Healthcare Back-office Support Services for Urgent Care Centers

Outsource Healthcare Support Services for Urgent Care Centers

Are you looking for an expert back-office support services to organize the administrative operations of your urgent care facility? If yes, allow us to streamline the administrative operations at organization and improve the revenue cycle management, billing & coding, and other related processes.

Flatworld Solutions is among the prominent provider of healthcare back-office support services with 20 years of experience in the healthcare support industry. We have around 300 AAPC accredited experts who have helped several urgent care facilities with back-office support functions.

Our Healthcare Back-office Support Services for Urgent Care Centers

When you choose us to outsource healthcare back-office support for urgent care centers, we can establish a time-tested administrative process with our wide range of healthcare back-office support services. Some of them are -

  1. Revenue Cycle Management

    A systematic revenue cycle management (RCM) procedure is requisite for an urgent care facility's financial growth. Yet, quite a few urgent care centers have to face difficulties to recover the payoffs and eventually have to compromise and bear loss just because their RCM process is not streamlined.

    Our team of RCM experts can set up an organized RCM process to bring mobility into the obsolete medical claims and systemize the payment collection process. This will help you receive your entitled dues and allow you to concentrate on your core tasks.

  2. Medical Billing

    Our medical billing experts are familiar with all the major federal and medical regulations and provide the industry's best medical billing services that will reduce your net billing cost to an amount of 40%. They can follow up with the payers for the pending medical claims.

    Under our healthcare back-office support services, we offer an extensive range of medical billing services, including -

    • Claim procedures analysis & optimization
    • Initiation of the collection process
    • Receivable balance tracking
    • Follow up with the patients
    • Filing medical claims electronically
    • Generate reports
    • Review & post EOBs
  3. Medical Coding

    We have a skilled staff of medical coders who can code the diagnostic procedures, medical services, etc., with the correct codes. They are experts in all the standard medical coding rules that include ICD-9-CM, CPT, ICD-10-CM, HCPCS Level II, etc.

  4. Medical Claims Processing

    Through our healthcare back-office support services for urgent care centers, we offer a gamut of medical claim processing solutions, including patient demographic entry, claim filing, claim adjudication, document scanning, preparation & posting EOBs, follow-up, etc.

    With us, you will witness an instant reduction in the claim denails. A few of the many medical claims processing services that we offer, include -

    • Claim reporting
    • Electronic posting of Remittance
    • Managing & posting a patient statement
    • Handling claim denials
    • Remittance
    • Managing receivables process
    • Managing primary & secondary claims reimbursement
  5. Account Receivables Management

    Through our account receivable management services, our experts can help you with the payment collections, claims follow-ups, AR calling, tracking unsettled payment, denial analysis, etc. Our healthcare back-office support team is AAPC-certified who can significantly improve the reimbursement rate with their extensive know-how of the account receivables domain.

  6. Denial Management

    Our denial management experts are adept in submitting/resubmitting the rejected claims. They can accurately find out the reasons behind the denials and can give several insights that will help you fix your process. They can also track the medical claims and automate the whole process.

  7. Insurance Verification Service

    Our insurance verification healthcare staff is well trained to evaluate the insurance covers of your patients. They can verify the patient's coverage benefits and can bill him/her accordingly. A few of the insurance verification services that we provide involve the verification of the following -

    • Payable benefits
    • Pre-authorizations
    • Insurance coverage benefits
    • Post-authorizations
    • Referrals
    • Claims communication address
    • Plan exclusions
    • Lifetime maximum
    • Effective date
    • Insurance coverage benefits
    • Deductibles
    • Co-pays
    • Co-insurances
    • Policy status, etc.
  8. Medical Transcription

    We have provided accurate medical transcriptions for several urgent care centers that include transcription on the medical notes, laboratory results, etc. Our team can also conduct audits & reviews and render emergency room e-code evaluation services. Our transcription team consists of excellent transcriptionists, editors, quality experts, proof-readers, auditors, etc. Some of the medical transcription services that we offer are for the following -

    • Discharge Summary notes
    • Psychiatry reports
    • Pathology reports
    • Neurology reports
    • Radiology reports
    • Emergency Room reports
    • HL7
  9. Medical Records Indexing

    Our medical records indexing team are experts at indexing, scanning, and archiving the medical records. Our services will allow you to make extra space by uncluttering the paper works lying in your office. We possess expertise in rendering medical records indexing for the following -

    • Clinical history
    • Medical reports
    • Health insurance ID cards
    • Insurance bills & information
    • Patient demographics charts
    • Medical charts
    • EOBs
    • Pharmacy requests
    • Medical equipment orders
    • Patient records
    • Physician orders
    • Healthcare BPO provider notes, etc.
  10. Healthcare Analytics

    We can streamline your urgent care facility's healthcare back-office support process by providing valuable analysis into its functions. Our healthcare analytics team can provide real-time insights into your center's back-office operations that will enable you to evaluate the productivity, overpayments, gap areas, etc. Some of the healthcare analytics solutions that we offer are -

    • Predictive Analytics
    • Business Intelligence
    • Modeling & Optimization
    • Medical Records Analytics
  11. Health Information Management

    Health information management has become indispensable in today's data-driven medical sector. It allows the doctor to have a real-time & correct data at his disposal. When you outsource healthcare back-office support services for urgent care centers to us, we can set up an efficient health information management system at your urgent care center.

  12. Healthcare Consulting

    Our healthcare consultants can provide their expert consulting services to help you with establishing a better back-office operation system at your center, irrespective of its size or patient volume. Our healthcare consulting solutions include consulting on medical claim processing, data security, transcription, analytics, communication, etc.

  13. Healthcare IT

    We can provide the industry's best healthcare IT solutions and set up the finest tools and systems at your facility. Furthermore, we can update your current software/systems and can provide data migration services, if you need one.

  14. Healthcare Data Entry Services

    At FWS, we have the best combination of the technology stacks and medical data entry executives. Our data entry experts leverage the latest tools and can enter your medical data into the system with almost 100% accuracy. Some of the services for which we offer healthcare data entry services are -

    • Urgent care center medical records data entry
    • Data capture services
    • Data extraction services
    • Directory services
    • Book data entry services
    • Document management systems
    • Online data entry
    • Database migration services
    • Image data entry services
    • Database development
    • Data enrichment services
    • Document data entry services
    • Copy paste service
    • Offline data entry services, etc.

Tools We Use to Provide Healthcare Back-office Support Services for Urgent Care Centers

We have the perfect amalgamation of digital & resources to offer exceptional healthcare back-office support services within the stipulated time. A few of the tools that we use and have expertise on, include -

Accumed AllegianceMD Applied Epic Azalea Health Billing Pro ClaimCenter Claimscape ClaimXperience CMI Accounting ClaimZone Manager eClinicalWorks ECLIPSE EDI Smart Reader FG Receivables Manager HiPPA Claim Master HPlusPro Insta HMS Kareo Billing Medisoft MedLook Navicure NolaPro Practice EHR ProviderSuite Quantum Invoicing R16 SlickPie Snapsheet Xero

Why Choose FWS for Healthcare Back-office Support Services for Urgent Care Centers?

Among a few renowned healthcare back-office support companies, FWS is a leading provider of healthcare back-office support services for urgent care centers for the last 20 years and have substantial expertise & experience in the healthcare support domain. Some of the benefits of choosing us your partner are -

  • HIPAA Compliance

    FWS is accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification that shows our commitment and capability in setting up the HIPAA protocols at each rung of our organization. We have the necessary systems and certified professionals to protect your medical information.

  • 100% Information Security

    As a healthcare back-office support company, we are certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2015 certification. We possess the required infrastructure capabilities to protect your urgent care records and all our healthcare support staff are committed to establishing the best of the information security management system's standards and best practices.

  • Experience

    We have more than a decade of experience in the healthcare back-office support domain and have provided our services to several global urgent care centers. Our healthcare support staff exceeds 300 in volume and our combined management experience has exceeded 100+ man-years. Thus, when you select us to outsource healthcare back-office support services for urgent care centers, you can rest assured that you will get the best services.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    All our offices are equipped with modern infrastructure facilities and systems to offer international grade healthcare back-office support services. We have powerful firewall systems, 200% power backup, intrusion detection systems, VPN technology, 100% IT redundancies, autonomous internet leased circuit arrangements, etc.

  • Multiple Global Delivery Centers

    We have five-different global delivery centers that enable us to render immediate support by leveraging the expertise of the local resources. When you contact us or want us to do the requirement gathering at your place, we can do that by leveraging our delivery centers.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our expert team of healthcare back-office support executives is available 24 hours a day/7 day a week. You can contact our call center team at your convenient time through the medium of your choice.

  • Options to Scale up

    We have the necessary resource capability to spike the healthcare back-office support services when you want to increase the demand. We can also reduce the delivery time services, thus giving you the much-needed flexibility that you would not get anywhere else.

  • Single-point of Contact

    We give individual attention to all our healthcare clients. Thus, when you collaborate with us for healthcare back-office support services, you will get a dedicated resource who will be your one-point contact and you can contact him/her anytime to resolve your queries or get updates.

  • Quick Turnaround

    We always plan the projects in advance to avoid the risks associated with the delays & deliverables, etc. With our extensive pool of healthcare back-office support resources, we can provide you with the industry's best turnaround.

Outsource Healthcare Back-office Support Services for Urgent Care Centers to FWS

As a third-party back-office support company for urgent care centers, Flatworld Solutions has been leading the healthcare support domain with its healthcare support services for urgent care centers, RCM, Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Claims Processing, Denial Management, AR Management & Follow Up, Claim Adjudication and a plethora of other healthcare support services.

Our healthcare support team consists of some of the most skilled and capable medical billers & coders, insurance experts, reimbursement specialists, etc. They can recuperate your urgent care center's cash influx and organize the administrative functions. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and scalable healthcare back-office support services, then, look no further. Get in touch with us today!

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