Outsource Workers Compensation Billing Services

Workers Compensation Billing Services

We have professionals expert in providing workers compensation billing, processing claims, verifying eligibility, and submitting finished claims to accelerate payment at rates upwards of $1280/month

Workers compensation billing services are a specialty solution from Flatworld Solutions to help companies to cope with employee compensation and coordinate the insurance payment for the injured worker. In most cases, after the claim is made, the claimant is provided an insurance ID. On the part of the employer, a deluge of paperwork inundates their back end teams who work under tight timeframes. This leads to inadvertent clerical errors that delay the payment and affect the bottom line. Therefore, it's essential to outsource workers' compensation billing services so that all the burden is lifted off your team's shoulder and frees their hands to focus on priorities.

At FWS, we have professionals who verify the claim, factual correctness, and file claims for the correct plan to accelerate RCM and optimize the payout. We have 20 years of experience in a range of workers' compensation in medical billing solutions, solving all delinquencies and gaps in billing to strengthen the patient-provider relations.

Workers Compensation Billing Services We Offer

When it comes to workers' compensation billing services the most important aspect is to stay abreast of the changes in the insurance plans and modalities if any. Staying current is crucial for ensuring compliance and acceptance in the first pass. Being one of the best workers compensation billing service provider, we improve collections and reduce denials. Our HIPAA compliant services are as follows -

  1. Workers Compensation Billing and Coding

    Workers Compensation Billing and Coding

    Medical billing and coding are among many important things that ensure a smooth revenue cycle management because documentation error and procedural lapses lead to unwanted delays and slower revenues because your team will be stuck fixing delinquencies and resubmitting denied claims When you choose a workers compensation billing service provider like us, we take care of medical billing and coding ensuing compliance with the HIPAA regulations.

  2. Payer and Patient Relations

    Payer and Patient Relations

    It can be tough to maintain quality relations with patients and payers when the care or payment performance is affected. The best way to address the situation is to leave all your relations management functions to an expert workers compensation billing service providing company like ours. Our consultants will work with your patient to perform eligibility verification and accurate collection of patient data. On the other hand, we also collaborate with your payers and ensure the submission of clean claims and faster payment capture.

  3. Payment Collections

    Payment Collections

    Hospital revenue depends on timely payment. The delay in payment for the services can affect the revenue generation and bottom line. So before submission of claims we always thoroughly check the records to avoid payment denials and delays. The collections secured from the payer is credited to their hospital's revenue stream to ensure the performance stays the same.

  4. Client Reporting

    Client Reporting

    As part of WCB billing services, we provide an exhaustive report that includes the status of eligibility verification, data capture, and submission of claims. We provide minute-by-minute records to help the client to stay on top of all activities from patient eligibility checks to payment capture and auditing.

  5. Analysis of Fee Schedule

    Analysis of Fee Schedule

    If you aren't sure if the latest changes in fee schedule are reflected in the compensation, leave it to us. We will refer the latest fee schedule for Medicare services to get your physicians reimbursed in full for their care and services towards worker compensation plans.

  6. Review of Workers Compensation

    Review of Workers Compensation

    It's not always the case where the claimant receives 100% of the assured claim. Occasionally, there may be conflicts due to inadequate payment because the care plan provided to the injured worker may not entirely compliant. In such instances, the worker's compensation may have to be reviewed to fix delinquencies to maximize the pay.

Workers Compensation Billing Process

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in optimizing the end-to-end workers compensation billing with the HIPAA-compliant approach. Our expertise in billing software has accelerated payment and compliance. Outsourcing billing for workers compensation services is straightforward and involved the following steps -

We will engage the clients through an appointment and collect their specialized billing requirement
Our team will identify all existing challenges before cutting out a custom workers compensation billing services required by the client
After an exhaustive evaluation of the requirement, a free estimate will be offered
After the SLA and NDA is signed, we will bring together a team of billers and begin the project
Upon successful completion of billing services, we ensure fulfillment of all compliances to accelerate the payment
We furnish detailed reports at planned intervals to help the clients to stay abreast of the activities

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Why Outsource Workers Compensation Billing Services?

Here are several reasons why it makes a big difference to your practice when you outsource workers compensation billing services -

  • Cost & Time Savings

    When you outsource workers compensation billing services we guarantee time and cost benefits as we deliver finished projects on time and always offer custom solutions to keep the cost at the lowest and within the client's budget.

  • Secure Data Management

    We always ensure the security of all our client's healthcare-related data because we abide by the contract and feel morally obligated to ensure data security.

  • ISO Certified Billing Services Provider

    At FWS, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified workers compensation billing service provider. Our compliance with the ISO standard and HIPAA is on the mark and establishes our credibility in the services we offer.

  • Comprehensive Software Expertise

    Our team is through and through with the handling of billing software and have several hundred hours of billing experience.

  • Expert Professionals

    As a leading workers compensation billing company, our billers are certified professionals with decades of cumulative work experience. They have extensive knowledge of the billing tools and protocols that are part of the latest compliance.

  • Updates Based on Latest Guidelines

    We keep ourselves abreast with the latest modulations and inclusions in the HIPAA framework and ensure that billing methods conform to the ICD & HIPAA checklist.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We offer continuous support to our clients through their preferred channels and in the language of their choice.

  • Scalable Services

    The workers compensation billing services can be scaled as per the requirement. If your needs evolve during the project, we'd be glad to offer you additional resources to avoid disruption to workflow.

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Outsource Workers Compensation Billing Software to Flatworld Solutions

Our rich expertise in billing services for workers compensation has brought immense success to providers and businesses handling RCM. By leveraging automation we've streamlined most of the billing processes including scheduling, billing, and revenue management, and so on. In more ways than one, we've helped our clients save time, money, and a long list of challenges. Our stringent quality standards and commitment to ensuring positive revenue of healthcare billing firms have made our services a staple for small and large firms. Today, we are the best workers compensation billing service providing company in the world.

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Workers Compensation Billing Services FAQs

  • What does workers compensation mean?

    Workers compensation is legislation that provides employees with financial compensation if they are injured at work.

  • How is workers compensation calculated?

    Workers compensation = (Payroll/$100) x Class Code Rate x Experience Rate Modification.

  • What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

    Workers compensation insurance is insurance that provides financial compensation to employees when they are injured at work.