Outsource Patient Interaction Services

Patient Interaction Services

Outsource patient interaction services to achieve your growth targets while still achieving complete patient satisfaction at prices starting at $1280 per FTE per month

Any healthcare institution earns a great deal of trust, reliability, and respect when it provides two-way, patient-centered interactions such that the patient feels a certain amount of control. If you've not been able to hit the right chord with your patient, chances are that you might be faltering in your interaction efforts. When you work with a patient interaction services providing company, you get to collaborate with your clients and allow them to have a proactive role in health care decision making, which results in confidence in patients. Are you too engaged in countless operations and have too many responsibilities to take care of? If so, you have no reason to worry because you can outsource patient interaction services to a professional company like Flatworld Solutions. When you collaborate with us, we ease your burden by enhancing your communication with your patients, thus leaving the best kind of impression on your clients, leading to better business results.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) has been a part of the healthcare service providing industry for over 20 years now. We have worked with many healthcare setups, hospitals, clinics, and individuals to help them do better and achieve their career aspirations. With our patient interaction services, we completely satisfy you by offering your patients the highest level of satisfaction with your services.

Patient Interaction Services We Offer

There are a variety of services that are encapsulated in patient interaction services for effective communication. We offer a complete range of such services and keep you covered so that you have all the time and the peace of mind to focus on your core responsibilities. Here are the patient interaction services that we offer -

  1. Pre-Registration Services

    Pre-Registration Services

    We offer pre-registration services on behalf of our clients on a 24/7 basis. With the help of this service, patients can pre-register for any of your healthcare services by phone or other modes of communication. Pre-registration services boost satisfaction levels in patients because of reduced on-site wait time or showing up physically to the hospital for registration. The benefit that our clients gain through these services has reduced no shows.

  2. Post-Discharge Calls

    Post-Discharge Calls

    Post-discharge calls play a crucial role in enhancing patients' experiences with your services while also ensuring you're not burdened with reimbursements and medication errors. It also helps reduce readmission rates. Our post-discharge call services are aimed at improving patients' perception, setting follow-up appointments, and ensuring the patient doesn't experience any side effects of medications or a procedure. In case there's an issue, cognizance can be taken before there are any serious complications— this is how post-discharge call services help reduce the burden on healthcare facilities.

  3. Follow-up Calls

    Follow-up Calls

    While providing best-in-class services creates a great impression about your organization, follow-up calls for a friendly, cooperative, and caring interaction acts as an icing on the cake. We can work with you to craft a follow-up program that elevates satisfaction levels in your patients while helping you achieve your goals.

  4. Customer Satisfaction Calls

    Customer Satisfaction Calls

    One of the best ways to win the trust of your patients is to make customer satisfaction calls. Such calls make patients feel valued, heard, and give them more control. We collaborate with our clients to come up with scripts and also work on customized calls as per the patients. With this, we aim to understand the pain points of patients and help you work on them before they can affect the patients' satisfaction levels.

  5. Promoting Hospital Programs

    Promoting Hospital Programs

    When a patient comes to your hospital for a specific treatment or procedure, you can also use this opportunity to introduce your patient to lesser-known useful programs that they may not be aware of. While this helps you promote different programs aimed at different types of patients, procedures, and treatments, it also helps patients explore more options, especially for post-treatment care to ensure a smooth recovery.

  6. Event Follow-up Calls

    Event Follow-up Calls

    Hosting and sponsoring events is an effective way of showcasing what your capabilities and competencies are while also proving that you're equipped with useful resources. We hold your hand through your efforts by offering you event follow-up calls by targeting a certain set of patients to improve attendance rates to the events sponsored by your healthcare organization. We use our insights and come up with a proper plan of action that's aligned with your goals.

Our Patient Interaction Process

Flatworld Solutions is a professional patient interaction service provider, and thus we believe in systematically going about all our services. This is why we follow a 4-step protocol that helps address your requirement, frame a strategy, work on it, and deliver advantageous results. Here are the steps that we follow when you opt for our patient interaction services -


01. Requirement Analysis

Once you get in touch with us, we reach out to you to identify and understand your requirements. You can choose from our patient interaction services and let us know. We acquaint ourselves with your healthcare services. Based on your requirements, we come up with the scope of the project and identify the resources that would go into providing you unbeatable services


02. Delegation of Tasks

Once you give us your approval, we decide on the team of experts who would work on your project. Different tasks are delegated to different professionals. We then come up with a plan of action— it may involve custom scripts for calls, deciding the mode of communication, and much more


03. Execution

As we have a blueprint in our hands, we start executing the plan of action. We reach your patients, keep complete track of communication via various modes, and get back to you in case it is required


04. Reporting

We believe in transparent, regular reporting to keep you in the loop. We provide you all the details, patient feedback, and any queries that are raised so that you can take timely action

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions For Patient Interaction Services?

With years of experience and expertise, we have gained profound insights into the doctor and patient interaction and what makes for the best outcomes for our clients. This is why so many hospitals and clinics have been collaborating with us over time. Here are some of the benefits of opting for our patient interaction services -

  • Certified Company

    We are an ISO certified company and comply with HIPAA and PCI DSS. We keep abreast of all the latest regulations and strictly adhere to legalities to offer you professional services.

  • Affordability

    We firmly believe in fairly charging our clients. This is why we provide you customized cost estimates based on the services that you opt for and the complexity of the project. Our services come at the most competitive prices.

  • Data Security

    We understand that you trust us with confidential health information. We take every measure and are technologically equipped to ensure that the security of your data is safeguarded at all times. There are no chances of third-party access or breach of data security under any circumstances.

  • Experienced Team

    Over the years, we have handpicked experts who join hands to provide unerring services. With their experience and knowledge, we offer the kind of services that win the loyalty of our clients.

  • Quick TAT

    Services like patient interaction require quick turnaround times without compromise. When you collaborate with us, we significantly reduce wait time and ensure that there is a boost in your productivity and growth with our agile services.

  • Round-the-Clock Support

    If you have any queries about our services, we are just a call or an email away. Reach us via calls, emails, or our website chat box and we'll get right back to you.

Client Success Story

FWS Delivered Insurance Eligibility and Verification Solutions to a Telemedicine Provider

FWS Delivered Insurance Eligibility and Verification Solutions to a Telemedicine Provider

We provided eligibility and verification services to a US-based birth control telemedicine provider. We also verified that those who applied for pharmacy and medical insurance were eligible to receive the same.

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FWS Processed More Than 3000 Rehabilitation Care Encounters for a Group of Indianapolis-based Physicians

FWS Processed More Than 3000 Rehabilitation Care Encounters for a Group of Indianapolis-based Physicians

We were contacted by a group of rehabilitation care physicians to process over 3000 physician encounters. We provided high-quality and timely services that resulted in a 20% increase in savings.

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Outsource Patient Interaction Services to Flatworld Solutions


A hearty congratulations to the FWS team for providing high-quality work. I also appreciate their prompt and professional responses. I highly recommend their services!

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In the modern age, any healthcare practice can make the right kind of impact on their clients while enhancing satisfaction levels only if they offer patient-centered services. A crucial part of such patient-centered services is patient interaction services. It is all about being in touch with the patient and assisting them throughout their journey of treatment right from pre-registration to post-discharge. While this expands the role of patients in the decision-making process pertaining to their treatment and health, it also earns the healthcare facility a mark of reliability and trust. Since this is a responsibility that can cost you your reputation and growth, we recommend you to outsource patient interaction services to a competent company like us.

We bridge the gap between you and your patient and represent you in the best ways. With our patient interaction services and your resources, you can successfully achieve your goals, reduce reimbursement costs, and have a greater number of loyal clients. Choose us and we will work with you, for you.

Contact us now for professional patient interaction services at affordable prices.

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