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In today's times, the healthcare environment is increasingly in demand and this leads to the ever-growing complexity of the healthcare operations that percolates every area - from the front and back office to processing claims. And one of the evident challenges that healthcare practices face is errors related to claims that can cost billions of dollars to be resolved every single year. As a healthcare organization, you can imagine how this enormous amount of money can be put to use in many areas of development or simply can serve as an improved return for your practice. This is exactly why you need to work with a professional payment accuracy services providing company. Doing so can help you save administrative costs that otherwise are involved in identifying, validating, and resolving discrepancies involved in annual claims.

Payment accuracy services at Flatworld Solutions can complement any of your existing overpayment identification programs. We make use of complex yet accurate techniques like multi-dimensional data modeling and customized algorithms to address and resolve overpayments. When you collaborate with an experienced payment accuracy service provider like us, you get the most accurate services that characterize lightning speed of resolution while increasing recoveries and significantly lowering administrative costs.

Payment Accuracy Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions offers a range of services that help our clients in paying more accurately with superlative strategies, resources, and precise analysis. Our payment accuracy services are aimed at reducing the operation burden that healthcare practices face, especially concerning revenue cycle management. And with our variety of payment accuracy services, we not only cater to clients with unique requirements but also deliver proven results with a completely updated pre and post-pay portfolio. Following are the payment accuracy services that we offer -

Payment Policy Management

Payment Policy Management

Our payment policy management services are aimed at helping our clients leverage the best practices as payment policies after rigorous testing to completely comply with standards and avoid incorrect payments. Our team identifies vulnerable areas in payment with the help of our clinical acumen and vast experience to come up with payment rules that comply with the industry standards, therefore helping you to save significant costs while minimizing improper spending.

Payment Data Validation

Payment Data Validation

Many times, overpayments result from the complexity of payment policies and coding standards. However, recovery can be made, and this would need the healthcare practice to come up with strong analytics that backs as definite proof of overpayment that is to be sent to the provider without impacting the relationship. We leverage the best data mining and analytics tools that aid in recovering overpayments that are high in value, thus helping you regain the significant costs that otherwise go wasted in overpayments.

Contract Compliance

Contract Compliance

When you're trying to achieve complete accuracy in the application of coverage, payment terms, and liability, our contract compliance solutions that are a part of the comprehensive payment accuracy services come to your rescue. We use a range of the latest software and tools that increase the accuracy of our contract compliance solution by ensuring that no case of overpayment goes unnoticed. We configure claim reviews as per the suitable regulations and policies by collaborating with our payer clients. Any error that we determine is communicated with our clients along with complete details about the errors so that recovery can be facilitated.

Coding Validation

Coding Validation

As an expert payment accuracy services providing company, we understand how many of the hi-tech claims editing systems still fail to comply with coding rules that are situation-dependent. This is why we offer coding validation services that seamlessly integrate with and complement our payment policy management solutions, and that helps prevent exorbitant overpayments with the help of advanced coding algorithms.

Dental Claim Accuracy

Dental Claim Accuracy

One of the primary challenges that dental plans face is financial losses caused by FWA (fraud, waste, and abuse). We offer pre-pay dental claim accuracy services that can help you avoid costs incurred from FWA, erroneous coding, and overpayments. We have a team of analysts who hold expertise in identifying and reviewing suspicious claims before final adjudication. As a cherry on top, our services are very prompt.

FWA Validation and Management

FWA Validation and Management

Fraud, waste, and abuse are some of the biggest burdens on healthcare systems, especially when the effort is directed towards paying claims promptly and accurately. What lead healthcare systems to pay for fraudulent claims are incomplete data, insufficient staff, and inefficiencies in processing. Our team can lend a helping hand with our FWA validation wherein we assess data points and check for FWA such that fraudulent claims can be prevented from being paid. In addition to that, we also flag suspicious providers, investigate them, and help prevent chances of future frauds.

Clinical Chart Validation

Clinical Chart Validation

It can be a tiring, expensive, and time-consuming process to review clinical charts to validate the procedures and diagnoses. While it is crucial to identify and resolve documentation and coding-related errors, it can lead to high costs. Our team provides affordable clinical chart validation services that offer a complete retrospective as well as a prospective review to avoid unnecessary requests from providers while keeping costs under budget.

COB Validation

COB Validation

Our experts also offer comprehensive coordination of benefits validation by reviewing contracts, agreements, and other data sources thoroughly to find out the payment and COB responsibility. We hold over 20 years of experience in identifying issues about COB and we use this insight to come up with a comprehensive analytical strategy that sets the COB determinations straight.

Payment Accuracy Process We Follow

We take a systematic step to ensure payment accuracy so that practices get paid without billing errors coming in the way. Our payment accuracy process is as follows -

We get in touch with payors and discuss the bill details

We capture invoices and verify the details to ensure the correctness of their values

We perform secondary valuation in the hands of experts to eliminate errors

We process invoice per the protocol and get the payment details recorded in the database

We post the invoiced amount captured from the payor into the beneficiary account and reconcile the same to ensure balance sheets are correct

Why Outsource Payment Accuracy Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a capable payment accuracy service provider with years of experience, which is why countless healthcare practices depend on our services. When you choose to partner with us, we bring you the best insights, methodologies, practices, and processes to deliver the most accurate and infallible payment accuracy services. If you're looking for strong reasons to outsource payment accuracy services to us, we can give you many, several of which are as follows -

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Outsource Payment Accuracy Services to Flatworld Solutions

Healthcare practices spend a significant amount in the form of the overpayment as a result of errors related to claims. Resolving such errors and claiming back the overpayment is a very useful solution. However, this needs professional help in revenue cycle management so that you can save time, effort, and work more efficiently. Additionally, working with a payment accuracy services company like Flatworld Solutions can also help save administrative costs. We are experienced, hold years of expertise, and work with professionals to give you flawless payment accuracy services and therefore, make for the best partners.

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