors in terms of providing value and high-quality healthcare support services. All our services strictly comply with the HIPAA regulations and OB / GYN E&M codes.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Our turnaround time is less than most EMR service providers. By choosing us to outsource OB/GYN EMR services, you can expect a shorter TAT of 40% - 50%.

  • Ease of Scalability

    We have the required volume of resources and technical know-how to scale out our OB/GYN EMR service capacity. You can also choose to customize the service as per your business needs.

  • Experienced Team

    At FWS, we have an experienced and certified team that can provide powerful OB / GYN EMR system. Moreover, by choosing us as your OB/GYN EMR service provider, we will assign a dedicated resource who will take care of the project from its development to implementation.

  • Latest Infrastructure

    We have a huge pile of the latest software, and systems, also, our team works in a clean and safe work environment. Thus, the personnel have easy access to international grade infrastructure facilities which help them provide services on par with the industrial standards.

  • Secure Data Sharing

    All kinds of communication and data sharing happen via secure VPNs and FTP. Thus, you do not have to worry about any kind of data leakage.

  • Round-the-clock Support Service

    Our contact center executive work round the clock. So, you are free to reach them at the convenience of your home or office and at a suitable time.

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As a leading OB/GYN EMR service provider, Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of service experience in rendering various EHR solutions and a wide range of other Healthcare BPO services. We have a certified team of consultants who have worked with many physicians, gynecologists, specialist clinics, and hospitals chains. Our team can provide tailored OB/GYN EMR solutions to streamline your workflow management as per your organization. Moreover, we provide 24/7 support service, thus, you can reach out to us anytime for any type of EMR related query or issue.

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