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Providing accurate and comprehensive discharge summary reports is crucial to any responsible healthcare BPO provider. Discharge summaries are critical for a patient's continued healthcare and an important document in his/her medical history. Due to its high importance, these reports need to be prepared meticulously to ensure high accuracy. This is where the difficulty for hospitals and clinics lies.

Why Outsource Discharge Summary Report Creation?

Hospital staff has time constraints, therefore creating a detailed document becomes tedious. Moreover, nobody wants to bother a staff primarily meant for patient care, to worry about documentation. That's why most hospitals and healthcare units look out for professional vendors who can create medical transcription discharge summary reports with elan.

We at Flatworld Solutions offer dedicated medical transcription services with the help of experienced personnel who are capable of providing accurate and timely discharge summary reports.

Our Discharge Summary Transcription Process

Are you wondering how our discharge summary transcription process works? Have a look -

Receiving Audio/Text Files

Receiving Audio/Text Files

Via email or FTP transfer, you send us audio/text files containing -

  • Discharge Summary Dictation/ Discharge Summary Notes
  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Patient Medical History
  • Treatment and Prescription Records
  • Medical Test Reports - X Ray, Scan and Blood Reports etc.
  • Admission/Discharge Transfer (ADT)
  • Emergency Room Notes

Deciphering Information

Deciphering Information

Our team of expert medical transcriptionists, listen to the audio files and decipher the handwritten notes, to transcribe the reports

Collating Data

Collating Data

The information is collated and put together into a structured and standardized discharge summary report template format according to your specific requirements

Making it HIPAA/HL7 Compliant

Making it HIPAA/HL7 Compliant

The report is created in compliance with international standards such as HIPAA/ HL7

Checking for Quality

Checking for Quality

Once the reports are ready, it goes through a stringent quality process of proofing and editing

Sending Transcribed Document

Sending Transcribed Document

The completed discharge summary documents are sent to you within 24 hours via secured FTP server or encrypted emails

7 Reasons to Choose Flatworld Solutions for Discharge Summary Transcriptions

Flatworld Solutions is a professional outsourcing services company offering wide range of outsourcing solutions to small, mid-sized and large companies. Our transcription solutions are extremely popular among the clients and have helped us get repeat clientele.

Here are the reasons why our clients prefer us over our competitors -

  1. 45% savings on costs
  2. Over 98% accuracy in transcription
  3. Discharge summary reports prepared and delivered within 24 hours (24 hour TAT).
  4. Highly expert team of medical transcriptionists having in-depth knowledge in medical terminologies and international medical transcription standards
  5. HIPAA compliance
  6. Complete medical data security, with uncompromising privacy policy
  7. Over 20 years of experience in providing healthcare transcription services to hospitals and clinics worldwide

We also provide Operative Reports Transcription, ENT transcription services, oncology transcriptions, neurology transcriptions and more.

Contact us for any kind of medical transcription reports creation, and we will be happy to provide you our best service.

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