FAQs on Medical Accounts Receivable Services

FAQs on Medical Accounts Receivable Services

  1. What is Accounts Receivable in Healthcare?

    Medical accounts receivable services include the payment owed to the healthcare provider by payers and patients. It could be referred to as the pending dues for the healthcare services as credits.

  2. What is AR calling in Medical Billing?

    AR calling is part of medical accounts receivable solutions where FWS' medical reps ping insurers and patients to collect statements on outstanding claims so they can follow up as per the process to improve the AR.

  3. Tell Us More about Your Medical Accounts Receivable Services?

    If you cash flow is inconsistent or you need more streamlined management of Accounts Receivable function, Flatworld will look for gaps in the present set up and take necessary steps like dealing with third-party payers, following reimbursement and billing codes, insurance verification, advising collection techniques, and more.

  4. What Are Your Rates? Do You Provide Flexible Payment Options?

    If you are looking for affordable ways to deal with Medical Accounts Receivable services, you can't find a better pricing than what we offer. Our solutions start at $4 per read or if you prefer going with the FTE, the rates range from $1300 to $1800 a month.

  5. What Other Services Do You Offer?

    The medical accounts receivable services from Flatworld Solutions can improve the revenue stream as it plays a key role in securing payments on time. Other services as part of AR includes AR follow-up, AR Analysis, and AR calling services. We also offer denial management, eligibility verification, claims processing, medicare reimbursement, and more.

  6. How Can I Outsource My Project Requirements?

    Your project needs can be fulfilled by helping us understand your need. When you reach our agents and share your requirement, the same would be discussed with project managers. They will get in touch with you to help you customize the service and pick a package that is ideal for your budget. Once the contract is complete, the AR management team takes over and captures revenue through follow-up from sources that owe you the payment.

  7. How Do I Lower My AR in Medical Billing?

    In accounts receivable services, the focus is always to lower AR days which translates to higher collections in a short time. As part of accounts receivable outsourcing services, FWS capture insights and perform AR analysis as well as manage claim denial and eliminate filing errors.

  8. How Do You Process Accounts Receivable?

    Being an enlisted provider of accounts receivable outsourcing services, FWS creates a credit application process for patient eligibility checks. Additionally, documentation and claim review to ensure regulatory compliance will be performed.

  9. What Is the Difference Between Accounts Receivable and Billing?

    Being a top provider of accounts receivable services USA, FWS offers both AR and billing solutions. The former is where we oversee billing while the latter involves creating and submitting bills, as well as making payment follow-ups. When done systematically, AR boosts hospital revenue.

  10. What Kind of Infrastructure Do You Possess?

    When you outsource accounts receivable services to FWS, you are counting on an infrastructure that includes proprietary billing software and AR management tools for most day-to-day process equipped to handle operational surges.

  11. How Will You Handle My Project?

    We will begin by assessing your AR days and identify gaps in the existing process before offering back-office support in AR management for revenue capture.

  12. How Long Does It Take to Get Started?

    At FWS, we commence AR management within weeks by customizing the client requirement. After initial configuration, capturing dues and follow-up will become automated to shorten AR days.

  13. Are you HIPAA compliant?

    FWS strictly adheres to the HIPAA compliance and all billing activities are regulated as per the guidelines. We comply with the best industry standards when it comes to accounts receivable in medical billing.

  14. Is My Data Secure with You?

    We have a VPN set up at our delivery center to facilitate the data transfer. A secure tunnel will be opened to allow you to send data with 128-bit SSL encryption. This data will only be accessible to authorized professionals. Also, we have firewalls to monitor TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP and ICMP channels to thwart the potential intrusion.

  15. How Can I Contact Flatworld Solutions?

    Flatworld may be contacted through multiple means. You may reach us by phone call, email, or even web chat for live agents. Your inquiries will get responded in no longer than 24 hours with a complete quote and expected turnaround time.

Outsource Medical Accounts Receivable Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld understands the pain points of hospitals and clinics that frequently face cash crunch due to the lapse in collections and dues owed by patients and insurers. When you choose Flatworld's medical accounts receivable services that hurdle is removed off the path to improve the bottom-line. Our AR professionals have over 8 years of experience in accounts receivable management and have been with us throughout the journey. Today, we stand tall among companies that are responsible reinstating revenue performance of small and large practices worldwide.

Contact Flatworld Solutions today and discuss your requirement with our experts to get a quick quote that suits your need.

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