FAQs on Teleradiology Services

FAQs on Teleradiology Services

At FWS, we prepare your practice or hospital to thrive in the rapidly evolving healthcare radiology segment by transforming the way your conduct your Teleradiology business. Quality and on-time service commitment are our differentiating factors, and have allowed us to pave our way in becoming one of the top Teleradiology service providers in the world.

At the same time, if you are new to the field of healthcare outsourcing then without doubt you would have quite a few questions on Teleradiology services. Our carefully compiled FAQs on Teleradiology services will allow you to make up your mind and help you take an informed decision.

1. What all services does Flatworld Solutions cover under Teleradiology?

We provide a multitude of services, and are happy to customize the same for our clients. Our services include -

Read more about our Teleradiology services.

2. Who will be reading the cases and reports?

At FWS, we hire only the best Radiologists who been trained at some of the world's topmost Universities to read your scans. All our radiologists are duly certified by the American Board (ABR Certified) and have more than 5-10 years of experience between them.

3. How do I send across my reports?

When it comes to sending your important files to us, we offer a variety of options, including -

  • Sending files using a remote login
  • Uploading the files onto a secure FTP server
  • Sending files through emails or other web-based applications

4. What are your coverage hours?

We offer our high-quality services round the clock, 24x7x365 without any exceptions.

5. What are your prices like?

Our prices vary from $4.5 per read to $60 per read based on the kind of reads and their complexity. Our FTE pricing ranges from $1280 to $1600 per month, and we have various other pricing models in order to ensure complete satisfaction. Read more about our prices.

6. What is the turnaround time for reporting?

Based on type and emergency, the usual turnaround time (TAT) is less than 30-40 minutes. For elective and special cases, we can set a mutually agreeable time limit with the client.

7. What is the infrastructure like at Flatworld Solutions?

We pride ourselves on our world-class infrastructure and security measures. We have the best-in-class PACS software and make use of dedicated and secure FTP servers and VPN channels to preserve patient anonymity. Learn more about our security measures.

8. Are your services compliant?

Not only are we 100% HIPAA compliant, but we carry malpractice coverage which is valid in more than 22 US states. All our radiologists are covered for $1 million-$3million through top-tier insurance providers.

9. How do you ensure quality?

Our QA measures are extremely stringent in order to ensure complete client satisfaction. The performance of our radiologists is continuously monitored and regular internal reviews generate proper alert levels at all times. This also further facilitates appropriate corrective actions during all phases thereby leading to an accurate finished diagnostic report.

10. For how long has Flatworld Solutions been working in the field of Teleradiology?

We have been working with global clients for the past 20 years and have multiple delivery centers around the world to ensure there is always a suitable time-zone compatibility for our clients.

11. Can referring physicians speak with your radiologists?

Absolutely! Our radiologists can be reached whenever your physicians want to through a toll free number provided by us.

12. How much time does it take to start off a project?

Usually, our precise processes and turnkey solutions ensure that we can get started in as little as 3 days. Overall though, the timeframe varies depending on individual circumstances, credential requirements, etc.

13. How do you ensure security of client's diagnostic data?

We take privacy and security of diagnostic data very seriously, and you can be certain of 100% privacy and confidentiality of your data when you outsource your Teleradiology services to us. Additionally, all our employees are made to sign a confidentiality agreement before embarking on a new project to ensure complete data security.

Read more about our security measures we take at FWS.

14. Why should I choose Flatworld Solutions over others?

Partnering with us allows you to benefits from -

  • Exceptional data security and confidentiality measures
  • Strict adherence to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Reliable and accurate Teleradiology services
  • Best-in-class infrastructure
  • Significant cost savings
  • Fast turnaround times

15. How do I get started?

Just fill up this contact form and let our agents do the rest. We will get in touch with you to answer all your other questions on Teleradiology services.

We sincerely hope we were able to answer your queries with these frequently asked questions on Teleradiology services. If you have any other question or requirement, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and learn what it means to partner with the best!

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