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The Client

The client we served was a reputed civil engineering enterprise running operations across universities, counties, cities, private companies, special districts, and other trades. They've been consistently providing affordable ways to transport potable water, sewage, as well as providing site enhancements.

In the present, they are serving in Northern California and Sacramento Valley. They've been reputed for collaboratively developing the solution and keeping ties on till the entire project lifecycle.

Client's Requirement

The client needed our help in site development and reached to outsource the development of the cover sheet, existing condition plan, driveway connection plan, stormwater design, master utility plan, and the site plan in general.

Additionally, they also sought help in designing plans for pollution containment, grading, paving, sanitary sewer, drainage, FDOT standard plan, and more. The project needed a CAD expert and land development engineers due to complexity. They preferred us mainly because of our domain expertise in all the above mentioned areas.

Project Challenges

Interpreting the client challenges was indeed a challenge due to project complexity so we had to map our best experts to ensure the project was carried out as per the standards. Despite having the best people on the task, the client needed our assurance to deliver the project in a tight TAT.

Our adept professionals took over the responsibilities and completed the task that was assigned to them. We had to improvise on short notice to commit to SLA.

FWS' Solution

To complete the assignment as per the SLA, our team took a headlong approach to fix existing challenges. We were offered additional references like land sketches, landscape drawings, building maps, and survey information. We drafted a custom plan using AutoCAD and Civil 3D with the references furnished by the client. Our solution was as follows -

  1. We created a Lot Grading Plan for each residential unit and also provided an onsite disposal system and sewer treatment plan
  2. Our team provided site and development plans that included layout drafting on zonal regulations. We also offered paving grading and drainage plan along with utility layout.
  3. The client received a robust plan for stormwater evacuation and landscape plan with minimal development
  4. FWS's team proved their competence by taking on-site section drafting and potable water management. We also created detailed plans for sewage management and subdivision in addition to plans on the right-of-way requirement and minimum lot sizes.
  5. Our engineers identified and fixed issues with paving grading and drainage plan to create a master layout. We also evaluated the consumption of potable water and capacity while preparing a master utility plan.
  6. We pieced together the solution for the final challenge in roadway profile drawings, sanitary sewer, stormwater, and potable water transport.
  7. All drawings were delivered to the client in PNG and .DWG formats

The Result

With our team of CAD engineers dedicating their effort and time for the project, the client was glad about the punctuality and efficiency. A total of 23 acres of land needed development and all of it delivered within record-breaking TAT. As the project became a success, the client mapped us to a few more projects that had a short deadline.

Outsource Land Development Services to Flatworld Solutions

The land development services from Flatworld Solutions fall under the expertise of infrastructural engineering teams who use CAD and 3D BIM software to complete complex designs that play a vital role in real estate projects. The client we served faced numerous new and ongoing challenges that were handled gracefully because of them choosing us as their land development service provider. By choosing Flatworld Solutions as your outsourcing partner, we can help you avoid hiring full-time employees for your project.

Contact us if you have the same needs as our clients and we'd be happy to provide you're a quick quote and a free consultation.

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