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Outsource Ambulance Billing Services

Is it becoming increasingly challenging to chase after-payments and low fee or no fee collection from the uninsured? Is your team finding it difficult to cope up with the frequent reimbursement rule changes? Then it's high time you outsource ambulance billing services to a professional ambulance billing service provider. EMS companies that do not outsource billing and collection services, find themselves having to allocate expensive resources towards billing and collections as well as towards compliance requirements.

The comprehensive place for all your ambulance billing services and solutions, Flatworld Solutions is one such medicare billing for ambulance services. We have the requisite expertise and experience to provide the required services at affordable prices and within a quick turnaround time.

Professional Ambulance Billing Services Offered by Flatworld Solutions

We are a full-service offshore ambulance billing company, committed to improving revenue recoveries for governmental and privately-owned ambulance medical billing services. We have the expertise and the experience in providing effective Ambulance Billing, guaranteed to maximize your revenues while reducing your costs. We offer the following services -

  • Professional Ambulance Billing

    Our dedicated billing team follows professional standards for billing and revenue recovery. We work with your crew to get the required documentation to file a claim. We input PCRs with accurate coding so that claims are not denied. It is ensured that claims are reimbursed on time and that you get the maximum reimbursement available. It is also our responsibility to do the necessary coordination and follow-up required for unpaid claims.

  • False Alarm Billing

    We provide false alarm billing and collection services to help you reduce wasteful false alarm runs. This is done by maintaining a database of repeat offenders and assessing them with the approved and proper fees based on guidelines.

  • Treat-No-Transport Billing

    If you are a provider of first responder medical services that cater to the services of patient aid and care but do not transport patients, we can help you recover the associated costs of providing the service.

  • Fire Inspection Billing

    Some states and local statutes allow for the recovery of costs associated with building plan reviews and fire and life safety inspections. We can help you bill and collect for reimbursement of fire inspection services for Construction Permits, Operational Use Permits, or for Business Fire Code Compliance.

  • Administration of Membership Programs

    If you run an EMS Membership Program, we can help you with the management, billing, and collection services as well as maintain subscription account records.

  • ePCR Integration

    We can help you seamlessly integrate electronic files from major ePCR systems with our professional ambulance billing systems while ensuring that each field is populated accurately. We work closely with most of the major ePCR systems including Alpine, Digital Solutions, EMS Charts, ESO Solutions, iPCR, FieldSaver, Beyond Lucid, Fire House, High Plains, Health EMS (Sansio), ImageTrend, Med-Media, and ZOLL ePCR systems.

Flatworld Solutions' Professional Ambulance Billing Process

During the Ambulance Billing process, it is critical that no bill which has a chance of being paid somehow goes unpaid. We ensure that the ambulance billing process is executed in a timely manner and with high efficiency by our experienced billing team members. The process flow can be broken down into the following steps -

Gather Billing Information from Different Sources

Gather billing information from different sources

Perform Process Insurance Eligibility Checks

Perform and process insurance eligibility checks

File the Claim Electronically using Accurate Codes

File the claim electronically using accurate codes

Promptly bill the Customer or Insurance

Promptly bill the customer or insurance

Review or Appeal any Denials

Review or appeal any denials

Follow-up on unpaid claims

Follow-up on unpaid claims

Run Regular Reports on Unpaid Claims

Run regular reports on unpaid claims

Run Analytics on Payment Trends

Run analytics on the payment trends

Why Outsource Ambulance Medical Billing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We are a premier offshore professional ambulance billing company with over 20 years of experience in providing ambulance medical billing services. We focus on every aspect of the billing process to facilitate revenue recovery and try our best to increase your revenue. Here's what sets us apart -

  1. Flexible Pricing Options

    Billing requirements depend on various factors and vary from one client to another. We, therefore, offer highly customized services for each of our clients at reasonable rates.

  2. 100% HIPAA Compliant Processes

    We maintain patient confidentiality and data security by following HIPAA-compliant processes. We carry out regular audits at every stage of the project. In addition to HIPAA, we also carry the ICD 10, ICD 11, DSM 5, RBMA, and ISO certifications.

  3. Quality and Accuracy

    Our highly professional ambulance billing team includes coders who are familiar with the unique coding standards applicable to EMS Companies. This helps in filing claims using the right codes. Be rest assured that you will see an increase in revenue collections with most claims paid on first submission, as well as a reduction in claim denials.

  4. Shorter Turnaround Time

    Our billing team promptly processes and submits claims on a daily basis. This enables you to maintain your revenue cycle and receive timely payouts from insurance providers or customers.

  5. Follow-up for Denied Claims

    We meticulously follow-up on denied claims and do our best to make sure that no claim is left unpaid.

  6. 24/7 Accessibility

    You will have 24/7 access to our medicare billing for ambulance services as well as custom reporting facilities. In addition, you will liaison with a one-point contact who will help you at every stage of the process.

  7. Easy File Transfer

    We use highly secure FTP to transfer files and you can be assured that all your confidential patient information is completely safe. We can even log in remotely into your system and work on the files.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided DME Services to a California Based Client

Provided High-quality DME Services to a California-based Client

The client wanted to partner with a professional service provider who could provide the services at a very competitive price and within a quick turnaround time Flatworld Solutions was a qualified partner that matched their budgetary needs and the project was executed as per the client's satisfaction.

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FWS Provided Accounts Receivable Management & Medical Billing to US Client

Provided Accounts Receivable Management & Medical Billing Services to a US Client

The client approached Flatworld Solutions in the wake of problems they faced due to decline in collection, shoddy billing work by in-house team, and incomplete billing. We analyzed the challenge and swiftly provided billing solution. All that within the short deadline as the client was time-constrained.

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We have really enjoyed having FWS on our team. You guys have done an excellent job. Thank you for all your hard work.

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We are a professional ambulance billing company that knows how to get the work done on time and with the highest efficiency. We have the expertise to provide a plethora of other medical billing and coding services and mainly focus on increasing revenues while cutting costs. We understand your challenges and can provide high-quality medical billing and coding services that can cut down on your overheads. Having been in the industry for over 20 years now, we exactly understand the client's requirements and provide the medicare billing for ambulance services and other related services accordingly.

Get in touch with us now to outsource ambulance medical billing services and discuss your project requirements with our professionals.

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Ambulance Billing Services FAQs

  • What is an ambulance billing service?

    Ambulance billing services pertain to adopting professional methods for billing and revenue recovery. Flatworld collaborates with your team for securing accurate documentation for filing a claim. PCRs are integrated with the required coding so that claims do not get rejected. We maintain persistence to ensure that claims are reimbursed within the expected time and that you receive the maximum reimbursement. The responsibility for consistent coordination and follow-ups for unpaid claims also lies with us.

  • Who is usually responsible for ambulance billing?

    Ambulance billing is usually the responsibility of the hospital or the medical center and the bill is usually charged against the insurance payer. Instead of doing it in-house, it is best to outsource these administrative tasks to save your time. Being a full-service offshore ambulance billing company, Flatworld Solutions can be availed for professional ambulance billing.

  • What is the process flow of outsourcing ambulance billing services?

    Flatworld Solutions ensures that there are no chances of ambulance bills going unpaid. We ensure that ambulance medical billing services are executed within the stipulated time by our experienced billing team members. The process flow follows the below steps -

    • Accumulate billing information from across sources
    • Initiate and perform insurance eligibility checks
    • Electronic filing of the claim with accurate codes
    • Bill the insurance or customer immediately
    • Review denials and appeal
    • Carry out follow-ups on unpaid claims
    • Prepare reports on unpaid claims
    • Conduct analytics on the payment trends
  • Are ambulance bills considered medical bills?

    Yes, ambulance bills are considered medical bills. Flatworld Solutions focuses on assisting your team throughout every step of the billing process. Our objective is to improve the chances of revenue recovery and make efforts to maximize reimbursements during medicare billing for ambulance services.

  • How are ambulance services billed?

    The ambulance billing service follows certain thorough procedures to ensure that none of the claims remain unpaid. Flatworld ensures that processes are in place and they are strictly followed, so that claim settlement can be done efficiently and in a timely way by our highly skilled billing team members.

    At first, the billing team accumulates billing information from varied sources and then eligibility checks are processed. The claim is then filed electronically using accurate codes before billing the customer or insurance. The team reviews or appeals in case of denials. Further, it closely keeps a track of unpaid claims and follow-up on them at frequent intervals. As a result, it runs regular reports on unpaid claims. Finally, it organizes analytical studies on the payment trends.