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Did you know in neurology medical billing 20% of the revenue is lost due to inaccurate billing methods? Delayed or denial of payment can get neurology practitioners tied up with administrative hassles. It is the reason why practitioners, hospitals, and clinics turn towards neurology medical billing outsourcing company like ours. Being experts in nuances of medical billing we take proactive measures to streamline revenue cycle management.

Flatworld Solutions is a moniker that covers your practice from the brink of revenue loss by providing a billing solution that is compliant with HIPAA regulations. Our high-quality neurology medical billing services will take care of probable coding errors and missing documents so that insurance companies can speed up the claims process and payment towards the neurology treatment, procedure, etc.

What are Neurology Medical Billing Services Offered by Flatworld Solutions

We have a team of 100+ AHIMA and AAPC certified medical billing experts. Our team is adapted to tight deadlines and are fully aware of HIPAA regulatory compliances. We go the furthest mile to capture payments from your insurers and patients in a timely manner - all that without breaking your budget.

Being a premium medical billing company, we provide the following services under neurology medical billing services -

  1. Verification of Insurance Eligibility

    Initially, we carry out a gamut of pre-insurance checks comprising of insurance eligibility verification, pre-authorization, and calculation of co-payment. This is a crucial step because knowing your patient's portfolio in detail will adequately reduce payment complications. Our team will conduct exhaustive checks to understand the patient's financial capacity, underlying conditions, diagnosis reports, etc. We also get in touch with patient's insurer to know if they are eligible for claims ahead of patient's initial consultation with neuro physicians.

  2. Neurology Medical Coding

    We have a team with decade-plus experience in coding and billing services. With profound knowledge of ICD-9, ICD-10-CM, HCPCS Level II, and CPT code classifications our AAPC certified coders will code procedures, healthcare diagnosis, medical services and equipment from medical record documentation such as transcription of the laboratory, radiology results, physician's notes, etc.

  3. AR Follow-up for Neurology Medical Billing

    Keeping track of unpaid or underpaid claims is resource-intensive and seldom cost-efficient. If you do not have the resource or know-how of regulatory compliances to ensure a steady stream of cash flow, we are here to help. By outsourcing neurology medical billing services, we appoint experts who will keep an eye on your collectibles to ensure that collection is uninterrupted. To this end, we rigorously follow-up with insurers when payment is lesser than the anticipated value.

  4. Neurology Denial Management

    Have you been denied claims? Fret not! At FWS, we are adept at investigating the reason behind claims denial. We analyze the submission to look for probable causes of denial - missing and/or erroneous data. Once the root cause is identified we take efforts to resolve the flaw before resubmission. The chance of fuss-free claims acceptance is relatively higher once you choose us for denial management and submission of claims.

  5. Neurology Medical Coding Audits

    As part of our Neurology medical billing services, we offer coding audit service. A revolutionary practice that will strengthen your billing operations. Providers can impart quality healthcare based on the clinical documentation in the EHR. By carrying out internal audits, it is possible to identify weak spots to plug leaks (if any) in the revenue cycle management system. Also, you can avert visits from recovery audit contractors (RAC) or zone program integrity contractors (ZPICs) who are constantly on the look-out for fraudulent practices.

  6. Charge Capture and Posting

    We collect claims amount from your insurers and patients before posting it into your account. The account statement is preserved for future reference. The collections are updated in your medical billing system along with electronic remittance advice (ERA). Charge-posting, adjustment, write-off, refunds, and account reconciliation can be managed with ease thanks to our efficient team of payment handlers.

What are the Specializations Covered by Neurology Billing?

Being a top neurology medical billing company, we offer a wide coverage on neurology conditions. Our goal is to include more Medicaid and Medicare claims under the specialization category. This will allow us to be responsible for billing neurological diagnosis, treatments, procedures, as well as ensuring adherence to compliance and policies of the government and private insurance companies. The neurology medical billing services cover the following subclassifications -

Nerve BlocksNerve blocks
Clinical NeurophysiologyClinical neurophysiology
Pain ManagementPain management

What is the Process Followed for Neurology Medical Billing?

Medical billing is a critical process that requires care and precision in every step of the process because your organization's financial health is dependent on the correctness and completeness of the claims submission. With an aim to disclose our working principles we have for you the illustration of our transparent workflow.

The 7 steps of neurology medical billing solutions are as follows -

Eligibility Preauthorization Verification  

01. Eligibility and Preauthorization Verification

We run a detailed verification to ensure that the patient is eligible for an insurance claim. This includes preauthorization, financial health check, and co-payment options

Medical Coding  

02. Medical Coding

Our coders who are aware of HCPCS, ICD, and CPT coding standards will carry out medical coding in compliance with HIPAA regulation

Billing Service  

03. Billing Services

Using automated billing software, we compile the coded medical records for preparing detailed medical bills to be furnished as claims submission

Billing Audit  

04. Billing Audit

After billing the codes, the data is audited thoroughly to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulation as well as for accuracy

Denial Management  

05. Denial Management

Should your claim return unfulfilled from the insurer, we will thoroughly evaluate the content to make sure unmet criteria or erroneous conditions are satisfied through appropriate action

Final Claims Submission  

06. Final Claims Submission

Since insurers adopt a standard or format for accepting claims we compile the submission in a relevant format to accelerate the process

Why Choose FWS' Neurology Medical Billing Services?

Flatworld's neurology billing services are an advanced solution to complex billing challenges faced by neuro physicians worldwide. When you outsource neurology medical billing services to FWS we guarantee to not just bring you the payment which otherwise could have been lost or delayed but also higher reimbursements due to accurate billing. Outsourcing neurology medical billing is a smart choice for the following reason -

  1. Certifications

    Flatworld Solutions is a reputed neurology medical billing services company that is ISO certified thanks to high-quality billing services we offer that readily comply with HIPAA regulations and state-specific laws for better reimbursement

  2. Secure Data Management

    In medical billing, the patient's financial and clinical data is regarded as confidential. So, we take quality measure to provide the best security to ensure that the data is handled only by billing and coding professionals appointed by us

  3. Accuracy and Quality

    We strive to deliver a 95% clean claim right from the initial submission. However, we have surpassed expectations by achieving up to 98% success rate in the submission of error-free claims. Our team of hardworking coding & billing professionals ensures that the process is hitch-free and cost-effective

  4. Quick Turnaround

    Time constraints do not hold us back because we are adapted to handle challenges where tasks had to be accomplished in a minimum timeframe. Backed by the right resources we complete the billing tasks 35% faster than other vendors making us the right choice if you need fast neurology medical billing

  5. Scalability

    As needs evolve, it is essential to keep up with the demand and changes in regulations. This isn't easy if you run a small-sized practice with fewer resources to handle billing functions. To save valuable money in upgrades it is ideal to outsource neurology medical billing to us

  6. Flexible Pricing Options

    Are you a cost-conscious provider of neurology services? If yes, we have a flexible pricing structure that lets you choose what is right for your needs. After all, why pay for services you don't need?

  7. Single Point Contact

    Engage with professionals who are thoroughly aware of project goals, progress, and the entire timeline. Save your time from unwanted hassles by getting in touch with a dedicated handler who will be assigned to you from inception to completion

  8. Medical Billing Software

    Not every aspect of the project will require the involvement of knowledge workers. This is where automated medical billing software come in. Our intelligent systems learn and adapt to repetitive functions, to handle tasks that are less resource-intensive

  9. Skilled Team of Cardiology Billing and Coding Specialists

    We allocate the project to a team of AAPC-certified professionals who are thoroughly aware of HCPCS, ICD, and CPT coding systems. With 10+ years of experience, our team has more experience in a variety of billing challenges

  10. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Our medical billing professionals are supported by state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure that are periodically upgraded so that it is relevant to handle existing and emerging challenges

  11. Secure Data Transfer

    FWS uses VPN and secure FTP to allow documents to be uploaded from your end. Our systems are checked to ensure optimum health as a preemptive measure to avoid the risk of data loss or damage

  12. 27/7 Availability

    We are available round-the-clock by phone call, email, and online chat. Should you need our help we are easily reachable to receive assistance at your local time zone

Client Success Story

FWS Provided Accounts Receivable & Full Service Billing Service for an Emergency Medical Practice

FWS Provided Accounts Receivable & Full Service Billing Service for an Emergency Medical Practice

Read how Flatworld helped client regularize cash flow, complete medical billing within 24 hours, and helped them increase the collections from 53% to 61% in just 6 months.

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FWS Provided Medical Billing & Accounts Receivable Management Assistance to a US Client

FWS Provided Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable Management Assistance to a US Client

We helped a Maryland-based urgent care practitioner to bring down the average AR days from 34 to 23 and increase collections from 53% to 61% in just six months.

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I really appreciate you and your teams help in the coding that is being done. The keys to success with my team are rapid turnaround and complete coding of all diagnosis codes in the Health Risk Assessment. I've been extremely pleased that all diagnosis codes are captured, and the coding is done well within the time frame that is allotted. Thank you very much for your great service.

Owner, Medical Billing and Coding Company, USA. More Testimonials ยป

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified healthcare BPO services provider. With rich experience in neurology medical billing, we have become a trusted partner to many companies worldwide. We have a team of 150+ AAPC certified medical billers, coders, and accountants who have seen success with many hours' worth of projects. We duly comply with HIPAA regulations and cater services that are specific to your administrative needs. Additionally, we offer services such as Chiropractic billing services, healthcare claims adjudication, pharmacy billing services, and more.

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