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Cardiology EMR Services

Time to own the cost-effective, reliable, and customized cardiology EMR services from Flatworld Solutions to bag stature of the best cardiology practice

Do you work in a cardiology hospital or manage it directly where the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software plays a major role in the medical processes? Or are you still watching out for cardiology EMI services to make your tasks simpler? It is because hospitals deal with several processes other than treating, which needs doctors and medical personnel to put in extra efforts to complete them. So, it becomes an overwhelming task for them. But, relax! Flatworld Solutions provides the perfect solution for all cardiologists in the world.

Flatworld Solutions is a cardiology EMR service providing company offering a wide range of services to all medical specialties. We provide customized, flexible, and cardiology EHR related services so that cardiologists have enough time to focus on their patients rather than hustling with EMR management.

Cardiology EMR Services We Offer

Outsource cardiology EMR services to FWS and get assisted with end-to-end EMR processes such as RAMQ & OHIP billing, device interoperability, configuring laboratory interfaces, patient portal, integrated practice management, transcription, and reports along with regulating the operations that adhere to best practices. Our ease of technological use, multimode support, and vast knowledge on cardiology makes us a top-notch cardiology EMR services provider in the world. Several multi-specialty hospitals, network hospitals, and independent clinics in the world are outsourcing cardiology EMR services to Flatworld Solutions. The ultimate reason for our best cardiology EMR services is that we are a cost-efficient, consistent, and reliable partner providing a variety of services which include -

  1. Cardiology EMR Tool Selection

    Cardiology EMR Tool Selection

    As a leading cardiology EMR service providing company, we have operated with hundreds of EMR tools for various requirements. We help you make perfect decision in choosing a precise EMR tool that is best suited for your cardiology practice. We suggest a tool that is easy to integrate and helps in simplifying workflows at a high ROI.

  2. Cardiology EMR Integration

    Cardiology EMR Integration

    Cardiologists, often, have high-tech equipment and thousands of laboratory reports to deal with. So, it's imperative to ensure that EMR solutions work consistently. At FWS, we perfectly integrate with EMR Solutions and equipment like ECG, X-Ray, CT scanner, ECHO cardiograms, Holter monitors, ultrasound, cardiac catheterization equipment, etc. Also, we integrate EMR solution to HRM and HL7 sending facilities to ensure your non-stop communication with other medical professionals, labs, and hospitals within your network.

  3. Cardiology EMR Billing

    Cardiology EMR Billing

    At FWS, we use customized codes for billing purposes. Our team uses cardiology-fit OHIP codes for error-free billing. Also, at relevant situations, we include Fee Multipliers and develop ‘hot' codes.

  4. Cardiology EMR Tool Migration

    Cardiology EMR Tool Migration

    We help you transit from paper-heavy EMR to a well-organized and compliant software solution that is well suited for professional requirements. We take the whole responsibility of transiting EMR solution without any hassle in your daily functioning.

  5. Cardiology EMR Inventory Management

    Cardiology EMR Inventory Management

    We assist in systematic stock management of vaccines and medications. We help in managing your inventory across multiple locations to reduce wastage and costs. We also handle your order alerts, track multi-locations, reports and analytics, DME rental management, sales tracking, etc.

  6. Customizing Forms and Template

    Customizing Forms and Template

    Cardiology is a distinct field; hence, cardiologists have their own demands for EMR solution. No matter which EMR solution you bring in, you still should make sure it works well for your cardiology practice. Therefore, we provide customized forms and templates for cardiology-specific practices such as pacemaker, cardiology SOAP notes, cardiac catheter, cardiac exam, hypertension, etc.

  7. Cardiology EMR Software Development

    Cardiology EMR Software Development

    Although, a plethora of readymade EMR tools are available in the market, many cardiologists still want to have a higher level of personalized EMR tool. This is because readymade tools are not integrated with all the features you want. However, Flatworld Solutions has excellent software development expertise that develop a personalized software within a quick time at efficient cost. Then we will do transition from your old system to the newer one without any hassle.

Process Flow We Follow at FWS Cardiology EMR Services

As we give sheer importance to client issues, we completely involve ourselves in implementing cardiology EMR System. Our prime goal is to make sure you witness commendable process in each stage to give you 100% satisfaction and trust on the efforts we put. The cardiology EMR service process flow we have is as below -


01. Understanding your Requirement

We closely work with client team to know their requirement precisely, and suppress the immediate and long-term challenges they are facing in current practice


02. Planning EMR and Designing

FWS' experts will find the best method to secure outstanding results within the client budget. However, before we begin, we share the finalized plan, design, and actual cost estimation with clients


03. EMR or EHR Development

We bring in appropriate technology and use pre-approved plans to implement EMR services and develop it efficiently


04. Performance Testing

Once the EMR is successfully implemented, we carry out performance testing on each module to ensure that you get the desired results and hold good for long-term processes


05. Reporting and Feedback

After testing, we accumulate reports on the performance and update you with the same for your evaluation and records. The clients can revert with their feedback on these reports to make us enhance our services

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should you Partner with FWS Cardiology EMR Services?

Our client base includes hundreds of healthcare businesses from around the globe who have successfully received FWS cardiology EMR services. Our services are essentially reliable, accurate, and consistent. Additionally, FWS bring in various advantages to the clients which include -

  • Certified Cardiology EMR Service Provider

    FWS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified EMR healthcare billing service provider, which assures you to share patient information present in the healthcare departments without any worries. Also, while receiving services, you can access the hospital data at any time to make crucial decisions about the ongoing process.

  • Data is Highly Secured

    While we signup a client, we make sure to provide Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to the client. We are quite serious about our data, thus, ensuring that it doesn't get into the wrong hands. We make use of VPN and secured FTP channels to share the data with clients. Therefore, our efforts have earned us ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accreditation for secure data management.

  • Quality Assurance

    FWS has a separate team of quality assurance experts who make sure that our client will receive high qualified error-free EMR services. They consistently monitor our service providing team to make sure that they tick off international medical rules and regulations.

  • Highly Scalable

    FWS offers scalable cardiology EMR services. Most of the outsourcing partners fail to meet the client expectations when their requirement increases. But, with Flatworld Solutions vast workforce and modern infrastructure, you can never experience uncertainties in the EMR services.

  • Short Turnaround

    We have streamlined a perfect process that we have been following from several years. Adding to this, with the help of talented vets and best infrastructure, we can provide high-quality cardiology EMR services within a short time.

  • Cost-effective Services

    As mentioned above, our EMR services process flow is not only effective and faster, but also is highly cost-efficient. Our clients save a commendable amount of (Above 35% at least) money when they outsource cardiology EMR services to us.

  • Single Point of Contact

    FWS is the best partner for your cardiology EMR management. It's because we can handle everything for you such as quality analytics, referral management, data entry, transcription, reports, and many more. When you sign-up, we assign you a dedicated project manager who works closely with you ensuring that all your needs are met in the stipulated time.

  • Highly Experienced and Certified Team

    Flatworld Solutions possess supremely talented team having professional medical license and master the art of using resources to code for the different kinds of drug. We regularly train our EMR serving team on the latest tools and technologies in the market to update them, so that they can handle your requirements in the best possible way.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We keep innovating ourselves with modern infrastructure. Be it secured systems, software or hardware; we make sure to own the best in every department to provide excellent cardiology EMR processes within the given time while assuring the quality.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    FWS offers the best EMR management that is available 24/7. We work round the clock to support our clients with great operational reliability and provide EMR services within a quick time.

Client Success Stories

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Helped A Medical Billing Company with Complete ICD-10 Transition and Training

We offered our expertise to a client who preferred migration of medical records to an ICD-10 compliant system. The client expressed gratitude for the services and successful outcome.

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Provided Medical Billing Support to the largest US-based Medical Billing Services Administrator

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Flatworld Solutions has been a leading cardiology EHR service provider to hospitals, clinics, and individual medical professionals in the world from more than two decades. We provide highly efficient, professional, and quality cardiology EMR services in all around the world. As we have worked with thousands of cardiologists till date, we understand how important is EMR and what exactly should we do to meet the client needs. Also, FWS offers its services at flexible prices and accepts customized orders along with providing unparallel excellence in all types of EMR services we have mentioned above. If you are disappointed to see huge sum of service charges in your previous queries, then it's time to relax yourself.

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