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Shrinking margins, cut-throat competition, lack of skilled personnel, and reduced support from the government authorities, are some of the challenges pharmacy retail chains are facing increasingly. These challenges are pushing more and more pharmacy retail chains to adopt pharmacy management systems.

At Flatworld Solutions, we aim at integrating managerial functions in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The idea is to streamline various activities performed by the pharmacy retail chains like prescription management, refill request management, etc., and link them to the managerial functions like planning, organizing, and decision making.

Our Pharmacy Management Solutions

  1. Refill Order Entry

    Flatworld Solutions' pharmacy management system allows patients to request for a refill of their medicines or re-order healthcare BPO from anywhere. Data sharing, verifications, and authentication are some of the most crucial aspects of this process, and we take care of it all. Additionally, we ensure that all the order entry and management tasks are completed professionally and smoothly.

  2. New Facility Entry / Data Conversion Entry

    Flatworld Solutions aims at reducing your costs at all levels. We understand that the costs involved in implementing pharmacy management systems are substantial but converting these costs to investments through proper pharmacy data management policies is an area we excel in. We help in reducing the number of man hours required in registration of new facilities, and ensure that the entire process is easy on pocket.

  3. Refill Request Management

    One of the most repetitive and crucial tasks in the pharmacy industry is refill management. Flatworld Solutions can help you setup a foolproof system to manage all your refill orders. Our systems have proven themselves over time, even when the refill orders are continuous and in bulk, as a result our customers always come back and use our services repetitively.

  4. Emergency Kit Order Entry

    Whether you are looking for a survival kit or just a first aid kit, we can help you create emergency kits that will include exactly what your customers are looking for. With a wide range of options and choices we make available online, your customers can either order a pre-existing kit or customize one according to their needs.

We Strive to Understand your Business Processes Better

We at Flatworld Solutions aim at understanding not only the nature of your business, but also the industry that the business thrives under. Our aim is to streamline all business related functions and combine them with managerial roles to form a system that is fully customizable and helps you achieve the competitive edge you had always wanted. Our Health Information Management Systems do just that by providing you with a single-point, easy-to-deploy package for global healthcare professionals.

The team at Flatworld Solutions consists of experienced, skilled, qualified and highly motivated individuals. They all share one common goal, which is to serve customers in the best possible manner. Before commencing any project, we ensure that our team has fully understood our client's organizational goals; thereafter we work on the strategies to achieve those goals.

Choose Flatworld for Pharmacy Management Services

With more than 20 years of experience in pharmacy management outsourcing, we have come a long way in serving our clients and building an identity of trust. Our experience in the pharmaceutical industry has led us to believe that standardizing the functions involved in pharmacy billing, pharmacy document management, and mail order pharmacy services result in clean, transparent, and reliable services; that's why we keep all our processes streamlined and timely.

We believe that once you know what your customer is looking for, you can easily improve your services. At Flatworld Solutions we aim at bifurcating various processes involved in prescription management, and also try to understand the key performance areas that the customer is looking for when he chooses our service. These KPA's can be anything like reduction of costs, reduced delivery time, simple processes, etc., and we ensure that we meet our customer requirements at all times.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient partner to outsource pharmacy management services, look no further, and get in touch with our executives.

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Pharmacy Management Services FAQs

  • What does a pharmacy manager do?

    A pharmacy may have several operations that require a manager's attention they are overseeing staff roles, inventory, hiring, ensuring compliance, and more.

  • What is pharmacy intervention?

    During a medicinal course, if the patient endures drug-related problems, a pharmacist-initiated recommendation as part of pharmacy intervention.