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Flatworld's fully featured and integrated EMR medical software is designed to make life easier for medical practitioners, their staff and patients. Medical practitioners and support staff often find themselves spending too much time tracking down patient charts, lab reports or rescheduling patient appointments - time that could otherwise have been used in patient care.

Vital inputs such as workflow items, multiple patient details, patient flow and consultation notes are displayed in multiple screen interfaces that can be accessed simultaneously by doctors and registered administrative staff for enhanced efficiency.

What you can do with Flatworld's EMR Medical Software

Before EMR Medical Software
After EMR Medical Software
Before EMR Medical Software
  • Long patient waits
  • Written prescriptions
  • Long hours for dictations and transcription
  • Lost or misplaced patient charts
After EMR Medical Software
  • Efficient appointment rescheduling
  • Prescription writing modules
  • Transcription modules
  • Digital charts accessible anytime, anyplace

Flatworld's EMR Software Development Methodology

Our development methodology follows a series of clearly defined stages. Flatworld has a detailed workflow consultation with the customer to understand the processes and operating procedures in use at your practice. Based on our analysis and understanding, we plan, design and develop customized EMR software that will best meet your practice work flows and staff requirements. Post installation Flatworld follows up with excellent training on the functionalities and modules of the software. We extend ongoing post-implementation support to customers and end-users.

Electronic Medical Records Software

Flatworld's Capabilities

Flatworld automates the basic elements and functionalities in a medical practice to enhance process efficiencies. Our EMR software records, manages, maintains and makes accessible information on a wide range of elements such as -

  • Workflow management
  • Medical documents
  • Medications
  • Lab reports and referrals
  • Patient records
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Multiple patient visit tracking
  • Patient billing
  • Prescription writing
  • Transcription
  • Document management

If you are considering the shift from paper to a digital medical practice, Flatworld can empower you with the best in healthcare automation and health information technology services. Flatworld's electronic medical records software is designed to reduce time wasted on administrative and unproductive tasks and allows medical practitioners to focus on their core service - healthcare.

Flatworld's EMR Software Modules

Flatworld's electronic medical records software comes with various customizable modules such as patient demographics module, appointment scheduling module, medical billing module, authorization manager module and many others. Features like internal messaging, alerts, patient details migration, administration protocols, drug regimen and ticklers add value and increase the functionality of our EMR applications.

Specialties Supported

Flatworld's customized EMR software supports a variety of sub-specialties including -

  • Family Practice
  • Neurology
  • General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Endocrinology
  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiology
  • Podiatry

Flatworld's EMR Medical Software: Highlights

Our software takes into account all elements of a medical practice and integrates them into a comprehensive package that makes processes simpler and more organized in a medical practice.

Work flows are streamlined and made more efficient and all functions in a hospital from scheduling appointments, documentation and charts to actual prescription writing, transcription, ordering labs and calling in for lab reports are incorporated into the modules of the software package for greater effectiveness. Less time needs to be allocated for routine administrative tasks and frees up key resources that can focus on the primary objective of medical facilities - patient care.

  • Frees up time for patient care
  • Improve medical practice workflow
  • Higher ROI due to improved process efficiencies
  • Achieve 100% HIPAA compliancy
  • Electronic prescriptions and transcriptions
  • Medical records accessible to multiple users
  • Documentation accesses from anywhere, anytime
  • HL7 and CCR compatible

Partner with Flatworld for your EMR Software Needs

Flatworld understands the needs of current practices and customizes our software to meet the varying requirements of physicians and hospital staff. We support our software offering with in-depth training, effective healthcare consultation and on-going technical support.

Contact Flatworld for best-of-breed EMR software that will keep your medical practice current and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

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