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Office Ally EHR Services

You can spend more time on patient care and less time worrying about paperwork by outsourcing Office Ally EHR services to us

Electronic health records (EHRs), are an indispensable part of US health care landscape. By leveraging it, patient's information can be procured instantly and securely. This enables physicians to get a broader perspective of a patient's treatment with the click of a mouse. EHR has brought about a drastic change in improving patient care, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.

We have wide experience in assisting several US-based healthcare providers to manage their EHR requirements with the help of Office Ally software. As a renowned Office Ally EHR services providing company, we have a dedicated team of experts who specialize in using this software to deliver a range of services to our clients. They work tirelessly to make it possible for you to focus more on delivering quality health care support to patients and leave the rest to us.

Office Ally EHR Services We Offer

As an Office Ally EHR Services provider, we offer a range of EHR services with this software. Some of these include -

  1. Collect Demographic Data

    Collect Demographic Data

    Patient care gets benefited only when it is possible to properly match patient medical records across important payers and providers. However, it is not possible for providers and a payer to collect information from patients for a host of reasons one of which includes the patient information isn't updated on a regular basis. We assist you to leverage Office Ally EHR to bring quality demographic data for effectively matching patients' medical records. Our experience extends to evaluating the possible challenges that could come with registering patient demographics. We help you record and modify data such as gender race, DOB, etc.

  2. Prepare Correct Medication Lists

    Prepare Correct Medication Lists

    An accurate and latest medication list helps healthcare providers get real-time information on past medications for present patients. This helps in adding new medicines to a patient's list of medicines and ensuring that the information is shared among all stakeholders in an instant. Besides, it eliminates the chances of duplicate or unnecessary medicines being taken by a patient. We assist physicians in adding and maintaining medication information with the help of Office Ally EHR. We key in the medicine names every time a new medicine is added and spare the physician the trouble of updating the list.

  3. List Medications that Have Allergic Effect

    List Medications that Have Allergic Effect

    Not all patients react in the same way to medicines. Adverse reactions can make treatment more difficult. The adverse reaction can either be predictable drug side-effects or involve individual sensitivity to the drug. Allergic reaction if any need to find a clear mention in EHR records. Office Ally is built to maintain an active medication list. This helps physicians keep track of past allergic reactions and prescribe medicines that are safe. This way, the risk of a repeat of allergic medicine can be eliminated.

  4. Record Vital Signs of Patients

    Record Vital Signs of Patients

    Recording vital signs help physicians to understand the condition of a patient on an ongoing basis. The recording must be of top quality as it directly impacts clinical decision making. Our Office Ally EHR services help in understanding the physiological derangement of a patient, and in the process facilitates prescribing the treatment. Our services can help you leverage the vital signs recording feature of this application to keep a tab on BP, weight, pulse, etc. Our professionals will also assist you to leverage this app to generate charts and essential graphs to understand patient condition developments more comprehensively.

  5. Office Ally EHR Billing Services

    Office Ally EHR Billing Services

    We leverage Office Ally EHR for all your billing needs. We transmit claims within a few hours of receiving provider information. Our services are designed to streamline your revenue cycle management (RCM). We leverage the advanced reporting feature of the software to provide clear insights into underperforming areas of your revenue cycle so that the shortcomings don't impede the cash flow.

Why is Office Ally EHR Popular Among Physicians?

Office Ally EHR is one of the most popular web-based solution available in the market today. It is perfectly designed to minimize paperwork and organize information in a neat and simple manner so that workflow can be streamlined in an effective way. The biggest advantage of this software is that it is customizable. The other reasons include -

  • Accessibility

    As a web-based application, you can log in and out anytime you want and from any location. This helps physician's check information on the go.

  • Improved Patient Care

    With access to patient data becoming easy with quick to search fields and the ability to store huge amounts of patient data, physicians can spare more time to care for patients.

  • Easy Sharing of Information

    Office Ally makes it very easy to share information with other providers. This leads to enhanced collaboration and quality of patient care.

  • Real-time Information

    The software is capable of reporting changes in real-time. This keeps all stakeholders updated at the same time. For staff, this can be very beneficial as they would always know what they need to do next.

  • Complete Integration

    Office Ally EHR software can be completely integrated with other Office Ally products. it can connect with over 5000 payers, supports auto storage of commonly keyed in phrases and can be customized as per the practice needs. This eliminates the possibility of syncing issues when you must bring in additional software to streamline your needs.

Our Process - Office Ally EHR Services

When you outsource Office Ally EMR services, we take great care to complete the process in a quick TAT. Not only that, we ensure that our implementation of EMR services comply with the ISO standards and as well as the SLA. Here is an overview of what we do for our clients that makes us a top Office Ally EHR services company -


01. Requirement Collection

We will interact with your team to collect information on your requirement, challenges, budget, and the stipulated time.


02. EHR Planning and Design

Our experts will collaborate to plan how we Office Ally EHR services can be implemented within the agreed time and budget.


03. Development of EHR using the Office Ally

Using the licensed version of Office Ally we will develop the EHR as per the SLA. The development will be focused on implementing priority and additional functions to enhance management of health records.


04. Quality Testing

We will test the EHR implemented by us using testing suites and real-time values to ensure that the outcome is accurate and functionally robust.


05. Delivery

After implementing the feedback the system will be handed over to your team for deployment and data migration. We will offer ongoing support to keep your system 100% efficient.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Office Ally EHR Services to Flatworld Solutions?

When you outsource Office Ally EMR services, a large part of your struggle is mitigated because our development process is agile, scalable, and in agreement with the complex regulations of the healthcare industry. Here are the top reasons why you should outsource Office Ally EMR services -

  • Cost Benefits

    We deliver quality services at a very competitive price. At the same time, we offer a flexible engagement model to help you meet your budgetary constraints.

  • Best-in-class Technology with Gentle Learning Curve

    We assist our team in installing the Office Ally EHR software and acquainting them with the various features of the software for a better understanding.

  • ISO Certified Office Ally EHR Services Provider

    We have 20 years of experience in deploying and managing Office Ally for our clients. We leverage this experience to provide you the best of Office Ally EHR services. Therefore, our attention to detail and quality of service makes us an ISO 9001:2015 certified Office Ally EHR services provider.

  • Quality Assurance

    We have a well-defined quality control teams comprising senior experts who know the working of Office Ally EHR software inside out. Every Office Ally task performed by our employees is checked by the experts for accuracy.

  • Quick TAT for Implementing the EHR Solution

    The application is flexible and can be customized as per your needs in a quick TAT. We assist you in the creation of SOAP notes guidelines and other interface features that you may need for streamlining your workflow.

  • Scalable Service

    FWS can provide additional resources to scale up services if needed. Whether you need more resources to meet a fast-approaching deadline or to cope up with the pile-up in the patient health records, we have just the solution for your need.

  • SPOC

    We assign a full-time SPOC to handle your concerns so that you need not wait endlessly to get in touch with a human agent.

  • Trained EHR Professionals

    Our Office Ally EHR experts have a minimum of 5 years of experience in handling the software. We assign your Office Ally management requirements to only those who have acquired considerable expertise in Office Ally.

  • Up-to-date Reports

    We assist you set up the report generation section as per your specific needs. As reports can be generated in various ways, we assist you to pick the best kind of reports to understand your practices functioning.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We operate from 8 global centers around the world. So, we are working round the clock to meet the needs of US-based providers. This ensures all tasks associated with Office Ally are completed on time.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on ICD-10 Transition and Training

Helped A Medical Billing Company with Complete ICD-10 Transition and Training

We offered our expertise to a client who preferred migration of medical records to an ICD-10 compliant system. The client expressed gratitude for the services and successful outcome.

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Case Study on Medical Billing Support to US Client

Provided Medical Billing Support to the largest US-based Medical Billing Services Administrator

We provided AR follow-up, eligibility verification, and pre-authorization support to a US-based medical billing services provider.

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As a reputed provider of dependable healthcare BPO solutions, Flatworld solution has wide experience in handling Office Ally EHR software. Since its launch, we have helped small and big practices manage Office Ally EHR service requirements to us so that their physicians focus on taking care of their patients. While on the one hand, we have leveraged this software to reduce the amount of backlogged paperwork on the other we have helped practices fine-tune their processes to make it more cost and time-efficient. Our dedicated team of Office Ally experts work tirelessly and round the clock to make EHR management seamless and simple.

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