Outsource Pain Management Billing Services

Pain Management Billing Services

Reduce the burden of handling the entire billing process & focus completely on your core operations by outsourcing pain management starting at just $1280/month

Pain management services are growing in popularity and importance by the day. With this increase in popularity, healthcare organizations that offer pain management services are expected to improve their patient's experience and provide services that are unique to the patient's requirements. Being such a demanding field, it is almost impossible for these practices to give their all to each aspect of the services. This is when you can outsource pain management billing services so that you can solely concentrate on providing the best of pain management services to your patients.

Flatworld Solutions is the leading pain management billing service providing company in the industry. We have been a part of this ever-growing industry for over a decade and have garnered considerable experience that has been helping us offer unbeatable pain management billing services and maximize revenues for our clients.

Pain Management Billing Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions offers an array of pain management medical billing service and support to hospitals, healthcare providers, clinics for helping these organizations handle the complexities about billing, coding, and account receivables management in an aim to increase the revenue and following up with the insurance companies regarding the claims a timely manner. Here are the pain management billing services that we offer -

  1. Insurance Eligibility Verification

    Insurance Eligibility Verification

    Our team of billing experts can help you in verifying your insurance eligibility by checking and auditing the patient's information and documents. We also audit the documents and check for inconsistencies to make corrections such that the chances of claim rejection are significantly reduced.

  2. Patient Demographics Entry

    Patient Demographics Entry

    Accurate patient demographic entry is crucial to ensure that the information about the patient is accurate and free from errors. Even the slightest of errors can get the claim rejected. We have a team of skilled billing experts who enter the patient demographics and check for errors to make sure the information is accurate.

  3. Pain Management Coding Services

    Pain Management Coding Services

    We have a team of coding experts who have in-depth knowledge about the most popular coding systems like ICD 10, CPT, and HCPCS. We do the coding of the diagnoses and other procedures for the patient as per the standards of the insurance company and perform a quality check and verification to eliminate erroneous codes.

  4. Pain Management Billing Charge Entry

    Pain Management Billing Charge Entry

    We also provide pain management billing charge entry wherein we enter accurate payment details and costs into the system as per the patient's treatment. Our billing charge entry service is checked several times for any errors to ensure that the information entered into the system for claim processing is accurate.

  5. Pain Management Claim Submission

    Pain Management Claim Submission

    We check and verify all the information provided by our clients to submit the claims promptly. When the claim submission happens on time, it helps ensure that the payments are received on time which helps in maintaining the cash flow.

  6. Pain Management AR Follow-up

    Pain Management AR Follow-up

    One of the common reasons why so many practitioners fail to receive the payment is because they fail to follow-up with account receivables. The task of AR follow-up can be tiring. Our AR follow-up services can reduce the burden for you as we follow-up consistently and keep you updated.

  7. Pain Management Payment Posting

    Pain Management Payment Posting

    Our payment posting services are best for healthcare organizations that have a huge payment posting requirement from time to time. Our experts can help you by posting the payments as well as address denials promptly to meet your payment posting requirement efficiently.

  8. Pain Management Denial Analysis

    Pain Management Denial Analysis

    Our experienced team of billing experts specializes in denial analysis and management, helping you when your claim gets denied. We find out the exact reason for the claim denial and fix the key reasons. This is done by correcting inconsistent information and providing correct information so that the claim can be resubmitted to be accepted.

Our Pain Management Billing Process

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide the best pain management billing medical services with the help of our step-by-step approach, ensuring there are no inconsistencies by checking for errors multiple times in each of the steps. We believe that our clients can understand our services and trust the quality of pain management billing services better when they know how we go about the whole process. Here are the steps involved in our pain management billing process.


01. Verifying Insurance Eligibility

After receiving the patient information, we arrange the documents systematically and analyze the documents to verify if your claim is eligible for insurance. We go through the digital as well as paper-based documents multiple times to assess them before concluding.


02. Coding

After verifying the insurance eligibility, our coding experts code the medical invoices for diagnosis and other procedures. Our coding experts are well-versed in coding systems like CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS, and code based on the requirements of the specific insurance company.


03. Fee Charges Entry

After entering the details of the patient and creating a patient account, we enter the charges based on the medical invoice, including the codes that we assign to the diagnosis and other procedures. The reimbursement is made based on the fee charges entry.


04. Submission of Claims

After entering all the relevant information and checking for errors, making required corrections, we submit the claims to the insurance company for reimbursement.


05. Posting of Payment

We make the accounts receivables follow up to check the status of the claim. When the insurer makes the payment, we update our clients and post it to the account of the patient.


06. Denial Management

In case of a claim denial, we look for the reason for denial, make changes to the claim and resubmit the claim. Our billing specialists hold expertise in denial analysis such that chances of denial of the claims can be minimized.

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Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Pain Management Billing Services?

When you plan to outsource pain management billing services to Flatworld Solutions, the leading pain management billing company, you are benefitted in various ways, which are as follows -

  • Affordable Pricing

    We offer the highest quality services at the most affordable prices in the market. Our expert billing specialists and two decades of experience with a well-established infrastructure allow us to offer services that are accessible to both big and small healthcare practices.

  • Data Security

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified company which ensures that any information that our clients share with us is secure and kept confidential. We allow restricted employee access to the client information to ensure a hundred percent data security.

  • HIPAA Compliant Billing

    We have a deep knowledge of the HIPAA guidelines and are a HIPAA compliant company. With this, you can expect the best pain management billing services from Flatworld Solutions at the most affordable prices.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We assign a dedicated project manager to each of our projects so that all our clients have a single point of contact for updates regarding the status of the claims and addressing queries. This helps us ensure there is no confusion and there is effective communication between the client and our experts.

  • Scalability

    We are equipped with all the resources that it takes to upscale our client projects based on the client's needs. Our team of experts is always ready to offer highly efficient services well within the deadline even in case of increased client needs.

  • Round-the-Clock Assistance

    Flatworld Solutions provides 24/7-365 assistance to clients with the help of the dedicated team of customer support service providers. You can reach our customer care team anytime irrespective of your time zone and expect a quick response.

Customer Success Stories

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Provided Patient Demographics and Charge Entry to A top US Medical Billing Company

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We are highly satisfied with the service that Flatworld Solutions offer. They have a superb team with just the right attitude to exceed any client's expectations.

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Outsource Pain Management Billing Requirements To Flatworld Solutions

Owners of healthcare organizations find it challenging to keep up with the growing pain management billing needs as they have more patients opting for their services. While focusing on the core competencies is unquestionably important, you should leave the pain management billing services to professionals. Flatworld Solutions has been the leader in providing healthcare BPO services for more than 20 years. We are driven to provide unmatched pain management billing services to both big and small healthcare organizations and being a part of their growth. Hundreds of our clients testify the worth of our pain management billing services about how our services have helped them maximize their revenue. If you're looking for a company that handles medical billing for pain management at affordable prices, Flatworld Solutions is your destination.

Get in touch with us and give yourself the time to focus on other core competencies while we take care of your billing needs.

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