Outsource Managed Care Contracting Services

Managed Care Contracting Services

For your organization's stability in the long term, Flatworld Solutions managed care contracting services assist you in optimizing all your revenue sources at prices starting at just $1280 per month

Negotiating reimbursement rates with managed care companies is an important part of healthcare. To obtain and maintain managed care contracts on an ongoing basis that are profitable is a well-proven method to make the most of patient revenue flow. Flatworld Solutions managed care contracting services have over the years been successfully helping organizations in finalizing contracts that are competitive for providers across the globe.

Our team of experts will work with you in determining if your organization is positioned well enough with each payer and determine the steps that will be necessary to improve your relationship with your payer.

Managed Care Contracting Services We Offer

Through our managed care contracting services we provide healthcare providers a way to grow and stabilize their revenue flow and gradually transition to a more value-based care structure. As a Managed Care Contract service provider, we offer the following services -

  1. Managed Care Contracting

    Managed Care Contracting

    A proactive approach to the relationship between payers and providers. Let our team of specialists' experts take the contractual effort out of your liability by renegotiating old contracts and developing new managed care partnerships.

  2. Reimbursement Audit & Recovery

    Reimbursement Audit & Recovery

    Where billing departments or third parties are not enough, our Flatworld Solutions Audit and Recovery Team can help you get back payments. We work with customers with historical claims and refund data to track payer repayment patterns, identify defects, and track unpaid amounts on your behalf. If you are outside the network, Flatworld solutions will help you to hold accountable those who have paid fees.

  3. Foundation & Scholarship Support

    Foundation & Scholarship Support

    While customers are looking for more alumni and community engagement, Flatworld Solutions has a long history of managing services by incorporating industry best practices into organizational management efforts. We have a Scholarship Program that brings us time - proven fundraising strategy - to life, helping providers expand access to care by validating quality.

  4. Substance Abuse Treatment & Behavioural Health

    Substance Abuse Treatment & Behavioural Health

    Inpatients and outpatient treatment facilities can use the full range of services offered by us. Our negotiation process helps organizations stand out in a highly competitive industry by enabling us to work with insurance companies to achieve optimal rates and expand access to critical services.

  5. Post-Acute Care

    Post-Acute Care

    Referrals and payers are demanding more of post-acute care providers than ever before. We know what our customers expect of us and hence develop new skills and take the quality of our services to the next level.

  6. Private Equity

    Private Equity

    We interact with payers across the world every day. Flatworld Solutions can help your portfolio company translate size and scalability into profitability.

  7. Facility and Provider Credentialing

    Facility and Provider Credentialing

    Our provider registration solution proactively tracks and prevents missteps that can delay repayment. Our specialists and identified facilities will help you ensure that your application is processed correctly with the MCO and state authorities the first time. Stop struggling with papers and do not miss an opportunity to negotiate again.

  8. Patient Advocacy

    Patient Advocacy

    Our team at Flatworld Solutions helps our clients find solutions to finance treatment on behalf of their patients. This usually consists of an outsourced benefit assessment and can include a patient seeking help to pay for costly treatments.

  9. Outcomes Monitoring

    Outcomes Monitoring

    The shift to value-based care offers providers the chance to stand out from the crowd. Advanced thinking payers and providers work with Flatworld Solutions to identify and track the results that are important to the payer. Our customers can help determine what is worth to their field of expertise.

Our Managed Care Solutions

Flatworld Solutions managed care solutions work to help secure contracts that are competitive and create a strong relationship with the payer. Our managed care solutions include -

  1. Contracting

    Obtaining, managing, and maintaining contracts. Review and Assess, Strategy Development, Advice, Negotiate, and ongoing monitoring.

  2. Credentialing

    Physician and Clinicians credentialing, workers' compensation credentialing, commercial insurance credentialing, government payer credentialing, Medicaid applications, Medical License Application Processing & Tracking NPI Registration (Type I & Type II), Individual Medicare Enrolment Evaluation, Collection of All Documents/ Information, From Providers, Necessary to Complete Payor Applications, Management of the Credentialing Database Established for Each Client.

  3. Valued Based

    Value-based payment models and reimbursements, Evaluate the current Managed Care Contract Position, Identify the Population Health Improvement Opportunity, Determine the Value-Based Models appropriate, Collaborate with the managed care plan to Define Capabilities & Tolerance, Select the Quality and Performance Measures, Construct the Framework that aligns with the managed care plan, Execute the Agreement with enhanced reimbursement, Review healthcare provider performance and Recalibrate.

  4. Revenue Optimization

    Optimize all revenue flows for long term stability, and revenue cycle optimization to evaluate and identify areas of opportunity.

  5. Network Development

    Maintaining and developing a strong provider network, expanding an existing network, maintenance of the existing network.

Flatworld Solutions' Managed Care Contracting Team

Flatworld Solutions managed care contracting team will -

  1. Position

    Contact clients with exclusive payer contacts and present specialized business propositions.

  2. Manage

    We will manage all client credentials and demographic information that is required for new and ongoing contracts.

  3. Complete Applications

    During the contract negotiations process we will finalize and complete all applications.

  4. Provide Rate & Language Review

    Assess the contract rates and language for negotiations and revisions.

  5. Negotiate

    Negotiate managed care contracting plans and rates.

  6. Facilitate

    Facilitate the execution and distribution of contracts.

  7. Assist with Contract Installation

    Educate the staff of the client and payer for successful contract installation.

  8. Advice

    Advise the clients on the protocols of working with payers effectively and developing alternate payment methods.

  9. Address

    Address any contract-related issues and queries including dispute resolution, claims, and authorization.

  10. Update on Compliance

    Update clients on information on products and processes of payers that are critical to compliance.

  11. Provide Monitoring

    As a managed care contracting services providing company, we will provide continuous and ongoing monitoring of contracts for adjustments of terms and conditions, changes in rates, and renewals.

Managed Care Contracting Process We Follow

Our Managed care contract service process is simple and with fewer delays and fewer costs. It oversees all aspects of managed care contracts and is transparent to clients. Some of the key steps in our process include -


01. Discovery Phase

Before we start our process of managed care contracting services, we conduct a thorough research about each facility and gather all data from the government and insurer as well as perform market research and compare facilities, specialists, locations, facility services, and the most recent market activity


02. Project Initiation

Once we take up your project, we begin with a contract and/or credentialing. We then log in all activities and give the client a report of the progress regularly so the client can check the progress. We send a similar progress log report to the staff at the facility, so they are always aware of the reimbursements and admissions


03. Ongoing Recertifications

We log all expirations and set up alerts to ensure once the facility is set up, there are no lapse on any rectifications and/or submissions. This is done for the facility to run smoothly with a valid license, certification, and for the facility to be in contract with each party


04. Approval Process

Before sending the contract to the client for the consent and final signature, each contract is reviewed and thoroughly checked against a pre-approved checklist to ensure there are no exclusions. Once the contract is reviewed and approved by our specialists, it is then sent to the client for approval

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Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Managed Care Contracting Services?

With Flatworld Solutions, you can rest assured that your managed care contracting needs are in the best hands. Our specialists work with your team to achieve and exceed goals that are set.

  • Lower Costs

    With our competitive flat monthly professional fees, you will be saving money by outsourcing your managed care contracting services to us instead of employing individuals with reasonable experience.

  • Data Security

    We have achieved HIPAA compliance and ISO 27001 certification and hence guarantee to safeguard your facility data. We have in place stringent data security protocols to uphold any information that can affect business.

  • ISO Certified Service Provider

    With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, Flatworld Solutions has showcased its commitment towards delivering high-quality, innovative, and value-based managed care contracting services to healthcare providers.

  • Hassle-Free Services

    Our team of experts will manage all office and finances, billing-related tasks, and credentialing effectively and efficiently, leaving you with time to take care of the facility and patients.

  • Access to Highly Skilled Professionals

    All our staff have a thorough knowledge of managed care contracting solutions and are all experts in reimbursement and contract terms. Our team is in constant contact with every facility, monitoring all managed care contracting solutions as per protocols.

  • Stringent Workflow

    Our departments work together with your team at your facility to help generate the maximum revenue. Our systems and management ensure each facility that we work with meets and exceeds their requirements in terms of revenue.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Since we provide our services worldwide, we have a customer service support team that is available 24/7 to answer your queries and assist you in making sure there are no delays and more rapid turnaround times.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    We provide each facility with a dedicated and designated account manager who along with their team directly oversees all the workings of managed care and provide solutions.

  • Hi-Tech Software

    To maximize your revenue, we customize our software as per your facility requirement to accurately monitor coverage, reimbursements, generate an analysis of procedures, identify challenges, and accordingly provide assistance.

  • Monthly Reporting

    As your managed care contracting service provider, we will provide you with the support to prepare monthly reports that will assist in managing the revenue cycle and boost profitability.

  • High Scalability

    We have the best talent and resources to customize your managed care contracting services. We are equipped to scale up as per your facility and healthcare needs. Our quick scalability will reduce the load on your staff assisting them to focus on core responsibilities.

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After several days of monitoring the encounters, I believe your team has done a great job and we are ready to hand over the task of approving the encounters. I truly appreciate how smooth this process has been. Keep up the great work!

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