Electronic Health Records

Global healthcare is an information-rich enterprise, and with rapid advancements being made in the field of technology, paper-based medical records are facing gradual obsolescence. This is because electronic health records (EHRs) allow for a more seamless flow of information, while being available in an easy-to-understand and readily available format.

At the same time, today, many electronic health records (EHR) systems are challenged by lack of meaningful use. This has made selecting an EHR system a complex task. Add to it the varied requirements of different stakeholders on selecting the right EHR system; you definitely are left considering and counter-considering your options.

Flatworld Solutions has over a decade of experience in serving various verticals of the healthcare industry. We can help you get the right medical health record systems working for you, which will not only digitize the whole process but will also make practical use of it to increase your profits and operational efficiency.

Our EHR Service Offerings

With the help of our expert guidance and our proficiency in setting up electronic medical record systems, we can help global healthcare providers make informed decisions and provide better coordinated care to their patients. Our services include -

  • Data Migration of Electronic Medical Records

    Transcribing paper-based patient records into electronic medical records is an extremely time consuming process. There's an additional challenge of entering the records correctly based on the EHR system parameters which in turn calls for professional expertise. Our EHR migration team can assess your manual documentations and procedures and ensure that the patient data in properly digitized and made available.

  • Electronic Health Records as SaaS

    We can not only deploy the best EHR system locally but also provide it as a properly deployed SaaS solution. This further ensures that you never have to worry about onsite electronic medical records software maintenance and support. Our SaaS solutions are highly scalable, and the ability to customize it as per your requirements ensures your electronic health records system remain cost-effective and up-to-date.

  • Upgrading Your Existing EHR System

    If you are using an electronic medical records system which just doesn't add to your overall effectiveness or mandates partial manual documentation practices then it's time you upgrade your existing electronic health records software to help you cater to more patients and also increase your profitability. Our healthcare experts can consult and look at your existing system and engage the best EHR system right away.

We Ensure Efficiency of Your Electronic Health Records System

At Flatworld, we first understand your EHR or Electronic medical records (EMR) implementation requirements and consider all aspects such as budget, regulatory demands, your practice knowhow, your current manual documentation procedures, etc., and then we come up with the right EHR system that can easily synchronize with your current practices and make them more efficient. Our deployment procedures include the following tried and tested steps -

  • Setting EHR Objectives

    We first understand your requirements, walk through your current processes, suggest the best certified electronic health records system, and then finally set the objectives that can be achieved to maximize efficiency

  • Integrating or Upgrading Your Existing Systems

    Most healthcare organizations already have legacy systems or records that they find difficult to integrate into the new system. Flatworld can help in simplifying, integrating, merging and upgrading all your old records into the new system so that no useful data is lost

  • Training Doctors and Other Resources

    We conduct workshops with your doctors, nursing staff, floor staff, administration staff, and other executives who do the initial data entries and use the system. We train them with useful tips and processes which can make using the whole system seamless and in line with your requirements

  • Synchronizing with ERP system

    If you have a healthcare ERP system already active, we can synchronize the EHR system into it to setup an extremely useful and comprehensive healthcare information system

  • Privacy and Security Management

    In the wake of increasing data breaches, confidentiality and security of medical records is of utmost importance. We help in setting up the right workflows, security policies, and guidelines to help keep your data safe from any malicious intent

  • Regulatory Compliance Management

    We ensure that your records are maintained and kept up-to-date as per the regulatory requirements of the government in your country (HIPAA)

Benefits of Outsourcing EHR to FWS

Apart from the generic benefits of EHR implementation such as increased operational efficiency, improved documentation, better quality of care, security of data and reduced documentation costs we ensure that you get unique, additional benefits that can increase your business profitability by partnering with us, which include -

  • Facilitating Digital Doctor-patient Engagement - We engage smart tools and apps which can increase doctor patient engagement in a digitally interactive environment. This is extremely useful in cases where doctors need to make evidence based decisions, and with the help of EHRs, they can have access to aggregate data from multiple sources such as inpatient and outpatient care, rural population results, etc.
  • Highly Experienced EHR Experts - Our expertise in maintaining EHR systems for our clients for over a decade makes us one of the most experienced service providers in healthcare digitization service and support. We are one of the few organizations who can integrate genomic data within the electronic health record system for more informed bioinformatics
  • Continuous Quality Improvement - We continuously work on simplifying entry processes, increasing usability of EHR, innovating new work methodologies, increasing doctor patient engagement, and improving technological impacts thus ensuring always the best, latest, and cost-effective solutions to our clients

Choose Flatworld Solutions to Setup an Efficient Electronic Medical Records System

At Flatworld, what makes us stand out is not just the experience with implementing and increasing the usability of EHR systems for you, but the fact that we are constantly working at finding ways to make the whole process extremely effective, error-free, and profitable for all stakeholders.

We also provide a range of other healthcare services which include Healthcare Data Entry Services, Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, Healthcare Consulting, and more

Contact us now and start digitizing your health records for better profits and improved service excellence.



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