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Getting excellent GIS output by quality control and rigorous survey data management!

The best geographic information systems (GIS) are only as good as the data they use. The input data must be complete and correct for the project concerned. For instance, as scales become smaller, geodetic compensation becomes more important to take account of the earth's curvature.

Flatworld GIS designers and developers look beyond the confines of digital data and IT systems to ensure that survey teams capturing the initial information have the right brief. An important part of GIS surveying services can therefore be provided by the Flatworld team. This includes the correlation of existing records to precisely define points of origin for use in land surveying, aerial photography and LiDAR surveying.

Flatworld's GIS Surveying Services

To ensure that each GIS reflects the real world and your needs as a customer, we apply proven survey information asset management techniques to help you manage risk and prioritize investments. Optimal decision making and proof of compliance in construction, landscaping and conservation projects depends on the right data being generated and correctly processed.

  • Survey data input from land surveys, aerial mapping, LiDAR and 3D laser scanning, among others
  • Survey & GIS services with correct data merging, cleansing and normalizing
  • Creation of custom GIS solutions according to your requirements
  • Our photogrammetry and digital mapping specialists produce imagery for you that is accurate and precise

Associated Services Include

Advantages of Flatworld GIS Surveying Services

  • Complete GIS data management and analysis by Flatworld for highly accurate and realistic geographical surveys
  • Flatworld in-house experts advise survey teams on survey criteria corresponding to objects and areas surveyed, methodologies, and your budgets and deadlines
  • Compilation of ancillary record data (existing plans, photos and property deeds) to calibrate the GIS
  • New survey data is vetted and integrated by Flatworld into a GIS with the same high level of quality
  • New survey techniques and existing or new GIS projects are harmonized for consistent integration of new data for measurable objectives such as increased accuracy and accelerated GIS enhancement

Serving Civil Engineering Teams With GIS Surveying and Related Services

Your choice to outsource GIS surveying services and GIS analysis from Flatworld can also include the construction itself of the GIS. Our smart geocoding of survey data for conversion into map images allows information to be added in separate layers such as a topographic base, parcels, zoning, and survey boundaries. Our GIS data processing skills also mean that point of origin data and GIS transformations can also be available to you for immediate use in additional upstream systems including Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications.

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