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Outsource Healthcare Data Entry Services

Are you looking for a digitized solution to store, access, and retrieve claims records, medical records, and billing data in the real time? Why dent your healthcare practice's performance by doing the legwork when healthcare data entry can be outsourced to professionals like us? When medical staff gets involved in data entry functions the quality of patient care can suffer along with the efficiency of record management.

At Flatworld Solutions, we focus on expediting patient care by unburdening your teams from processing physical records. We streamline your data and record management duties by quickly digitizing clinical data into the electronic format of your choice. This will speed up billing, claims filing, and tracking patient encounters on the go. Sparing your medical professionals from administrative hassles can make you a committed healthcare provider in a true sense.

Healthcare Data Entry Services We Offer

Once you outsource medical data entry services to us, you can significantly lower the expenses involved in setting up and internal team along with digitization technology. We honor our commitment to protect the confidentiality of your clients' data throughout the project tenure and after. Our personalized support and integration facility will let you have the complete advantage of our healthcare data entry services.

We offer healthcare data entry services that would help you digitize the following -

  • Clinical Records
  • Medical Records Data Entry
  • Image Record Data Entry
  • Charge Entry
  • Alphanumeric Data Entry
  • Demographic Entries
  • Handwritten Documents
  • Hospital & Healthcare Records
  • Medical Prescription Records
  • Payment Posting
  • Patient Encounter Records
  • Lab or Test Records
  • Medical Insurance Claim Forms such as HCFA, UB-04, UB92, CMS-1500, and Dental Claims Forms
  • Patient Information, Billing & Accounts Data, Medical Charts, Appointments, Doctor Notes, Insurance Record, etc.

Healthcare Data Entry Services Process We Follow

We follow a proven strategy to digitize and organize your data for efficient utilization. Our service methodology is HIPAA compliant and provides enhanced security to your hospital and clinical documents. You can experience the transparency in our services from inception to completion without deviating from your healthcare functions.

Here is a snapshot of the steps involved in healthcare data entry services -

Need Assessment  

01. Need Assessment

We evaluate and interpret your needs to understand the volume and data within documents that need to be digitized

Data Verification and Validation  

02. Data Verification and Validation

Our quality analysts will verify the document to check if the contents are accurate and error-free

Data Entry Service  

03. Data Entry Service

Our human data entry specialists will scan physical documents and identify select data to create a digital version of the same via data entry software

Format Conversion  

04. Format Conversion

The digitized document and records are converted into a format understood by your medical staff and other stakeholders

Data Validation  

05. Data Validation

Our quality assurance team will once again run checks to ensure data integrity is not lost during the data entry operation

Result Transmission  

06. Result Transmission

The approved files are securely transmitted back to the client through a secure FTP or VPN for immediate use at their end

Why Choose Healthcare Data Entry Services from Flatworld Solutions?

When you outsource healthcare data entry services to us we cyclically analyze your business requirements by running a thorough evaluation. We identify datasets to convert into digital form coupled with accuracy checks. 20 years of true industry experience has thought us how to turn physical records and healthcare data into digital ones in the format preferred by clients with maximum efficiency.

This is where we excel as a brand because there are brownie points for choosing a medical records data entry service provider like us. They are as follows -

  • Certified Healthcare Data Entry Company

    Flatworld Solutions is a promising enterprise whose business practices comply with the regulatory compliances of the international organization for standardization. To this end, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified to handle your healthcare data entry function with care and quality. Our healthcare data entry practices also comply with HIPAA regulations.

  • Data Security

    We incorporate top-tier physical and digital security measures to handle your project files by preventing loss or unauthorized modification. Our intense and routine efforts to make the best use of technology and systematic practice to protect your confidential files have earned us ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification. A prestigious recognition of our endeavor.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We have a team of quality analysts who verify the accuracy of final output format from medical data entry services and its adherence to compliances. It is our goal to make sure that your team can seamlessly utilize our converted digital files to provide efficient patient care.

  • Short Turnaround

    Our data entry operators can convert your physical documents within the stipulated time contracted in the SLA. We continuously optimize our strategy to speed up results so that you can focus on other important healthcare functions.

  • Scalability

    In the healthcare system, the patient volume can rise or fall between seasons, endemic, and due to many other reasons. To maintain a well-organized calendar and focus on the practice you will need to get healthcare data entry concerns out of the way, so your patients can experience a complete service satisfaction.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    If budget is a concern, fret not. FWS' healthcare data entry solutions are priced affordably to help a wide range of healthcare businesses to choose what is appropriate for their budget limitations.

  • Single-point Contact

    We have an enthusiastic team that is ready to handle your issues no matter what. If that isn't enough, we can walk the extra mile to appoint a dedicated representative who will be exclusively working side by side with the data entry team to provide you real-time updates and information on the overall progress.

  • Experienced Team of Healthcare Data Entry Operators and Project Managers

    Flatworld is never short of people with the right skill. Our data entry teams possess over 10 years of experience, particularly in the healthcare industry. Our team size, currently at 400+ operators is constantly growing owing to an increase in demand for healthcare data entry services.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Our healthcare data center is a hub where innovation is almost a daily norm. We constantly update our strategies to streamline the efficiency of the data and document digitization. Our modern infrastructure is geared to take on data entry tasks of any complexity as we are ready to scale up on demand.

  • Data Entry Software & Tools

    At Flatworld Solutions we rely on a gamut of proven data entry software to prevent bottlenecks in your patient schedule by processing documents accurately. The top medical software used by our team are as follows -

    • Medisoft
    • Hypersoft
    • NextGen
    • Lytec
    • IDX
    • Medic
    • Misys
    • Eclipse
    • Medics II
  • Secure Data Exchange

    At Flatworld Solutions, we use a highly secure FTP and VPN to facilitate data movement from your end to ours without a hitch. We use high-quality security software to prevent network sniffing and eavesdropping. This way our channel provides a secure ambit to push and pull confidential project data, documents, and files.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    Our support is easily accessible from your local time zone by phone, email, or web chat. We can be reached on a 24x7 basis because our teams are on standby to promptly respond and resolve any challenges you face during or after the data entry project phase.

Client Success Stories

Patient Demographics & Charge Entry Case Study

FWS Provided Patient Demographics & Charge Entry to a Leading US Medical Billing Company

A Georgia medical billing company approached FWS for processing 1200+ claims monthly by minimizing clarification. We completed the project within the stipulated time.

Read the Case Study
Case Study on Full Service Billing by Using Medisoft

FWS provided Full Medical Service Billing by Using Medisoft

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a Florida-based internal medicine company that wanted us to handle the full-service billing. Our solution reduced the AR days from 141 days to less than 40 days with a 75% increase in collection.

Read the Case Study

Outsource Healthcare Data Entry Services to FWS - A Leader in Healthcare Solutions


To date, we have been very pleased with your services to date. Your staff always responds to our requests in a timely fashion and we have been impressed with the speed with which FWS has learned to use AdvancedMD.

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In 20 years, we, at Flatworld Solutions have touched many milestones in healthcare BPO services. Being an ISO certified company, we are experienced in healthcare data entry solutions and many other solutions that propel businesses like yours in the direction of growth. We have data entry agents and advanced infrastructure aligned with the trending demand-driven healthcare ecosystem.

This way, our solutions can expedite the performance of your practice by taking over rote functions that require precision handling to prevent revenue loss and unsatisfied patient experience.

Get in touch with us if you require high-quality healthcare data entry services to enhance your focus on patient care.

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