Topographic Mapping Services

Outsource topographic maps services to Flatworld Solutions for accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Flatworld's 3D topographic mapping brings you affordability and precision in the relative heights of map objects and their distribution over targeted areas. From raster topographic files, we compute vector maps with distances, angles and contour lines to represent the elevations. The vector format opens up additional possibilities for zooming without any significant loss of accuracy. Different map objects and features can be digitized in separate layers, allowing a variety of individual sub-maps to be produced. Examples are contour and boundary lines, vegetation, water, forest and habitation areas, and roads and rail links. When you outsource topographic mapping to Flatworld, you get the reliable information you need for volumetric calculations and change detection for updating topographic maps as the real world changes. Our topographic mapping services help route and transportation planners, telecoms and network providers and disaster management agencies, among others.

Flatworld's Topographic Mapping Services

With many industries and activities depending on accurate mapping, Flatworld services represent an excellent combination of quality and cost-effectiveness. We also produce topography maps to individual customer requirements.

  • Compliance with industry data standards, such as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
  • Reader-friendly topographic map production - for instance, feature names with size aligned to significance
  • Consistency of feature names and symbols across series of topographical maps
  • Viewing optimization, for example through smoothing of line type features such as roads, railway lines, and rivers

Associated Services Include

The Advantages Offered by Flatworld Topographic Mapping Services

  • Flexible topographic mapping services according to your budget, deadline and accuracy criteria
  • Generation of topographic maps from your survey data and a variety of survey data types including aerial photography, laser and radar-based ranging and 3D laser scanning
  • Extensions of topographic mapping to produce digital terrain models (DTM), digital evaluation models (DEM) and triangulated irregular networks (TIN) for geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Support for multiple image file formats (TIFF and GeoTIFF) and data file formats (Shape and IFF formats)
  • Cost-effective map update service to ensure that your base mapping data remains as accurate and as fresh as possible

Serving Civil Engineering Teams with Topographic Mapping and Related Services

Digital topographic maps are also important as a starting point for other mapping applications. Besides providing fundamental geospatial and geomorphological input for geographical information systems (GIS), they form a base for the production of maps to pre-plan operational sites for access (DEM) and to control construction and landscaping equipment (DTM). A solid, tested, high-quality sequence of mapping operations is therefore crucial. Flatworld's skilled engineers and technicians check our processes at every stage. Our services make sure that survey information has been properly prepared and corrected or adjusted for consistency, as required. Our staff uses both advanced topographic mapping technology and systems, and their own expert judgment to produce digital topographic maps corresponding to your criteria.

Outsource topographic mapping services to Flatworld Solutions.

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