Outsource FQHC Medical Billing Services

FQHC Billing Services

Maximize your FQHC revenue with fast, secure, and efficient medical billing services provided at rates starting at just $1280 per FTE/month

Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) medical billing is complex and time-consuming, requiring extensive knowledge of coding and billing related processes to facilitate optimum reimbursements. At Flatworld, we offer a comprehensive collection and FQHC billing services enabling an average 30% increase in client's revenue within six months or even less.

Our vast team of certified coders and billing specialists offer accurate and professional-level coding assistance to carry seamless and rewarding medical billing processes. Our team's long-standing experience of 20 years in the field has also refined their skills and expertise in appealing and resolving medical claim denials of patients, helping the clients to recover lost revenues and maximize collections. Streamline the medical billing process, reduce the stress of lost claims/claim denials, increase revenues faster, and free your workforce from the hassle of FQHC billing by outsourcing it to us. Our services start from as low as $1280 per FTE/month.

FQHC Medical Billing Services We Offer

Our team not only comprises trained specialists in HIPAA best practices but also has certified coders and billing experts to provide precise FQHC medical billing services at scale. Our end-to-end FQHC billing services include -

  1. FQHC Front Desk Management

    FQHC Front Desk Management

    We offer complete slide scale, self-pay, guarantor responsible collection services wherein, we undertake proper front desk management. Developing modular workflows and training your teams, engaging patients, testing their eligibility, processing, collection of statements, and system automation are all carried out diligently by our experienced professionals.

  2. Accounts Receivables (A/R) Management Services

    Accounts Receivables (A/R) Management Services

    Flatworld's team organizes and monitors the billing collections, defines payer guidelines, maintains accounts and receivables processing, and oversees complete project planning for systematic optimization and potential automation of the billing processes.

  3. Payer and Coding Guidelines

    Payer and Coding Guidelines

    Our specialized and certified coders thoroughly review coding processes, establish incentive and value-based billing and reimbursement systems, integrate Medicaid and Medicaid MCO state coding guidelines along with enabling HEDIS and CPTII coding measures for accurate and faster billing processes.

  4. Efficient Claim Denials Management Services

    Efficient Claim Denials Management Services

    Apart from our experts-led claim denial management, we have also developed a proprietary medical billing & coding denial management software that systematically tracks claim status enabling our team to significantly improve the first pass rate. The software also allows us to eliminate or minimize claim denials in the future by proactive identification of medical records beforehand.

  5. FQHC Reporting

    FQHC Reporting

    Our experts regularly monitor revenue collections, KPIs, and closely assess client's billing staff productivity to develop robust and comprehensive review reports. We also create custom reports envisaging all the collected financial data in the specified focus areas. Flatworld's comprehensive medical billing reporting and benchmarking enables FQHC Administrators and clients with effective decision-making capabilities for maximizing future revenues.

  6. Coding Training Solutions

    Coding Training Solutions

    Medical coding is an inseparable part of FQHC billing guidelines and needs deep expertise. Our certified coders hold years of experience, making them an ideal choice for training purposes. If you are looking to upgrade your team's skills and train them in specialized FQHC medical coding, our coders offer physical as well as digital training sessions to enable your staff in proper revenue management and maximization.

Our FQHC Medical Billing Process

Discipline is key to serving the best to the clients and our team practices a stringent, tested, and tried the work process to ensure expected output within the pre-determined timelines. The steps include -


01. Identifying client expectations

We fully understand the client's needs for FHQC billing and establish performance standards and scope of work


02. Pre-billing review

Our team carries out assessment and monitoring of accounts receivables, collections, and other crucial documents for billing


03. Coding analysis

Our coders review coding processes, establish HIPAA-compliant systems and guidelines to ensure accurate and standardized coding


04. Filing and appealing claims

Before billing, lost or denied claims are carefully analyzed and appealed for potential recovery


05. Billing

Our team deploys best-in-class medical billing practices for all types of medical specialties


06. Reporting

We create monthly reports comprising of all our reviews and billing data

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Why Hire Flatworld as Your FQHC Medical Billing Service Provider?

Having a trusted and reliable FQHC medical billing service providing company like Flatworld as your partner can make a lot of difference and help you achieve your revenue goals efficiently. Below are the multiple advantages we offer to you when you onboard us -

  • Transparent, quality services

    We offer leading-edge and completely transparent services and ensure comprehensive financial reporting to keep you updated and informed of all the happenings.

  • Proven expertise

    Our coders and billing specialists have gained tremendous industry experience giving them an edge over others in the market. They have an inherent understanding of complex coding and billing processes, making them a dream team to work with.

  • Assurance of reduced expenses

    Our advanced claims denial management enables maximum reimbursements. Our efficient billing services allow us to drastically curtail your company expenses and losses, leading to increased revenues.

  • Easy digital support

    Our proprietary software system facilitates faster and secure online access to patient data, anywhere, anytime.

  • Compliant practices

    Certified coders and HIPAA-compliant practices along with ISO-certification truly make us one of the most reputed FHQC medical billing service providers in the world.

  • Pocket-friendly service rates

    When it comes to our pricing, we are highly flexible and easy on the pockets. Our plans are also customizable as per your budgets and unique needs.

  • 100% data safety and security

    At Flatworld, we are committed to maintaining complete confidentiality of your data. We adhere to strict standards and enable robust safety systems to make sure that your data is protected at all times.

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After several days of monitoring the encounters, I believe your team has done a great job and we are ready to hand over the task of approving the encounters. I truly appreciate how smooth this process has been. Keep up the great work!

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Outsource FQHC Medical Billing Services to Flatworld Solutions

Effective FQHC billing is central to the functioning of your business. Flatworld's industry experience spans over a decade and with a highly trained and professional team, we provide world-class revenue management solutions and medical billing processes through efficient coding and expertise-driven claim denial settlements.

If you are looking to outsource FQHC medical billing services, contact our experts today for a quick quote.

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