Outsource eRAD PACS System for Teleradiology

eRAD PACS System for Teleradiology

Leverage eRAD PACS system to access a full suite of web-based or cloud-specific support solutions, allowing you to read, detect, and report patient cases from anywhere

As a remote physician or radiologist, are you on the lookout for an eRAD PACS system for teleradiology service providing company who can structure the workflow of your eRAD PACS system? If such is a case, Flatworld Solutions' (FWS) team comprised of experienced radiologists, data analysts, medical support staff, teleradiology experts, and consultants can streamline the teleradiology reporting by implementing advanced imaging workflow solution.

As a powerful PACS system, eRAD provides a broader workflow that can replace the challenges associated with traditional teleradiology services. For the last one and a half decade, FWS has provided an exceptional array of healthcare support solutions, including teleradiology, telemedicine, diagnostic support solutions, etc. You can outsource eRAD PACS system for teleradiology to us to get a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective enterprise-wide eRAD teleradiology solutions.

Our Services - Unique Features of Flatworld Solutions' eRAD PACS System

Over the last few years, eRAD has progressed from a simple web-based PACS remote imaging solution to a much larger support solution, covering specific functions, including imaging tools, remote reading, remote detection, etc. Choosing FWS for eRAD PACS system for teleradiology will allow you to access your organization's eRAD PACS system in a more convenient way. You can scale your research, save time, a report from anywhere, help your radiology team with reporting, etc.

FWS is an official distributor of the eRAD PACS system for teleradiology. We have the necessary capability to develop diagnostic solutions that will allow you to report, research, access distributed team of radiologists, and create analytical reports. Some major attributes that you will only get from FWS' eRAD PACS systems include -

Convenient File Sharing

1. Convenient File Sharing
With eRAD PACS system for teleradiology, you get to use a powerful system that will allow you to upload and scan images/documents and share the updated files among peers from anywhere. So, you will have an upper hand. This will ensure consistency across the organization and systems, which eventually would help you monitor the enclosure without interference.

Advanced and Extended Remote Reporting

2. Advanced and Extended Remote Reporting
If you choose web-based reporting for eRAD scrolling, you do not need to go or independent reporting system. A robust eRAD PACS system will allow you to scroll, attach the image, dictate, and use it for speech recognition. Thus, remote reporting will be convenient and hassle free when you decide to implement eRAD PACS system for teleradiology in your organization.

Quick Image Pre-caching & Prefetching

3. Quick Image Pre-caching & Prefetching
To reduce the research time on radiology cases, you can opt for third-party archiving. It will cut the issues related to the traditional migration and give you a better alternative in the form of eRAD PACS system for teleradiology. Radiologists' research is also based on policy-based pre-caching to achieve coherence, thus, getting information will be easier than ever. With us, you get a world-class, web-based or cloud-specific eRAD PACS system that can be accessed from anywhere.

Reduction of Web Footprint

4. Reduction of Web Footprint
The eRAD PACS system provides a powerful browser-based system that makes the files' accessibility handy. Thus, you can view patients' medical records, scan and download images or reports, and make and share an update from any device (mobile or other).

Event-driven Workflow

5. Event-driven Workflow
With the eRAD PACS system for teleradiology, you can increase the efficiency of your workflow by creating case-based events. You can also set pre-defined rules to trigger custom notifications, create learning tasks and share it with your colleagues, and many more.

3D Volume Rendering

6. 3D Volume Rendering
If you have multiple locations where your radiologists operate, then, 3D volume rendering will allow you to handle your workflow in an expert way. In such a case, the eRAD PACS system for teleradiology will enable you to reconstruct the image and upgrade its quality by mapping the 3D volume to the 2D series to identify the similar points in very orthogonal images.

Comprehensive Mammography Module

7. Comprehensive Mammography Module
Our eRAD PACS system comes with the fully integrated mammography module. It provides a comprehensive set of features & tools for facilitating breast imaging. Therefore, no special tools or workstations will be required. This will increase organizational productivity, save countless hours, and eliminate any gaps.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Leveraging FWS' eRAD PACS System for Teleradiology

If you decide to outsource eRAD PACS system for teleradiology to FWS, you can equip yourself and your organization with several advanced features in the form of a robust tool that facilitates remote reporting. A few of the many advantages of FWS's eRAD PACS systems are -

  • Flexible Pricing

    We provide a flexible pricing structure for the eRAD PACS system, depending on the scope and duration of the project, a number of resources involved in the project, etc.

  • 100% ISMS Compliance

    As a leading eRAD PACS system for teleradiology service provider, FWS' information security compliance regulation framework is rock-solid. We have been accredited with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification. Thus, we are astute in demonstrating, implementing, monitoring, and addressing any information security related matters.

  • HIPAA Compliant Services

    As a HIPAA compliant healthcare support company, we stick to every guideline and best practice of HIPAA. So, you can expect security measures on-par with the international standards when you decide on outsourcing eRAD PACS system for teleradiology to us.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    FWS has one of the best infrastructure facilities among other healthcare BPO company. A few of our high-end infrastructure facilities include advanced software, routed server, secure VPN communications, spam filters, robust access systems for employee logins, etc.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Our healthcare support staff is available 24/7, thus, you are free to reach them via call/message/email anytime.

  • Experienced Team

    We have an exceptional team of quality control team who works diligently to make sure that the service that reaches you are compliant, reliable, and on-time. Moreover, we have an experienced management team with over 100-man years of service expertise in the healthcare support domain.

  • Option to Scale-up

    If you lack the expertise of wherewithal to scale up the services relating to eRAD PACS system's implementation and hosting, then, do not worry. We have got you covered. You can demand us anytime to scale up or scale down your requirements.

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As a prominent provider of several teleradiology services, we have been serving radiologists, teleradiology service provider, diagnostic centers, hospital chains, and more for the last 20 years. With a vast portfolio of expert healthcare support staff and radiologists and consultants, we are capable of meeting each and every eRAD PACS system for teleradiology needs of yours.

By implementing and hosting the eRAD PACS system, you can avail its extraordinary capabilities to streamline your workflow and work remotely. Contact us to find out more about our eRAD PACS system for teleradiology. Our agent will get back to you with a custom quote.

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