Outsource Product Design and Development Services

Product Design and Development Services

Launch new products shaped from concepts at 60% less expense compared to insourcing

Is your manufacturing and mechanical engineering business continuously innovating in terms of quality, creativity, and overall efficiency? Is it proving difficult to meet market demands, especially with customer and investor pressure? Launching new products usually means iterating on older ideas unless you have partnered with a top-class product design and development service providing company like us.

At Flatworld Solutions, we specialize in converting your product ideas into real-life designs and products, optimizing each developmental phase right from conceptualization to prototyping, manufacturing, and inspection. With more than 60% in cost savings obtained through our unique product design and development solutions, we can ensure the viability, longevity, and manufacturability of your products while leveraging state-of-art tools and technologies for better performance.

Product Design and Development Services We Offer

With over 20 years of experience in the field of product design services, we have worked with clients to design and develop products in engineering, heavy machinery, electrical goods, medical equipment, outdoor and indoor appliances, etc. Our ISO-certified processes ensure all your requirements are met in record time. Our end-to-end services for product design and development are provided either as complete turnkey programs or as specialized services delivered in parts as required by you, making us one of the few versatile product designs and development services providers out there with the ability to scale up requirements as and when required. Our services include -

  1. Engineering Market Research

    Engineering Market Research

    Have you been wondering how your competitors seem to get to market faster with their products as compared to you? Most companies forget to perform market and competitor research which can help you glean valuable information and compete better. Our services include -

    • Market assessment
    • Research and analysis (market and competition)
    • Product benchmarking
    • Specification development
    • Product homologation
  2. Product Conceptualization

    Product Conceptualization

    We work with our clients to churn out new product ideas while providing feedback on the ideas suggested by them. We understand that forming the initial construct of a product is usually time-consuming, and therefore we help our clients create the best possible product design by providing the following services -

    • Product conceptualization
    • Identification of product functionality and features
    • SWOT analysis
    • Product localization
    • Requirement gathering and fixing
  3. Product Design Support

    Product Design Support

    Our specialized solutions help you visualize your products before fabrication by developing high-quality, accurate, and functionally accurate concept designs using tools such as Pugh, Decision Matrix, TRIZ, etc. Our team of design animators further help you obtain deeper insights into the overall design integrity of the product while focusing on the end-user experience. Throughout the process, our focus solely remains on the key objective, ensuring higher-quality designs delivered within time. We offer -

    • 3D conceptual design
    • Photo-realistic product renders
    • Aesthetic design
    • Ergonomic product design
    • Product animations
    • Product fly-throughs
  4. Product Design Customization

    Product Design Customization

    Often, our clients may have a product design ready but need proper customization before they can use it for their own purposes. Our product design services are ideal for such requirements, as our customization techniques are in-depth measures that ensure a completely functional product for our clients. Our services include -

    • Language localization and incorporation
    • Integration of customization requirements
    • Product best practices research
  5. Virtual Rapid Prototyping

    Virtual Rapid Prototyping

    Having the right tools alone may not be enough for companies to determine the real value of them. The client who has no real experience using simulation in their product development process, integrating computer-aided engineering into their process can be a huge challenge. Our team of expert engineers can help you with accurate virtual rapid prototyping services. The major advantages of virtual rapid prototyping are:

    • Helps to speed up the product development cycle
    • Helps to develop a highly competitive product
    • The quality of the design produced is top-notch

    We can also help the client with the following services:

    • Digital prototyping through scan data
    • Reverse engineering techniques
    • Simulated testing
    • Simulated checks such as first-article, in-process, pre-shipment
    • Prototyping reports and documentation
  6. Value Engineering

    Value Engineering

    Value engineering is a process of analyzing the various features, materials, and systems of the product. Our team can help you realize the essential capabilities of the product while maintaining the reliability, quality, performance, and safety at the lowest cost. This is possible by helping clients with:

    • Identifying new opportunities to lower costs while maintaining the reliability and performance
    • New product development and ensuring they achieve their goals efficiently
    • Analyze the current products and identify opportunities to boost their market share
  7. Product Design Extension and Quality Check

    Product Design Extension and Quality Check

    With our support, you can ensure that the product design created fits right within your existing portfolio and works seamlessly with other machinery. We also help to audit the quality checks performed during the design process for further clarification. Our services include -

    • Revising product functionality for better performance
    • Cross-platform product integration
    • Product design documentation
    • Design performance audits

Our Software and Product Design and Development Tool Expertise

We understand that to design a great product, we must first set a fool-proof process. More than 70% of a product's cost usually gets locked-in while still in the design phase. That is why our team of designers apply their extensive knowledge of manufacturing right at the start of your project, while leveraging the following tools and technologies -

SolidWorks Autodesk AutoCAD PTC Creo ANSYS Inventor Autodesk Product Design Suite Autodesk Fusion 360

Product Design and Development Process We Follow

When it comes to designing and developing industrial instruments, medical devices, or IoT-based consumer products, we have the design experience and the passion to deliver a market-ready product within the requested time. Our product design and development process include the following steps -

  1. Initial Concept Design

    Our expert team of product design and development engineers assess your requirements and go through all the supporting documentation such as product images, CAD files, hand drawn sketches, etc. to understand all aspects of the requested design.

  2. Conceptual Documentation

    We begin by working on the conceptual documentation which is the first step in turning your concepts into reality. While creating the initial concept, we iterate and refine your design through a loop of comprehensive feedback which considers every single requirement raised by you.

  3. Preliminary Designs

    Our product development team then gets to work and generates multiple 3D models and images for your approval. We also keep you appraised of the situation by sending daily progress images so you can always remain a part of the process.

  4. Sample Prototyping

    Once you approve the preliminary designs, we begin by converting them into physical prototypes using various techniques such as 3D printing etc. We also offer digital prototyping to our clients, providing an all-in-one product design solution which works extremely well for lean manufacturing businesses. We work on digital sketches and 3D concept models that allow you to virtually explore complete products before going into production.

  5. Making Revisions

    Prototyping allows you to visualize and simulate products thereby validating their manufacturability. It also allows us to incorporate rapid feedback.

  6. Modeling and Detailing

    We go through the prototype explaining all the details to you. And then proceed with the final modeling and detailing phase. We use software such as Autodesk, Maya, and 3DS, to provide detailed designs and renders.

  7. FEA

    We offer a variety of Finite Element Analysis services such as CAE, structural and thermal analysis, etc. Our team of experienced modelers and engineers ensure all the necessary steps are taken to create the ideal product design thereby preventing unnecessary iterations and changes down the line.

  8. Delivery

    Once we are satisfied with the output and haver incorporated all the requirements set by you, we deliver the final design in a format which has been requested by you.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Product Design and Development Services to FWS?

At Flatworld, we have worked with global clients while delivering on our promise of excellent product designs delivered at an honest pricing. By choosing us as your partner, you can benefit from the following -

  • ISO Certified Product Design and Development Company

    Over the years, our team of engineers has fine-tuned our proven methodologies, while gaining intimate knowledge of the latest industry standards and frameworks. This in turn means you receive the highest quality services in terms of designing, prototyping, testing, hardware certification, firmware development, and more. Therefore, our staunch commitment has earned us the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

  • 100% Data Protection

    We protect your confidential project and data like our own. Our team follows ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified practices to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our client's project. Our team has also signed the Non-disclosure Agreement making their role binding when it comes to using data in a judicious manner.

  • 100% Best Quality Service

    We have a separate team of QA engineers whose sole job is to provide an exhaustive virtual testing experience for all the products designed. They are proficient in the latest testing tools and techniques as well.

  • Scalable Product Development Solution

    We understand the entire lifecycle of product design and development, and our product design engineers can provide scalable product design solutions, proof of concepts, or prototypes. Our sound knowledge and capability therefore allow us to deliver on our promises with ease.

  • Market Ready Designs in Quick TAT

    When you partner with a premier product design and development services provider such as Flatworld, you can be rest assured that you will gain access to market ready designs which can then be created into your choice of products before the assured delivery date.

  • Cost-effective Product Design Services

    Don't let cost come in the way of your choosing us as your product design and development services. For a small cost you pay us, you can get the best value adds because our services are not only affordable but focussed on enabling businesses of all sizes to get complete advantage.

  • SPOC

    With a dedicated project manager assigned to your project, you can be rest assured that the entire project goes without a hitch. All our program and project managers are experienced in budgeting, execution control, channelling scope, cross-functional team management, etc. and are a prime reason why global multinational clients work with us on repeat projects.

  • Experienced Product Design and Development Experts

    Our team of design and development engineers have extensive experience in designing products and working with clients across the globe. This multi-level industry expertise combined with their experience in working with different types of budgets ensure they can help you with all your requirements such as process planning, fixture design, etc.

  • Excellent Infrastructure

    You can witness world-class infrastructure in action at Flatworld Solutions. Our infrastructure has enabled our team to transform client's ideas into tangible results. We have the best software, hardware, and a secure facility housing the former to meet client's demands.

  • 24/7 Support

    Get round-the-clock support from a team of passionate call center experts. Our team is situated in 8 global delivery centers that are spanned across 4 continents. Therefore, we will do what it takes to help resolve your concerns.

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FWS has undertaken CAD project work for us for development in Florida. I must say I was surprised at the level of both competence & commitment that the team there delivered. The project was delivered on time & to a very higher level of both quality & satisfaction. I have every confidence in recommending FWS & intend using their expertise again.

Procurement company in New Zealand
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Outsource Product Design And Development Services to Flatworld Solutions

The value that FWS brings to a successful product design partnership extends beyond mere design and reaches out in scope as well as real-world use. We strive to provide complete mechanical engineering and design solutions by leveraging our established team of engineers who specialize in hardware, software, manufacturing, and prototyping.

For more information on how we can help you build a better product right from scratch, get in touch with us now.

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