Medical Records Indexing Services

Indexing medical records is a major administrative activity within most hospitals and healthcare centers. It requires considerable resources to manage the task efficiently and accurately. With US laws mandating that patients' medical records be maintained for a period of 7 years, organizing, maintaining and storing large volumes of patient-related documents can not only be time-consuming, but also requires considerable investment in physical space and storage infrastructure.

At Flatworld Solutions, we offer high-quality professional indexing services to help you manage patient records and related documents in a systematic and well-organized environment. Our indexing services include scanning, indexing and data storage, all of which ensure easy retrieval of records from within your EMR software, and also help in making quicker updates to patient records.

Our range of indexing services spans the entire gamut of patient-related information. We help record and index varied documents including -

  • Patient demographics sheets
  • Clinical histories
  • Medical reports
  • Health insurance ID cards
  • Insurance bills
  • Health service provider notes
  • EOBs

We have been offering our indexing services to clients in the US, UK and Canada for over 17 years and manage our indexing services through our HIPAA-compliant indexing process. Our well-qualified indexing experts are highly experienced in handling medical bills and documents, and offer you best-in-class indexing support. Besides, a dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to you to ensure that your requests are attended to immediately, and all of your patient documents are indexed and maintained professionally.

Our indexing services are designed to be cost-effective and to enable maximum productivity with minimal turnaround time. Typically, our clients save over 50% of their in-house indexing costs after they outsource their indexing services to us. Our indexing experts are available 24/7 and can attend to your queries and support your document indexing needs quickly. Documents sent to us for indexing are typically indexed and loaded back into your EMR or practice management software within a short period of time. Further, our indexing team also assigns special identification numbers to each patient record, which makes record and data retrieval quick and easy. All of these ensure quicker turnaround on services and helps you with saving significant costs.

We have also adopted Six Sigma techniques to scale down the incidence of errors and provide you with high quality error-free work. Our services are managed with 99.9% accuracy and consistency; this assures you of error-free information every time you access documents that we have indexed.

Our medical records indexing services have been designed entirely with your needs in mind. We offer end-to-end management of patient information, and ensure that updated medical records are available at the click of a button. Our well-designed services ensure you can stay focused on offering the best care to your patients while we take over the responsibility of indexing and maintaining the records.

Outsource Indexing of Medical Records to Flatworld Solutions

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