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Proficient Physician Credentialing Services

Take stress and guesswork out of credentialing to enhance compliance and ensure smooth provider enrolment with our physician credentialing services.

The in-house management of physician credentialing is often riddled with inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and delays. These obstacles can precipitate compliance disputes, endanger patient safety, and potentially compromise your institution's reputation. This is where delegating it to an experienced physician credentialing company like ours serves as a reliable resolution.

We provide robust physician credentialing services designed to alleviate these pressing issues. Our team of experts tackles the cumbersome responsibility of credentialing, ensuring precision, punctuality, and compliance at every stage. Outsourcing to us not only allows you to overcome the challenges of credentialing but also enhances your operational efficiency and patient satisfaction. Entrust us with the task of maintaining the integrity of your medical staff's credentials, while you focus on delivering unparalleled patient care.

Outsource physician insurance credentialing services to simplify complex processes and boost the overall efficacy of your practice.

Client Success Stories

FWS Processed over 3000 Encounters for a Group of Physicians

Processed Over 3000 Encounters Related to Rehabilitation Care for a Group of Physicians from Indianapolis

Read a case study to know how our expertise and experience in an array of healthcare BPO services resulted in the on-time completion of the task leading to a 20% increase in savings.

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Case Study on Healthcare Accounts Receivable

FWS Provided Accounts Receivable Services to a Top Healthcare Organization

We were approached by an EDI team which wanted a good data analysis to save time & money. Before sending claims to the insurer, we performed inventory analysis to share the plan with clients for approval.

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Clients Speak

Your team has been incredibly quick to respond to any concerns. I've had a few issues, and they were always dealt with kindly and promptly. The latest request I had was to make sure the turnaround time was optimized, and I've already noted a significant improvement.

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Physician Consulting: Our Areas of Specialty

With a rich legacy of expertise and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in physician credentialing, we leverage state-of-the-art technology and a keen knowledge of regulatory standards to deliver exceptional results. Our team understands the importance of accurate and efficient credentialing in ensuring the quality of healthcare services and patient safety.

Explore the comprehensive array of physician and physical therapy credentialing services we offer.

  1. Payer Enrollment Services

    Payer Enrollment Services

    We manage the intricate process of enrolling physicians with insurance providers utilizing our team's in-depth knowledge of insurance guidelines. This expedites the process, from application to approval, enhancing your reimbursement rates and optimizing your revenue cycle.

  2. Initial Credentialing Services

    Initial Credentialing Services

    Our initial medical billing credentialing services involve a comprehensive collection and detailed verification of each physician's credentials, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and our team's extensive experience in healthcare regulations and data management.

  3. Privileging Services

    Privileging Services

    Our privileging services involve the systematic validation of each physician's qualifications and experience to determine the specific services they can provide within your institution. This also encompasses coordination with regulatory authorities, medical personnel, and all relevant stakeholders.

  4. Credentialing Verification Services

    Credentialing Verification Services

    Our credentialing verification services involve rigorous verification of each physician's credentials against trusted sources, using sophisticated verification systems. Our experts, proficient in regulatory standards and data verification, ensure the utmost accuracy and compliance of each credential.

  5. Re-credentialing Services

    Re-credentialing Services

    With our re-credentialing services, we ensure the continuous competence of your medical staff by periodically verifying their credentials and tracking necessary renewals. Our expert team, equipped with advanced monitoring technology, ensures your team's qualifications remain current and compliant with all regulatory norms.

  6. Monitoring Services

    Monitoring Services

    Our monitoring services involve ongoing surveillance of each physician's credentials, using advanced tracking tools and our team's expertise in regulatory compliance. We promptly identify any potential lapses, keeping your institution compliant and risk-free.

  7. Maintenance of Provider Credentialing Files

    Maintenance of Provider Credentialing Files

    We offer comprehensive maintenance of provider credentialing files, keeping your credentialing records updated, well-organized, and easily accessible. With secure cloud-based storage technology and our team's expertise in data management, we provide reliable access to accurate credentialing data.

    Our support is not confined to the above services. When you outsource credentialing services to us, we also assist you with -

    • CVO Credentialing
    • Review of Doctors' Qualifications
    • Preparation and Submission of Forms
    • Evaluation of Referrals
    • Supplier Acceptance and Documentation

Physician Credentialing Process We Follow


Managing letter of interest from the provider and application requests from payer's end


We handle group credentialing and affiliation from new providers


We assist in facility credentialing that includes adding providers to facility's ID


We support by handling practice management application for dental and DME payers along with CMS 855


We handle forms submissions for all insurance carriers


We collaborate with insurers to maintain and update the directory of affiliated providers


We follow-up with enrollment challenges and managed healthcare undertakings


We prepare contracts for scanning and storing of documents electronically on a long-term basis


We comprehensively handle managed healthcare summaries that include fee schedule, effective dates, and group enrollment data


We keep a tab on DEA's, CLIA, and NYS registration expiry dates, as well as reapplication


We also manage re-credentialing

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

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Revenue Cycle Management Services

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Claims Adjudication Services

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Medical Billing Services

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Improve Compliance and Save Time - Outsource Physician Credentialing Services

Navigating the process of credentialing by providing comprehensive services, we have emerged as a trusted credentialing company for physicians and healthcare practices. Our support encompasses data gathering, rigorous verification, strategic privileging, and continuous monitoring. With a commitment to accuracy, timeliness, and compliance, we ensure that your medical staff consists of only qualified and licensed professionals.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we provide seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, facilitating a transparent and efficient credentialing process. Our strict adherence to medical credentialing standards reduces risks and ensures your institution's compliance with all the regulatory norms. By aligning with us, you are investing in an elevated level of operational efficiency and safeguarding your reputation for excellent patient care.

Embrace a simplified and efficient approach to physician credentialing. Reach out to us today to commence a partnership built on trust and excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the significance of physician credentialing?

Physician credentialing ensures healthcare providers possess the necessary qualifications, maintaining patient safety and upholding the reputation of healthcare institutions.

What is the typical duration for the credentialing process?

The credentialing process typically spans 90 to 120 days, depending on various factors like timely document submission and verification.

How frequently is physician re-credentialing done?

Physician re-credentialing is often mandated every two to three years to assure ongoing competence and adherence to evolving healthcare standards.

What are the implications if a physician lacks the right credentials?

If a physician lacks proper credentials, it risks patient safety and can lead to legal implications, loss of reputation, and potential financial penalties for the healthcare institution.

What factors should be considered when selecting a company for physician credentialing services?

When selecting a credentialing service, consider their expertise, track record, technology utilization, compliance record, and customer testimonials.

What is the cost involved in outsourcing physician credentialing?

The cost of outsourcing credentialing can vary significantly, depending on the complexity and level of service required. It's a cost-efficient solution over in-house processing.