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Genetics Transcription Services

Genetics transcribers from FWS are adept at using transcription tools to capture genetics-related patient encounter as per the medical history protocols for at rates starting at $1280/month

Genetics is a fast-growing domain in the healthcare sector, and so genetics transcription is of critical importance to a geneticist. However, finding the right genetics report transcription services can be a huge challenge. This is because digital records need to be constantly updated to ensure accuracy and has to be maintained as per HIPAA rules. The specialized nature of the field calls for a transcription service that banks squarely on subject matter expertise and experience to comprehend the dictation needs of biologists and geneticists.

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in genetics transcription services. Over the years we have worked at a micro level to correctly capture and interpret audio files and transform them into accurate and clean digitized text format. Our genetics room transcription services have met a wide range of requirements which includes lab research modules, field notes, or administrative paperwork—with the precision needed to make a mark in the industry.

Genetics Transcription Services We Offer

We provide genetics transcription services for different kind of genetic experiment requirements. Our services include -

  1. Transcription Services for Molecular Tests

    Molecular tests of genetic studies use the laboratory tools of molecular biology to analyze changes in the structure of human genes. Our transcription services help you to record the sequence and function of a protein.

  2. Transcription Services for Chromosomal Tests

    Analysis of chromosomes or karyotyping helps in detecting abnormalities. Our services help you register the number and structure of a person's chromosomal genes accurately and in the right order and location.

  3. Transcription Services for Biochemical Tests

    In genetic science biochemical testing helps in the study of proteins or enzymes in the body that may be unusual in some way. We have wide experience in transcribing biochemical test studies for advanced experimentations.

  4. Transcription Services for Newborn Screening

    Our transcription services for newborn screening have assisted labs to record genetic disorders that can be treated early in life. We have transcribed for disorders such as congenital hypothyroidism (malfunctioning of the thyroid gland) and phenylketonuria (that can cause intellectual disability).

  5. Transcription Services for Diagnostic Testing

    Our experience in transcribing genetic experiments carried out to identify or overrule a specific chromosomal condition have helped geneticists and biologists preserve information in an accurate fashion.

  6. Transcription Services for Carrier Testing

    This kind of transcribing service has assisted our clients to record genetic testing on individuals without any overt phenotype for a disorder but with a variant allele within that can induce a collateral disorder.

  7. Transcription Services for Prenatal Testing

    Our prenatal transcribing service has been leveraged by our clients to record the variations and anomalies in a foetus's chromosomes or genes before birth. Our detailed recordings have helped doctors understand the complications of pregnancy.

  8. Transcription Services for Pre-Implantation Testing

    Pre-implantation genetic testing eliminates the risk of giving birth to a child with a particular chromosomal or genetic disorder. We help geneticists record the findings of such chromosomal studies.

  9. Transcription Services for Forensic testing

    Forensic genetic testing analyses the DNA sequences to establish the identity of a criminal. Our transcription service helps transcribe and maintain the findings of such DNA testing.

Our Genetics Transcription Process

We follow a simple process of transcription consisting of the following steps -


01. Download Dictations

We receive recordings from geneticists, researchers and doctors on a digital recorder, smartphone or telephone. After receiving we download the files via FTP or a secured channel links. During this step, we ensure there is no snapping of voice flow so that the need to piece voice portions can be eliminated. After all the files are downloaded we inspect them for quality and clarity. Thereafter the files are assigned to a team of transcribers


02. Transcription of Files and Quality Check

Our expert medical typists listen to the dictations and transform them into texts. After the transcriptions are completed the transcript is scrutinized for misspelt words, blanks, similar sounding words, paragraphing and punctuation. After flagging the inconsistencies the file is edited till it becomes of 100% accurate. The proofreader carries out the final check for accuracy and maintaining client specifications


03. EHR Charting

This is the final step in the process when the transcribed portions are inserted into the correct sections of the EHR. This is done by a dedicated team within a stipulated time. With this process, we make it easy for the physician to see the information populated in the right sections of their EHR. With our genetics transcription EHR charting services, we help providers reduce data entry costs, enhance usability, and expedite EHR adoption for physicians

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Genetics Transcription Services to FWS?

We provide several benefits to our clients. These include -

  • Cost-effective Service

    We provide high-quality services at a very cost-effective price. We have a great track record of providing full value for every penny our clients' spend on our transcription services. We offer different pricing models to suit every budget. We either charge you per line or scales the prices up based on other value-added services. No matter what our pricing structure is we provide complete transparency in the pricing methods.

  • Paramount Importance to Information Security

    A third party genetics transcription service provider has to ensure full protection to sensitive patient data. As an established and reputed genetics transcription providing company we take full responsibility for the privacy and security of your data. The range of security measures we have in place include secure physical access, authenticated access, data encryptions, data backup, data centers and uptime, and regular audit trials. We all of these with comprehensive managerial techniques to guarantee the highest level of security.

  • Adherence to Best Quality Standards

    Our genetics transcription process consists of a robust quality check process to provide you with zero-error transcribed copies. Much of the errors are checked at the preliminary transcription stage because our transcriptionists have a minimum of 5 years of experience in transcribing genetic dictations. Each copy goes through a mandatory quality analysis where we identify all typical gaps in the copy and edit them. The edited copy goes through a final proofread.

  • Standard and Guaranteed Turnaround Times for All Genetics Transcription Projects

    Geneticists and researchers are hesitant to outsource genetic transcription dictation projects because of delays. We at Flatworld Solutions follow a definite process to all ensure projects irrespective of complexities are submitted on time. While there is a definite turnaround time for different types of transcriptions some transcriptions such as forensic or newborn screening are delivered in as early as 24 hours. We provide our clients with the option of choosing from multiple flexible delivery options.

  • Smooth Integration with Most EHR and EMR Systems

    Our robust transcription services are backed with easy integration solutions. We specialize in integrating transcribed files with most EMR and EHR systems. We have dedicated teams to carry out this process and hence guarantee seamless integrations. Our integration services have assisted our clients to spend less time in managing records systems and more time attending to their patients.

  • 24/7 Personalized Genetics Transcription Service

    We believe in providing personalized solutions to our clients. We assign a dedicated manager to each project. The manager will be accountable for all your specific transcription needs from beginning to end. You can get in touch with us round the clock because we work from 8 global delivery centers. We have in place a ticketing system to enable you to track the progress of any support request. You can get in touch with us over email or phone.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    We offer a highly scalable and flexible team for your needs. Our team members adapt themselves to your process and work at a pace comfortable to you. If there is a sudden influx of work we can add more members to your team in no time. Likewise, we reduce the team size at a moment's notice. This flexibility will enable you to work without worrying about recurring expenses.

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Outsource Genetic Transcription Services to Flatworld Solutions


Thanks, as always, for the AMAZING work! I'm especially impressed at the thyroid ultrasound report with all the TI-RADS scoring, I can't believe you understood all that and typed it so well! You are all incredible. Thanks again.

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Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in genetic transcription services. Over the years, we have provided the best voice-to-text option to several genetics research organizations and labs and assisted them in streamlining their information management processes. Our reliable, fast and cost-efficient medical transcription services have helped them get maximum return on investment. Our customized transcription services, advanced technical infrastructure, unique pricing model, excellent documentation methods, and enhanced information security mechanism have helped them sustain their business in an evolving and competitive genetics landscape.

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