Outsource Biomedical Illustration Services

Biomedical Illustration Services

We create unique and inspiring illustrations to help you educate your audience about various aspects of health - the diseases, their mechanism, risks, and prevention options

Are you struggling to provide your clients with an artistic way to understand how the health and pharmaceutical industry is evolving and functioning? Is it difficult for them to understand the various aspects of human health, related to the diagnosis of diseases, drugs used for prevention, and treatment options, for research and effective communication to the end user - doctors, scientists, clinicians, and patients? Then the best step would be to outsource biomedical illustration services to an experienced service provider.

At Flatworld Solutions, we are a leading biomedical illustration service providing company that provides comprehensive biomedical illustration services to help you effectively interpret different biological processes and seamlessly understand the continuously evolving healthcare industry. Our highly experienced and medically trained team of digital creative experts delivers interactive and high-end biomedical illustrations that help pharmaceutical companies and doctors to communicate, educate, and inspire consumers, patients, and medical audience and help them engage with brands.

Biomedical Illustration Services We Offer

At FWS, we provide our customers with highly customized and tailored biomedical illustration services to help them bring their ideas to life. Our bespoke biomedical illustrations give our clients the power to visually demonstrate the science behind complex health mechanisms and biomedical processes and show the world how continuous innovations in the biomedical industry have changed the way we perceive the healthcare industry. Our biomedical illustration services include -

  1. Medical Device Illustrations

    Medical Device Illustrations

    Healthcare industry is constantly impacted by new technological innovations that revolutionize the way we conduct complex medical procedures and treat diseases. We create medical device illustrations to help doctors and healthcare professionals understand the functionalities of new medical devices for better sales and service.

  2. Drug Illustrations

    Drug Illustrations

    Drug manufacturing is a cumbersome process that involves a lot of research and regulatory approvals. We help pharmaceutical companies create stunning drug illustrations to help them define the mechanism of action of a particular drug and how it will help in the effective treatment of the disease. Our drug illustrations also help pharmaceutical companies to inform, educate, and convince doctors, healthcare professionals, and patients to prescribe and use their medicine.

  3. Healthcare Simulations

    Healthcare Simulations

    Our 2D biomedical illustrations enable healthcare providers to educate patients about a particular disease, its path of progression, and how a certain line of treatment can stop disease progression. This helps to create awareness about diseases and patients can clearly understand the most effective ways to treat them.

  4. Illustrations for Marketing

    Illustrations for Marketing

    Amidst stiff competition, every pharmaceutical company and healthcare provider looks for innovative ways to market their products and establish their brand. At FWS, we can help biotech, medical, and pharmaceutical industries visually improve their customer base through technology-driven illustrations that not only help in highlighting their products through digital and print media but also help them impress their potential customers and augment sales.

  5. Illustrations for Hospitals and Wellness Centers

    Illustrations for Hospitals and Wellness Centers

    To stay ahead of each other, hospitals too need to market themselves in a better manner and impress patients and potential staff about the kind of infrastructure and medical facility they provide. Our biomedical illustrations can help highlight the distinguishing features of your hospital and can go a long way in educating patients and training staff about various procedures that you follow for effective disease treatment.

Biomedical Illustration Process at Flatworld Solutions

As a leading biomedical illustration service provider, we use the power of visual storytelling to create compelling 2D biomedical illustrations that are not just educational but self-explanatory too. We follow a comprehensive creative process to ensure that our illustrations are medically correct and look nothing less than a work of art. All our illustrations are custom made from scratch; we do not follow a particular template or style. This ensures that all our illustrations are unique and authentic. Through all stages of development, we stay in constant touch with our clients to ensure that we are able to meet their requirements precisely and efficiently. Our process includes the following steps -

Understanding our clients' requirements
Sourcing files and other informational material for creating illustrations
Designing the layout
Using vectors to create digital graphics
Adding effects and colors to the illustrations
Quality checking the illustrations for medical accuracy
Delivering biomedical illustrations to the client in the format of their choice

Clients/Industries We Serve

Over the span of 20 years, we have created compelling biomedical illustrations for some the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical companies and have helped them enhance the way they interact with their target audience. Some of the clients we cater to include but not limited to -

Healthcare ProfessionalsHealthcare Professionals
Pharmaceutical CompaniesPharmaceutical Companies
Scientists/ Research ScholarsScientists/ Research Scholars
Educational InstitutesEducational Institutes
Medicine Marketing ProfessionalsMedicine Marketing Professionals
Surgical Instrument ManufacturersSurgical Instrument Manufacturers

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Your Biomedical Illustration Needs?

At Flatworld Solutions, we are experts in medical storytelling. Our expert illustrators, graphic designers, and content specialists have years of experience in creating high-quality, medically-correct, interactive biomedical illustrations that clearly depict how a particular medicine, medical process, or treatment works. So, whether you are looking for a simple schematic illustration or want an elaborate poster, experts at Flatworld Solutions can help bring your concepts to life. Outsource biomedical illustration services to Flatworld Solutions and enjoy -

  • Affordable Pricing Packages

    Working with us for biomedical illustrations is highly cost-effective. We provide our clients with highly affordable pricing packages which will suit their business requirements and budget.

  • HIPAA Complaint Services

    HIPAA was created to ensure that all the patient-related data is kept safe. We do not begin any healthcare project before signing the HIPAA agreement. This ensures that all your patient-related data is safe and not divulged to any third party.

  • Instant Access to Thousands of Certified Experts

    At FWS, we are powered by a team of thousands of certified and expert illustrators, graphic designers, and content specialists who have years of experience in the medical illustration and animation industry. They can help you in creating interesting and medically correct biomedical illustrations - that will surely leave an everlasting impression on your audience.

  • Best-in-Class Service

    We take pride in our work. Leveraging our expert skill sets and medical knowledge, we give our clients the visual power to showcase their products. Our experts always strive to deliver the most accurate and detailed illustrations that explicitly show how a particular process, service, or procedure works and how your target audience can benefit from it.

  • Stringent Quality Parameters

    We adhere to strict quality norms. All our biomedical illustrations undergo rigorous and multi-level quality checks to ensure that they are professionally executed and created as per our client's specifications. This helps us deliver comprehensive, precise, and accurate biomedical illustrations, project after project.

  • Fast Turnaround time

    We strictly follow our delivery deadlines and always strive to deliver our projects as per the date and time specified to you. We operate from different delivery locations spread across time zones which allow us to deliver services within a quick time without compromising on the quality.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our customer service executives work round the clock to ensure complete customer coverage 24/7. Our continuous service availability ensures simplified interactions and timely resolution of all queries and concerns.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you choose to outsource biomedical illustration services to us, we will assign a dedicated project manager. This manager will be the single point of contact for all your needs and will keep you updated about the latest project developments.

  • Best Infrastructure

    We believe that it is important to have a good infrastructure to provide good quality medical animation services. We have access to the best infrastructure in terms of international-standard workspaces, the latest medical animation tools, and technologies, etc.

  • Easily Scalable Services

    Our team at Flatworld Solutions have the required skills, talent, and resources to easily scale up the service requirements as and when the client needs it. We can ramp up and employ a number of resources for the project which will enable to complete the project earlier than the schedule.

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Outsource Biomedical Illustration Services to Flatworld Solutions


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At FWS, we are one of the most sought after biomedical illustration service providers in India. We strive to be your one-stop destination for all biomedical illustration and animation requirements apart from a series of other healthcare BPO services. Outsource all your high-end biomedical animation and illustration needs to us and enjoy a comprehensive suite of services to create highly engaging stories and visuals that bring your ideas and concepts to life.

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