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We provide effective care management services so that you and your team can focus on your core responsibilities with efficiency. Prices start at $1280 per FTE per month

Today, the success of healthcare institutes is not dependent only on the number of patients, specialties, professionals, or success rate with treatments that they have. Value-based care takes precedence, especially in terms of the parameters that patients weigh to find a healthcare organization to be reliable. However, there's a day-to-day load on healthcare professionals and other staff members in a healthcare setting to devote more and more of their time fulfilling their core responsibilities. This is when you, as a healthcare practice that aims to reduce health risks and the costs involved in care, can outsource care management services to Flatworld Solutions.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) has been helping healthcare organizations make a transition from a traditional, disease-based approach to a more unconventional, preventive approach. We collaborate with you to help your patients have greater control over their health and making decisions for their health conditions. We streamline workflows, store data, and function in a predictive manner to help you impact the lives of your patient in the most positive ways while also helping you make the right impression as a professional healthcare services provider.

Care Management Services We Offer

As a professional care management services providing company with over 20 years of experience, we are equipped with talented, knowledgeable, and qualified care managers who are adept at offering a wealth of health and social care management services. Here are the several services that we can provide you and your team of health experts for implementing value-based care -

  1. Care Coordination Support

    Care Coordination Support

    Our expert care managers help you in monitoring patient health and manage care such that adequate preventive and intervention-based steps can be taken as per the early signs. We keep abreast of the developing trends and offer disease management programs that help the patient understand the disease, perform daily health check-ups, and help them navigate through their treatment process.

  2. Chronic Care Management Services

    Chronic Care Management Services

    One of the primary goals of healthcare organizations is to improve healthcare outcomes and the chances of this increase as a result of patient-compliance. With our chronic care management services, we tailor programs to meet the requirements of each of your patients. Our efforts are aimed at helping you coordinate care, attain your financial goals, incorporate healthcare education and literacy, and promote self-care management by reducing in-patient and ER admissions.

  3. Clinical Decision Support Technology

    Clinical Decision Support Technology

    We leverage various software and tools to manage patient data and optimize care as per the data. Our software not only helps in maintaining medical records but also integrates data from various sources, helps in risk assessment, and also makes two-way communication between healthcare experts and patients possible. We use interactive ways like graphical representations of trends, storing symptoms and biometric data, and much more to help you achieve more efficient care coordination.

  4. Patient Support Services

    Patient Support Services

    We have a dedicated patient support service team that helps both clinicians and patients gain more insight into more complex conditions. We have adequate experience and come up with resources that can serve as an information pool. We also help patients complete remote monitoring programs. The clinician can access this data and assess and evaluate the health status of their patients. We provide constant and consistent patient support to help them with health checks and have more control over their care.

  5. Post-Procedural Support

    Post-Procedural Support

    Our post-procedural support is aimed at helping patients navigate follow-ups, post-operative care, pain management, and how they can take care of themselves. We also help keep a record of the health report of the patient like vital signs, condition of the site of surgery, and give clinicians access to the patient report when the need arises.

  6. Care Transition Support

    Care Transition Support

    We take care of the burden of acquainting the patients with transition from hospital care to post-hospital care by providing these services. That way, you can devote all your energy to check-ups and treatments. Thus, we help in complete care management to help your practice as well as your patients.

Benefits of Our Care Management Services

Care management is a proven way to enhance the efficiency of healthcare functioning while maximizing the benefits for both the patient and the healthcare institute. With increased complexity in the way hospitals work, the need for professional care management services cannot be understated. This is why working with a trustworthy care management service provider is highly recommended. Here are the various ways in which you will be benefitted when you opt for care management services -

  1. Increase both initial and long-term engagement rates
  2. Helps in complete risk and need assessment
  3. Aids in creating effective care plans
  4. Improves patient compliance
  5. Improves health outcomes
  6. Promotes satisfaction in patients
  7. Reduction in no call, no show

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Care Management Services?

Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in offering complete care management services to various hospitals and emergency departments all over the world. While our services are high in quality and flawless, there are many other reasons as to why we have catered to so many clients from different parts of the world over these many years. With that said, here are the benefits of outsourcing care management services to us -

  • Affordable Rates

    When you're looking for value-based care, we believe that it should come at value-for-money kind of prices. This is why our services are priced fairly and are affordable to make them accessible to hospitals and healthcare practices of all sizes.

  • Data Security

    Here at Flatworld Solutions, we take data security very seriously and take every precaution to safeguard patient's data. Being an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company, we give you complete assurance that we take all the precautions and adhere to strict data security standards to keep your sensitive information completely confidential.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    We are equipped with the latest tools and technologies for different operations. This helps us ensure complete accuracy and precision in our services. From the patient's data to reports that are stored with us, this software eliminates any chances of confusion or errors. We also keep upgrading our infrastructure and tools to offer you care management services that are never short of excellent.

  • Accredited Healthcare Service Provider

    We are an ISO: 9001: 2015 certified care management company that complies with the quality standards for methodologies and processes. Therefore, when you collaborate with us, you can be completely confident about the quality of our services.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    Professional care management services are worth it only when they are prompt for the benefit of the patient and clinician. We believe in this, and therefore, ensure that our operations are performed promptly, thus promising quick turnaround times.

  • Experienced Team

    Over the years, we have screened and selected care managers based on skills, knowledge, and experience. When you work with us, your requirements are handled by industry professionals who are committed to offering top-notch services with all due diligence.

  • Round-the-Clock Availability

    Since we take deadlines very seriously, we will always provide our medical practice transformation services ahead of schedule and within budget.

Client Success Story

FWS Checked and Verified Insurance Eligibility for a Telemedicine Provider

FWS Checked and Verified Insurance Eligibility for a Telemedicine Provider

We provided insurance eligibility and verification services to a birth control telemedicine provider in the US.

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FWS Processed and Analyzed Over 3000 Rehabilitation Care Encounters for a Group of Indianapolis-based Physicians

FWS Processed and Analyzed Over 3000 Rehabilitation Care Encounters for a Group of Indianapolis-based Physicians

A team of rehabilitation care physicians wanted us to process over 3000 physician encounters. Our timely and accurate services resulted in a 20% increase in savings.

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Outsource Care Management Services to Flatworld Solutions


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In today's day and age, when the burden on healthcare practices increases, it is almost imperative to have a care management team in place to lower the burden on the healthcare organization while also ensuring complete patient satisfaction. This is why care management services have become an indispensable part of the healthcare system. When you work with a reliable and experienced care management services providing company like Flatworld Solutions, you have one less operation to handle, which helps you focus on your core responsibilities. We help you in enhancing care coordination so that your patients are well-informed, feel an internal locus of control on their health and wellbeing, and understand the day-to-day tests and checkups that they need. With this, we aim to help both you and your patients.

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