Outsource Billing Services Using Intelligent Medical Software

Billing Services Using Intelligent Medical Software Services

We automate billing functions from preparing and filing claims to automated payment tracking via intelligent medical software from upwards of $1280 per biller per month

Are you still stuck making follow-ups with patients with unpaid dues and manually updating the ICD update knowledgebase? Nothing could be more stressful than juggling practice and administrative functions. If you are at the receiving end, help has arrived. We at Flatworld Solutions offer billing services using intelligent medical software so that you need not follow up or deviate from providing patient care. We use the smart system to track all unpaid dues, scrub claims, and analyze superbills so that your claims are 100% accurate and compliant with HIPAA. With that, you are free from stress and all accompanying hassles because you wouldn't have to incorporate expensive billing software or stay abreast of the current process.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have a 20 years legacy of offering the most successful medical billing services and it has gotten better with quick and efficient claims processing that won't take more than 24 hours to be accepted. Awe integrate our medical billing process with intelligent medical software to improve the speed of billing, volume, and reimbursement rates.

Billing Services Using Intelligent Medical Software Services We Offer

When it comes to medical billing services using IMS, there is no room for error as the software applies the latest billing guidelines to increase the acceptance rate and reduce denials. As a leading IMS billing services company, we offer the following services -

  1. Practice Requirement Compliance

    Practice Requirement Compliance

    Practices have compliances to meet to ensure that the claims meet the standards. If you can't keep up with the individual requirement, it's better to outsource billing services using intelligent medical software to FWS. With our process already integrated with the IMS, all unique requirements will be fulfilled beforehand to ensure smooth processing.

  2. Template-driven Claim Support for Healthcare Facilities

    Template-driven Claim Support for Healthcare Facilities

    Most healthcare organizations run into issues when the claim template changes. It is important to submit claims as per the template for the claims to be accepted. If this submission isn't in the exact order it fails to meet the compliance and the conflict would result in payment delays. Therefore, by using intelligent medical software we ensure that the submission is as per the latest format so each claim filed is less likely to face rejection.

  3. e-prescriptions Generation

    e-prescriptions Generation

    In the post-pandemic days, patient consultation taking place over the web will become a norm. So to become an early adopter of change, it's best to let us generate electronic prescriptions on your behalf using IMS. This ensures the patient records are not lost or misplaced. Also, it helps to avoid errors like prescribing wrong medications to the wrong patients.

  4. Unified Database Deployment

    Unified Database Deployment

    Gone are the days when database management was tedious and error-prone due to manual data entry. The integration with IMS seems to have solved most issues because a unified database is deployed to give our professional console to manage the practice functions and data entry in EHR.

  5. Health Maintenance via Integrated Clinical Devices

    Health Maintenance via Integrated Clinical Devices

    Showing patients that you are capable of providing care outside the clinical facility will forge trust and benefit hospitals in the long term. Health maintenance recommendations and advice can be automatically dispatched to patients so they can manage the care without further help.

  6. Consolidated Management of Images & Documents

    Consolidated Management of Images & Documents

    Centralized management of paperwork is still a pipe dream for many because there are gaps in coordination and having information available under an umbrella process. This is where intelligent medical billings software comes in. The integration of centralizes images, referrals, and documents to pull up information on tap. It captures patient information and stores it in a secure location to make instant retrieval a possibility.

Billing Services Using Intelligent Medical Software Process

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in optimizing end-to-end Billing services using intelligent medical software and we have been HIPAA compliant. Our expertise in billing software has accelerated payment and compliance. Outsourcing billing for workers compensation services is straightforward and involved the following steps -

We discuss with clients and collect their specialized billing requirement using IMS
Our team will discover billing challenges before developing custom billing services using intelligent medical software required by the client
After an exhaustive evaluation of the project, a free estimate will be offered
After the SLA and NDA is signed, we will deploy a team of billers to begin the project
Upon successful completion of billing services using IMS, we ensure fulfillment of SLA
We furnish detailed reports on the project to help the client get a clear picture

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Why Outsource Billing Services Using Intelligent Medical Software to FWS?

Here are several reasons why it makes a big difference to your practice when you outsource billing services using intelligent medical software -

  • Cost & Time Savings

    When you outsource billing services using intelligent medical software, we help you save cost and time through customization.

  • Secure Data Management

    We always take the best steps to ensure the security of your data. To begin with, we use digital methods of data transaction and save content on the Cloud.

  • ISO Certified Billing Services Provider

    At FWS, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified intelligent medical billing software service provider. Our compliance with the ISO standard and HIPAA is unparalleled.

  • Comprehensive Software Expertise

    Our billing team has experts in implementing intelligent medical software for billing to swiftly capture payments and help practices grow.

  • Expert Professionals

    As a leading intelligent medical billing software service providing company, our billers are certified professionals with decades of cumulative work experience. They are thoroughly aware of the latest compliances.

  • Updates Based on Latest Guidelines

    We are always updated about the latest ICD modifications and take efforts to close gaps in knowledge.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We offer continuous support to our clients in their preferred channels anytime, anywhere.

  • Scalable Services

    The intelligent medical billing software we offer can be scaled per the requirement. If you want options to evolve your project, there is no need to look past us.

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Outsource Billing Services Using Intelligent Medical Software to Flatworld Solutions


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We possess deep expertise in billing services using IMS and have multiplied the revenue streams for large and small healthcare organizations. We routinely use automation to improve most of the billing processes including scheduling, billing, and revenue management, and so on. In more ways than one, we've helped the client to save time, money, and avoid challenges. Our stringent quality standards and commitment to ensuring better healthcare billing performance have made our solutions a must-have for small and large firms. Today, we are the best intelligent medical billing software service providing company in the world.

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