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Though following the rules and regulations of international healthcare standards are extremely essential for medical organizations, it can often be time consuming and attention seeking. Your organization primarily exists to serve the medical needs of your patients. The rest of the routine administrative tasks like medical transcription should ideally not be a burden on your organizational goals.

That is exactly why you should think of medical transcription outsourcing and getting these tasks done by companies who specialize in it. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide high quality medical transcription services for our clients across the globe. We are experts in providing Health Level 7 (HL7) integration services to reputed hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers.

Why Comply With HL7?

HL7 international standard follows a framework that facilitates interoperability of various healthcare systems and healthcare organizations. It is critical for your organization to integrate your medical records to this standard for easy information exchange between various healthcare systems in the long run.

Flatworld Solutions provides you with medical transcription services that will help in the coding and transcribing patient records in compliance with HL7. We run a state-of-the-art facility that can receive abstract data types (ADT), order messages from your medical systems, transcribe them with an accuracy rate of 100%, and transmit them back to you. Be it integration with PACS, scheduling and billing, EMR integration or EHR integration, we provide high quality HL7 transcription services that ensure your organization's medical records are flawlessly transcribed and integrated with HL7 standards.

Our HL7 Transcription Services Include:

HL7 EMR (Electronic Medical Record Integration)

  • Receipt of HL7 ADT/Order messages from your HIS (Hospital Information System) or EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems
  • Receipt of voice-files from dictation systems for transcription
  • Distribution of received files among our transcriptionists
  • HL7 transcription interface configuration and integration

HL7 Billing and Scheduling

  • Integration with PACS, Scheduling and Billing
  • Facilitating industry standard links to HL7 compliant scheduling and billing systems
  • Link to leading PACS and digital imaging providers

Practice Management System Integration

  • Enabling information exchange between your EMR and practice management systems
  • Compliance to HL7 information exchange standards
  • Quality process avoiding duplication of effort
  • Establishing high level accuracy in patient record maintenance

8 Reasons to choose Flatworld Solutions for HL7 Medical Transcription Service:

  1. You get a team of highly qualified healthcare transcription experts work on your projects
  2. You enjoy reduced turnaround time as low as 12 hours
  3. Avail HIPAA compliant medical transcription service
  4. Leverage maximum cost benefits with low cost of labor and infrastructure
  5. Save your time by taking care of your back-end work
  6. Guaranteed 100% accuracy rate with stringent quality processes
  7. Transcription services customized for the specific needs of your business
  8. Keep track of the work progress with periodical reports

Flatworld Solutions is the market leader when it comes to outsourcing medical transcription services with HL7 integration. Choose our HL7 Transcription Services for high quality of work, and safe and confidential handling of your medical data.

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