Mechanical 3D Product Animation

Detailed 3D mechanical animation of parts, components and machines is very useful in visualizing a product or concept even before a prototype is produced. Product animations for mechanical assemblies or subassemblies can be used to showcase the functionality of a product.

Do you want to demonstrate how your product functions? Are you looking to highlight a component of the machine you are building? You can use realistic mechanical 3D animation to showcase the functionality of the product even before you build the prototype.

This virtual simulation can be used to show a potential customer how the machine functions or used by engineers and product designers to fine-tune the product design. This type of product simulation gives you and your client a better idea of the final product and its performance.

3D Product Animation Services by Flatworld

The engineers and animation experts at Flatworld create precise, detailed mechanical 3D models of the product. They start from engineering drawings, CAD files or product samples, keeping in mind the end use of the animation.

They can also create 3D models from hand drawings or sketches with 2D CAD data. Products samples are a good way for our team to gauge the client's expectations, and they create 3D mechanical animations that meet these expectations and standards.

3D Mechanical Product Animation Stages

Mechanical 3D product animation allows you to eliminate time-consuming steps from the process. It also allows for easy verification of wire frame geometry creation, kinematics and designs against specifications and design rules.

The 3D animation process at Flatworld Solutions follows these stages:

  • Receive storyboard/animation narration. Can be accompanied by hand drawings and 2D models
  • Receive existing 3D models. If no 3D models exist, the team creates the 3D models required for the product animation
  • Material properties are applied to 3D models
  • Camera angles are defined, lighting is set and completed composite is sent to client for approval
  • After approval, the final product 3D animation is rendered and again sent for approval to the client

If required, our animation team makes further changes to the final product animation based on feedback from the client. They ensure that the client is completely satisfied with the final rendering.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive 3D part modeling services that can help you see product blow-ups and understand its intricacies better.

Why choose Flatworld for Mechanical 3D Product Animation?

The 3D mechanical product animation team at Flatworld Solutions consists of highly experienced mechanical design experts, mechanical design engineers and expert animators.

They have an average of 5 years of experience in creating product animation for various industries like Process Industries, Mining, Piping, Paper Manufacturing, Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Industries, Sports Equipment Manufacturing Industries and many others.

They are skilled at using 3ds MAX and Maya for animation, and Inventor, Solidworks, AutoCAD and other commercial 3D modeling packages for 3D modeling to produce true-to-life 3D product animations.

We work closely with our clients and help shorten the product lifecycle and build improved performance into your product right from the concept stage.

Outsourcing mechanical 3D product animation to Flatworld Solutions can help you avail many benefits like professional services at reduced cost and time, etc. Read our well-researched article to know 6 key benefits of mechanical 3D product animation.

Advantages of Outsourcing Mechanical 3D Product Animation

For cost-effective, true-to-life 3D renderings of mechanical products, outsource your mechanical 3D product animation projects to Flatworld Solutions.

Contact Flatworld today and let us know your Mechanical 3D Product Animation requirements.



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