Outsource Billing Services Using Athena Software

Billing Services Using Athena Software

Your billing & coding functions needn't bother you or your staff anymore. Outsource billing services using Athena to us and experience high-performance billing services starting at $1280/month

One of the most complex parts of healthcare practices is medical billing. However, with an effective medical practice management software, it is possible to get claims submitted accurately and get full reimbursements in a timely manner. With a medical billing software it possible to streamline the entire billing process end-to-end and monitor your practice's financial performance daily with the click of the mouse.

Athena is arguably the best medical practice management software for billing because it is sophisticated enough to keep cash inflow consistent and increase profitability. The software banks on a huge network of healthcare providers to improve claim scrubbing and stop denials. Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in assisting healthcare providers to manage their complex billing needs with multiple billing software. Our clients have leveraged our billing services using Athena billing software to overcome challenges associated with medical billing operations and establish a sound revenue cycle management practice.

Why Choose Athena Software For Billing?

  1. Ease of Use

    The biggest advantage of using Athena is the UI of the software. It is neatly organized and intuitive. A major part of the software is customizable and caters to the different roles within the practice. The pending tasks features is a good help for users as it handholds users to what needs to be done. For instance, front office staff can log in to see appointment requests, upcoming appointments, and other clinical documents.

  2. Easy to Emulate Best Practices

    The software has access to more than 100,000 healthcare providers and close to 100 million patients. The makes use of this connection to keep its algorithms comprising close to 50 million rules up to date. This helps you spot the reasons for common denials with a click. Any changes in payer policies, are updated immediately to give you an advantage. The software helps small and new medical practices understand how to replicate the models of top-performing practices thus helping them gain a footing.

  3. Billing

    The billing tools of the software are by far the most advanced. It leverages its provider and payer network connection to streamline the financial health of others practised. The speed at which the software pulls out insurance information reviews ICD-10 and CPT codes, and scrubs claims before submission can help you reduce errors significantly. In fact the software scrubs claims within a few seconds of receipt and promises to reimburse in not more than 3 working days. For instance, if the company fails to manage 95% of denials in as less as 10 working days of being rejected by the payer, it will pay your practice back the value of the claims. Yet another advantage is that Athena staff will take full care of your SLAs with payers. This ensures you are not deprived of the money owed by payers. Another extremely important benefit delivered by Athena is that on your behalf, their staff will mail the unpaid or underpaid claims every quarter to every payer. In the case of nil payment, the claims will be pursued daily by their billing staff.

  4. Reporting

    Besides billing the yet another great thing about Athena is its sound and advance reporting module. Users can see reports on a monthly or weekly basis and generated the way you want. The tool has 29 key metrics inbuilt into the system including information about, A/R days, collections by the payer and a common cause for denial or delay. The dashboard has a provision to compare your practice's performance against the athenaNet average. This helps you peek into your practice's performance is stacking against those who use Athena. All these together help you identify grey areas in your operations with relative ease.

End-to-End Athena Medical Billing Services We Offer

Our competency in Athena Billing Services has been put to use by our clients to improve the efficiency of their medical billing needs. Our primary services using the software include -

  1. Accurate Coding and Billing

    Accurate Coding and Billing

    Identify and correct errors in the codes and bills. Expedite the process of submitting clean claims in the first attempt to payers.

  2. Shorter Waiting Time for Reimbursement

    Shorter Waiting Time for Reimbursement

    Provide an instant response to carrier queries and cut down on waiting times for bills waiting for reimbursements.

  3. Appealing Underpaid Claims and Denial Management

    Appealing Underpaid Claims and Denial Management

    Get in touch with carriers on underpaid accounts and understand requirements, resubmit claims and follow up on resubmissions. Likewise, we use Athena to work on denials and execute appeals.

  4. Analytics Support Track and Eliminate Denials

    Analytics Support Track and Eliminate Denials

    Our professionals also leverage the in-built analytics tools in the software to identify denial trends and ways to cut down on the due amount.

These critical tasks aside, our Athena Billing Service expertise is also designed to provide the following support -

  • Coordinate with all concerned departments to streamline the billing process. Use software knowledge to guide them about denials and delays
  • Use the software to spot gaps in the process and ways to improve
  • Assist the RCM team and Operations team to understand billing needs in the right perspective. This helps in streamlining revenue inflow and reducing outstanding AR
  • Help managers resolve bottlenecks that lead to payment issues
  • Help you get a comprehensive idea of the unresolved items at the end of the day
  • Train new resources on how to use the software for efficient collection

Billing Services using Athena Software - Our Process

As a specialized billing service providing company using Athena Software, our team consists of certified and professional coders with years of experience in handling medical billing claims with Athena. We leverage our perfect understanding of the software to ensure highly optimized RCM services. The most telling feature of our services with Athena software is proactive denial management. This prevents denials from taking place from the very instant bills are generated. This along with advanced business intelligence reporting helps you get complete control over your billing practice. Our process is as follows -

We will get in touch with you through your preferred channel and gather requirement
Our team will understand your needs and prepare a requirement document that will also include the existing challenges
Your requirement will be processed by our team and an estimate will be provided
After your approval, the project team and resources will be selected and allocated the billing task
After completion of billing task, we will evaluate the task created by billing experts to check if the task is done accurately and if compliances are met
After the successful assessment, we will mark the task as complete and custom reports will be created

Why Outsource Billing Services using Athena Software?

  • Helps You Focus on Patient Care

    By outsourcing a third-party vendor will manage all your Athena billing requirements on your behalf and take away the need for being a professional doctor and administrative manager at the same time. This obviates the need for you to contact payers and keep yourself abreast of regulatory requirements every day.

  • Reduce Billing Errors

    Third-party vendors know how to leverage the software to its potential. They use it for complex claim submissions. Medical billing companies train their staff inside-out on Athena software which is why their billers can expect to submit bills with accuracy. Most outsourced service providers have a good track record of reducing errors in submissions.

  • Improve Cash Flow

    Regardless of the staffing situation, when your billing needs are handled by experts who understand the functioning of Athena software, you can always rest assured about consistent cash flow and faster collection. With greater economies of scale achieved you don't have to worry about the financial side of your business.

  • Saves Money

    When Athena experts handle the software you get rid of expenses such as training in house resources on the software or maintain a high salaried team. Besides, you also get to save on establishment expenditures such as office supply and upgrade of hardware. Moreover, vendors operate along with different price models. You can choose the one that best suits your practice and realize more profits through savings.

  • Keep Patient Satisfaction

    While outsourced vendors' can help you leverage the billing software to maximize revenue. you can exclusively focus on patient care. This will help you to offer excellent customer service to their patient and in the process improve patient satisfaction to new highs. in the age of value-based care, this improvement can matter a lot for your business.

  • Ensures Billing Compliance

    Most reputed third party experts are HIPAA compliant They understand compliance requirements to the core and can help you meet them without much of an effort. Most of these vendors have vast experience providing solutions to all sizes of clinics and hospitals across the USA. Therefore they will integrate compliance deeply into their operations. It will implement regular internal and external audits to meet all regulatory requirements thus sparing you the trouble of violating regulatory requirements.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Billing Services Using Athena Software to Flatworld Solutions?

Our Athena Billing support services are designed to make your billing and claim workflow more efficient. As a result, we have a great track record of using this software to make all claims and billing accurate and fast. This coupled with our knowledge of medical billing and coding makes us a premier billing service provider using Athena Software. Here are more reasons why outsourcing billing services using Athena software to Flatworld matters for your business -

  • Secure Data Management

    We handle your data with care ensuring that it is not stolen or mismanaged. We do not use your personal or business data in other ways than indicated.

  • Cost & Time Savings

    We operate from multiple global centers and hence can get you trained resources at little costs. Our pricing models are also highly competitive and designed to accommodate many budgets. At the same time, we work 24/7 which makes us deliver services on time.

  • Integrated Billing Services

    With this service, we help our clients move patient data from legacy systems into Athena software. Our experience in Athena migration projects has assisted our clients to migrate and integrate thousands of patient records and other critical information seamlessly and in record time.

  • End-to-end Expertise

    We have experience in handling all aspects of Athena which includes daily tasks such as cash posting, charge entry etc. Our experts know each feature of Athena like the back of their hand and can use it to its full potential to give you optimum benefits of using the software. These include insights drilled down insights into revenue trends.

  • Training

    We have dedicated Athena billing professionals. Consequently, all our clients' requirements are handled only by experts with years of experience in Athena. We bank on these experts to provide adequate training to fresher to get a perfect grasp on how to use the software.

  • Up to Date Process Knowledge

    Athena updates itself as per change in billing guidelines. We keep ourselves abreast of the updates and the changes brought about in the software. This ensures accurate handling of the software at all times.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We provide robust support to all our clients because we have a global presence in over 8 countries. So serving clients across time zones in the language of their choice is never a concern.

  • Scalable Services

    The billing services using Athena software is a scalable solution that enables us to accommodate your impromptu request after the project has commenced.

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Outsource Athena Billing Services To Flatworld Solutions?


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We have 20 years of experience using Athena software and other healthcare software solutions. As we have assisted several individual clinics and large hospitals use this software for billing purpose, we know how to use to streamline the billing process and maximize revenue flow. When you outsource Athena Billing services to us you will reduce expenses in hiring and training experienced resources and eliminating risks associated with the medical billing process.

If you are looking for a billing service provider using Athena Software contact us today to know more about our specialized Athena Medical Billing Services.

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