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Medical Transcription, also referred as "Healthcare Documentation" is one of the fastest growing medical industries. The process which involves documentation of the audios recorded by the doctors & physicians pertaining to the patient's visit is among one of the most critical jobs across the globe. Unlike the regular transcription, medical transcription requires the transcriptionists to undergo specialized training so that they become aware of the terms and jargons being used in the field of medicine.

In this digital era, where the electronic records and structured data are among the most valuable entities, medical transcription is an ideal way to transform the patient's data into the electronic form. This electronic data not only ensures that physicians possess all the details about a patient's visit to the health center or clinic, but it can be used for carrying out research in the medical field. Thus, medical transcription is growing as an industry and offering several jobs to the people worldwide.

6 Medical Transcription Predictions for 2018

With the evolution of new technologies and ways of completing the tasks on the computing devices, every industry experiences a change in trends. With 2018 in its infancy, some new trends have already started dominating the medical transcription industry. This post offers an insight into the top medical transcription trends which will gain popularity in 2018.

  1. Age of Technological Breakthroughs

    The technological advancements are expected to influence the medical transcription industry in the year 2018. It is expected that the Analog devices being used by the healthcare specialists would be replaced by the high-end digital devices. Also, as the cloud-based systems are evolving, the medical transcription industry is expected to use cloud-based systems for storing and accessing data. Among the other top medical transcription predictions is the usage of advanced communication methodologies for faster transfer of updates between the healthcare professionals and the medical transcriptionists. It will speedup the entire process, and the turnaround time will decrease significantly.

  2. Outsourcing is Expected to Increase

    One of the most dominating medical transcription trends in 2018 is the anticipated increase in the outsourcing of the tasks to the Asian countries. The medical transcription is among the key services being considered for outsourcing. The quality and the turnaround times offered by the medical transcription companies located in the Asian continent are astounding, and the rates are highly competitive. Owing to the benefits that outsourcing in these areas offer, it certainly is going to become a mainstream business process in the field of medical transcription.

  3. Emerging Markets will Pave the Way

    The medical transcription predictions accentuate on the fact that global integration will help new companies to emerge in the medical transcription outsourcing arena. At present, the companies in India and South East Asia are dominating as the top outsourcing locations. But, as global communication is on the rise and more firms across the globe are comprehending the significance of outsourced projects, new markets for the outsourced projects are emerging in Eastern Europe and South America. Now the companies located in these geographical areas have started bidding for the projects, and the outsourcers are also finding these new avenues resourceful. The medical transcriptionists in Southern American countries are native English speakers, the time difference between the USA and these countries is very less and these firms also offer competitive pricing. All these benefits make new emerging markets worth consideration by the healthcare companies which outsource the medical transcription projects.

  4. Enhanced Use of Security Mechanisms

    As the technology is advancing, more and more people have started using the internet, online resources, and cloud-based systems for the exchange of information and data. While it is highly convenient and ensures faster exchange of the vital information, but at the same time, it's quite risky as well. Using the internet-based communication methodologies enhance the risks of theft of information or manipulation of the data. Thus, the future of medical transcription includes the usage of high-end encryption technologies, data security mechanisms, and end-to-end secure processes for the exchange of information.

    The protection of the confidential data is very important, and thus, one of the medical transcription trends which is going to dominate the industry is the adoption of advanced, robust, and stringent security mechanisms which ensure complete security for the data being transmitted between the two sources.

  5. Voice Recognition Technologies Will be in Demand

    As the medical transcription outsourcing is on the rise, people have started leveraging the technologies which can prove to be useful in automating the transcription tasks and reduce the time required for transcription while augmenting the overall accuracy. One such technology is the voice recognition technology, that can automate the conversion of voice-based records into text-based electronic records. Some other prominent technologies which are expected to become an integral part of the medical transcription include ADT normalization, instantaneous document formatting and much more.

  6. Fresh Guidelines

    The traditional medical narrative records transcribed in the word-processed documents would no longer be able to meet the EHR (Electronic Health Records). The transcriptionists would be required to deliver the transcribed information in the "structured data" format. The "structured data" format would include a series of the structured templates, diverse point-and-click fields, macros, and pull down menus. The adoption of the new HER system will facilitate a consistent method for the maintenance of digital records that will aid in streamlining the medical record information while creating a level plane in the field of developing health records.

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