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Telemedicine Services

Provide accessible, safe, and cost-effective healthcare across boundaries by choosing our telemedicine services at prices starting at $1280 per FTE per month

As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc with the global healthcare system, the practice of telemedicine is fast stepping up as the chosen method for caregivers, hospitals, and clinics around the world. Not only does telemedicine make an exceptionally positive contribution to the healthcare systems, but it also leverages Information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the best possible way to provide accessible, safe, and cost-effective healthcare across boundaries.

At Flatworld, we recognize the need for living up to the requirement of patients who need accessible and convenient care, while allowing overburdened healthcare systems enough breathing room in terms of daily operational activities. Are you looking for avenues to provide patients with 24/7 access to remote medical care? Do you need to service a large influx of patients who can do with simple virtual doctor visits? At FWS, we have bespoke telemedicine solutions to all your woes and can offer you an edge in the competitive healthcare industry especially in times like these.

Our Telemedicine Services

As your chosen telemedicine service provider, we help to deliver a wide range of primary and secondary healthcare services for our clients across the globe. We leverage the best in technology to create virtual platforms, apps, and interfaces that can be easily integrated into your existing systems while providing your patients with a large number of useful options.

Our services include -

  1. Teleconsultation Services

    Teleconsultation Services

    One of our primary services under telemedicine remains distant teleconsultation services. We can help create software interfaces for patients to directly contact doctors for primary specialist diagnosis, second opinions, minor treatment, and post-treatment advice, among others. Our experience in building robust audio-visual interfaces allows your staff to perform remote teleconsultations while ensuring patients can avoid unnecessary travel to super-specialty hospitals.

  2. Telehealth Services

    Telehealth Services

    We can help you conceptualize a variety of health programs to be telecasted to your health centers which can help patients as well as the healthcare staff in best practices to follow in certain situations. We have helped organize countless telehealth conference sessions and educational programs for doctors, nurses, and EHR staff. We have the infrastructure to deliver our services to even remote healthcare facilities, medical colleges, etc.

  3. Remote Monitoring Services

    Remote Monitoring Services

    One of the primary facilities we provide to healthcare organizations and hospitals is the ability for your patients to conduct routine self-monitoring or self-testing procedures. We can implement a range of remote monitoring procedures and technological devices that can monitor patient data and record the same daily. This is exceptionally helpful when it comes to managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, etc. Our remote monitoring procedures are cost-efficient, stable, and more importantly very easy to deploy under different conditions.

  4. Telepharmacy Services

    Telepharmacy Services

    Our telepharmacy services allow you to disburse pharmaceutical advice to your in-care patients when a direct contact is a difficult option. This allows medications to be disbursed and monitored properly, while patients continue to receive the best possible care. Depending on regulations, we can also manage refill authorization for patients so that they regularly receive medications whenever required.

  5. Telerehabilitation Services

    Telerehabilitation Services

    We leverage the latest in cutting-edge technology to communicate and perform high-end clinical assessments for rehabilitation patients along with delivering the latest therapy right to their very homes. We leverage strong visual elements and the latest video conferencing tools to regularly monitor clinical progress for the patients and record their improvement over time.

  6. Other Services

    Apart from the above, we are one of the very few telemedicine services company's that also specialize in the following fields -

    • Teleradiology
    • Telepsychiatry
    • Teledermatology
    • Teleophthalmology
    • Telenephrology
    • Teleobstetrics
    • Teleoncology
    • Telepathology

Applications of our Telemedicine Services

As your chosen telemedicine solutions provider, our services can help you formalize your efforts to provide the best possible offerings to your clients in these testing times. Some of the many applications of our telemedicine services include -

  • Performing Follow-up Visits

    You can leverage our proprietary health software for routine follow-up visits to the patients without stepping out, which is efficient for providers as well as patients. When you outsource telemedicine services to us, you gain significantly by increasing the likelihood of routine follow-ups, while reducing the volume of missed appointments.

  • Remote Disease Management

    The alarming rate of increase in chronic diseases is a major challenge for healthcare operators around the world. Our telemedicine software can be customized for your requirements while making it easier for your patients to maintain control over their health.

  • Providing Post-hospitalization Care

    As part of our proprietary services for healthcare patients, we can help you offer your patients high-quality post-hospitalization care which can reduce readmissions by a large amount, allowing you to free up space and time for other patients.

  • Preventative Care Support

    A lot of energy and time for healthcare providers is spent on preventive care support, something which can be easily avoided if required. As a premier telemedicine services providing company, we help you connect with your patients on a larger scale, ensuring they get the support they need from your end, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Assisted Care Support

    Telemedicine software is exceptionally useful for assisted care support and has already proven to be useful in keeping a close look at assisted living facilities. Given that problems can occur at the strangest of times in such places, a stable telemedicine channel through which doctors can be reached easily is extremely helpful.

Benefits of our Telemedicine Solutions

Over the years, we have realized that telemedicine works for even the most serious medical emergencies. We have also helped our healthcare clients secure lower admission rates, shorter stays, and very importantly, lesser deaths.

We are a telemedicine company for physicians first, and it shows in how we customize our offerings to suit your needs. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include -

  • Reduced Patient Healthcare Costs

    Most of our clients have seen considerable cost savings for patients who use telemedicine by spending less time in the hospital. This in turn ensures they return because of the cheaper, yet effective offerings.

  • Improved Care

    Telemedicine makes it easy for disabled patients to receive access to better healthcare without having to move around. This is also the same for geographically isolated communities and incarcerated people.

  • Faster Prevention

    Our telemedicine offerings make it easier for patients to focus on their long-term health by being able to prevent diseases and infections. Preventive healthcare is especially useful for serious conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, and can often be life-altering for afflicted patients.

  • Slower Spread of Infection

    Going to a hospital or healthcare facility, especially nowadays, could mean being around sick people, something which most patients want to prevent. This is more dangerous for people with underlying conditions, something which our telemedicine solutions can help avoid.

  • Reduced Overheads

    Most of our clients are already experiencing one of the primary benefits of partnering with a telemedicine services company such as FWS. Cost savings can often be seen across the board, from front desk support, to doctor visitation charges, reduced office space, etc.

  • Supplemental Income Streams

    Many clinicians and healthcare providers can supplement their revenue streams because they can now care for a larger number of patients at the same time.

  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

    Another key benefit that you stand to gain is the increased patient satisfaction rates for your services, which in turn results in repeat business and word-of-mouth popularity for your services.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Telemedicine Services to Flatworld Solutions?

A comprehensive telemedicine platform such as the one provided by FWS can help you overcome technological barriers for healthcare providers while removing the excess burden from your administrators. By outsourcing telemedicine services to Flatworld Solutions, you can gain from the following -

  • Value-for-Money

    Our cost-efficient processes and customizable offerings ensure you never have to look far for the best-quality telemedicine services.

  • HIPAA Certification

    The credibility and security of patient information remain sacrosanct across our offerings, and our services are fully HIPAA compliant.

  • Custom-built Patient Engagement Channels

    Targeted communication delivered on a plan-by-plan basis to your patients ensuring they always know about the latest offerings and programs available for use. This service is exceptionally useful in birth-care centers that want to provide a 360-degree service to expectant mothers.

  • Savings Guarantee

    We promise you guaranteed savings by moving to a telemedicine plan which works across all your existing channels and helps reduce excess expenditure.

  • More than 50% Utilization

    Telemedicine services see the utilization of more than 50% across different patient and healthcare channels, ensuring your funnel always remains prioritized.

  • Proven Track Record

    With a host of different healthcare services under our belts and years of experience in working with clients across the globe, the efficacy of the projects we have delivered remains unbeaten.

  • Professional Team

    Our team of healthcare specialists, managers, and direct line-owners all have years of experience in the field of healthcare management and service delivery, ensuring you always have the best team looking out for your interests.

  • Quality Processes

    With strict quality control processes in-house as well as adherence to national and state-level quality requirements, we are one of the few healthcare service providers you can outsource to without any risk.

Client Success Story

Case Study on Patient Onboarding Services to a US-based Pill Provider

FWS Delivered Patient Onboarding Services to a US-based Healthcare Provider

A leading US-based healthcare enterprise required reliable and cost-effective patient onboarding services. We provided the client with high-quality and timely services.

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Case Study on Teleradiology Services for a Medical Imaging Firm

FWS Delivered Teleradiology Solutions to a US-based Medical Imaging Company

A leading US-based medical imaging company required teleradiology services, which we provided with high-quality and at cost-effective rates.

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Thus far, telemedicine applications have largely focused on getting patients swifter access to the medical attention they need. But working at the forefront of this industry for the past decade, we can safely say that this is the right time to build a telemedicine strategy for your healthcare practice. With our help, you can now provide continuous care to your patient that is convenient, safe, and extremely reliable.

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